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    When merging down, the opacity of the lower layer is maintained and the opacity of the upper layer is lost. That's why your image may look different after merging down. If you want to maintain the look of an image, be sure to flatten the image... OR ...be sure your lower layer is at full opacity when merging a layer onto it. One way to do this is to create an empty layer below the two layers you wish to merge. Then, merge your bottom layer onto the newly created empty layer. THEN merge your top layer into your newly merged layers.
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    There's an entire forum devoted to beginners tutorials: https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/20-beginner-tutorials/
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    I am so in love with Lady Antebellum's song.
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    Hey there, my name is Joy and I am the latest addition to this community!
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    Thank you everyone for trying to help. Very good mods and admins here! At least now I'm more experienced with the program so it should be much faster to redo.
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    Hey there gang! I'm Missy, I'm from Colorado and I've been a member here probably for a year or more, I don't remember when I signed up year wise but it's great to be here!
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    A most mystical and thought-provoking composition! Best of lucks at the new location! ?
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    @Pixey thank you! It gave me an excuse to listen to some jazz standards...not that I ever need an excuse for that. And yes, the Lion and I are Cheesheads to the core! In fact, we're moving close to Green Bay (he's from the area originally). @Seerose, thank you! Funny how I got those colors: after getting the models adjusted to my liking and getting the background to resemble a loft-type apartment, I put a layer of deep blue over the top and then puttered around with the blending modes. I loved the effect I got with Xor, but it wasn't blue enough for my purposes--so another layer of deep blue set at "Normal" did the trick. @lynxster4, that was exactly my intention! The term Poison Blue just kinda begged for it, y'know? Thank you!
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    1 second to press Enter ? Unless of course you've a disability and then it would take longer So if you repeatedly use the PaintBucket 30 times you're adding 30 seconds to your workload if you're able bodied ... not a bad trade off for something - depending which version you use is, free There's Pro's and Con's for features of every software out there depending on personal likes/dislikes. Some will like this feature - some won't ... but let's not over egg any inconvenience. It is what it is and me personally, I'd rather see the Developer commit his time to what he sees as important for the future of something he's spent Lord knows how many hours on and wouldn't dream of saying what I 'expect' him to do. From bitter experience I know it didn't go down well when I tried that with my wife ...