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    Update! First time I'm posting an update here haha. I bring a performance enhancement to the Plugin Index by pre-loading the data into the page with Jekyll so that there is no need to fetch the data after page load. You should see the plugins on the page now without any delay!
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    Fun with @Joshua Lamusga's Brush Factory.
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    Content aware filling replaces the contents of the selection with pixels that are the closest match in the areas outside the selection. This allows parts of an image to be removed and blended with the background. This plugin is based on the GIMP Resynthesizer plugin. Some icons are from or based on those in the Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Compatibility: 3.5.11 and 4.0.x Menu location: Effects > Selection > Content Aware Fill Download: ContentAwareFill.zip Source Code: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-content-aware-fill
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    Somehow your paint.net installation became broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed Afterwards, you can install paint.net anew.
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    @SodiumEnglish You have my heartfelt thanks for making the Plugin Index into this brilliant tool.
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    Happy Birthday @lynxster4. Enjoy your day ?????
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    If I ever own a van, I'm going to paint it this way:
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    I'm releasing version 1.1.0. The changes: I fixed a tiling problem that sometimes resulted in cracks between the tiles. I added Bulge controls to compress or expand the center of the image. I rearranged the controls, grouping the horizontal and vertical controls. I increased the Distortion range to beyond 1, which is sometimes useful when the image size is reduced.
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    I've released version 1.3.0. For some of the tiling modes, there were cracks between the tiles. I'm not sure if it was a bug in the original version, or if PDN's method of handling the alpha for image edge pixels changed. In either case, I hope I've fixed the problem.
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    Dear @lynxster4! Your ideas and achievements are great. Thank you for sharing.
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    Really happy to read that @Pixey ... so very glad for you. I know what a daunting thing it all is and currently being in limbo myself with the same thing again, how sapping it is. Huge congratulatory hugs from here
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    Playing with a new stained glass technique. This one is so VIBRANT! It reminds me of church stained glass on a sunny day. ? What does everybody think? Please let me know...?
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    @elizapandagirl! Thank you so much!
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    Krita has convert Image Color Space option, and convert layer color space option. You can use 8-bit integer, 16-bit integer, 16-bit float, and 32-bit float. You have CMYK, RGB, LAB, XYZ, and Grayscale color space as an option in Krita. To use Paint.NET exclusively, and have CMYK document option with free programs. You need to download .ora plugin for paint.net. It'll allow you to retain layers in paint.net, and use it as a file layer in Krita, so you can keep editing in Paint.NET while it can be automatically converted to CMYK in Krita. That's your best solution for CMYK while using Paint.NET for about everything except CMYK end result. .PSD is fine too, but .ORA is easily more interchangeable here.