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    @lynxster4: Not exactly the Pleiades but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some inspiration there Especially the colours! @LionsDragon: So, so many layers (like, 30 odd just on the wormhole) and the fan-favourite Polar Inversion! @Seerose: Thank you very much @Woodsy: I could say the same about your wild-west scenery. Thank you! @Pixey: A lot of bright colours I'd hope but the likelihood is that is would just be very, very quiet. And a bit cold. @Maximilian: Thank you very much
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    Scratch Art, a fine plugin, together with Fire and Polar to Rect I got this picture.
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    @LionsDragon! i love evergreen music. ? ? Very often at home and at the pc she likes to hear.
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    Yes, I deleted that topic the other day, because it was very out-of-date and inaccurate. Bad information is worse than no information. The easiest way to use images is to just copy and paste the image url, and it will be automatically be embedded. In your case, you pasted a link to a web page (which happens to contain an image), rather than a link to an image.
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    Me and my dad at my graduation last year No, I'm not actually the guy from 2001: A Space Oddity I'm afraid
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    I didn't realize you were a mind reader. I've been trying for a while now to create the following image: Thank you for helping bring my crystal fern to life!
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    I'm a programmer. People always say they can tell from the looks. This made me think...
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    This is me - drinking latte
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    Hi. :] By the way, that's a good outcome. I like the colors. :]
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    I have to try this sometime!
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    That's very good, Eli! I'm going to clap for you!