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    Wishing you a lovely Birthday @lifeday Hope your day is filled with happiness
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    Thank you, everyone! --- Continuing onward with the space theme, here's one I've wanted to illustrate for some time now, some technicians repairing an antenna on another planet. https://www.deviantart.com/blastwaves/art/Outpost-34-753347111
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    Happy Birthday @lifeday Have a wonderful day! ? ☺️
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    Version 1.6 posted. Previously, the effect would increasingly go slower as the Margin increased. Now the effect increasingly goes faster as the Margin increases! I've also moved the Anti-aliasing checkbox directly below the Radius slider.
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    I appreciate the effort you and others have put into it and I didn't mean my comments to be acidic, I apologize if they came out wrong. But it does lack one of the main features of plugin browsers when compared to other software. Please treat my previous post as a humble request for a feature.
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    Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: is @Pixey @lynxster4 and @Seerose with 5 votes each 2nd Place: is @MadJik @doughty and with 3 votes each 3rd Place: is @Seerose with 3 votes Great entries from everyone! I've tossed a coin and @Seerose won! ?
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    Just fooling around with various Plugins and lo and behold ............. cats
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    Sorry, but you should not be distributing unofficial packages of paint.net.
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    Print white? Is your printer able to print with white ink ? On screen do you use background layer, if so make it every color you want execpt white (black, green, pink).
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    A small, simple image, created in Distort This (new version), 3 D and Random Mazo 1. ?
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    Blackie Lawless' remarkable singing and composition skills, plus Doug Blair's guitar solos stand for ? musical uniqueness ?
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    Thanks everyone! --- Here's a little scene inspired by the Kowloon walled-city. It's a bit like the one I made a few months ago entitled Favelas. https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Kenosa-Street-745646302
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    Thanks guys. I'm happy how the pylons have come out myself. @AndrewDavid Sorry, I don't have an alien drawn, so I guess it's inside the van. Here is the full squad + their dropship. It's based on the UD-4L from Aliens, but with a lot of my own changes. I also tried to do some ranks and the air-crew/pilots of the dropship as well. Here is today's scene too, I'm testing out some new foliage (the palm trees). I'm having an absolute blast with Red Ochre's FurBlur, it's so good for making grass and you can do tons with it.
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    Getting better and better, my dear friend. Now all facial and body features are more visible. Cool fiery job!!(I'm starting to feel like drawing a dragon myself )
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    Thank you very much everyone! N-ice pun @Beta0 ! Here's something new. I tried to animate a scene with grass swaying, basically each section of grass is on a separate layer and I render Pyrochild's Jitter plugin on the lowest settings at a horizontal angle and it sort of creates the effect like it's moving. It's not perfect, but I'm satisfied with how it has come out. http://i.imgur.com/JlmQvC5.gif The troops were inspired by the Colonial Marines from the movie Aliens. I can post the rest of them and a dropship if people would like to see that. Non-animated version.