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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I quickly pulled this together for anyone having trouble understanding how to properly use ShapeMaker so all the drawing 'modes' render correctly. Step 1: I used the 'Cubic Bezier' tool with 'Snap to Grid' turned on and 'Linked with previous Line' turned off. I toggle between Zoom 8x and 4x. I always place my first node in 8x on the flattest part of the shape. I then draw the rest in 4X and zoom back up to 8X before I place the last line. I place my final node (1) square away from the beginning node and use 'Close Contiguous Paths' button to complete the outline. That's how you get the (MZ) in front of the line in the Path List. Step 2: I chose this as my 2nd line because it completely intersects the outline shape. An example of why this line is cloned: Step 3: Step 4: I choose to do the center flower next, as it creates a great 'anchor' point for all the other lines. Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: This may be an on-going tutorial. As questions are asked, I will add more images to explain. Hope this helps everyone new to the ShapeMaker plugin!
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    Much harder than the way I do it, but it works. Thanks...
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    Fantastic stuff @welshblue I have no idea how you manage to work out all of @MJW's amazing Plugins, but you sure have (and @lynxster4 too) taught me a thing or two or 20 ............ and I thank you very muchies Herewith my attempt. I used a different font and played slightly with some modes.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Choosing the background image for a glass effect is an important part of making the effect look ummm effective. You want to make sure that the background adds to the glass effect, but at the same time it shouldn’t overwhelm it or make it less visible or clear. Playing with Texture Smoother/ and or Texture Shader settings, gives interesting results. As does omitting the Splinter stage. Play around, I lost 40 odd hours until I was happy Plugins Needed: Alpha Mask Splinter Texture Smoother Texture Shader The Tutorial Examples Using Splinter x 2 on that step
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    @welshblue! Thanks again. My results is below. I played something with the settings. I hope you like it too.
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    Another cool use for glass text is for special effects, like this glass font lava lamp I made...
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    Yeah, your'e cool, to each their own. Your version yields great results. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of all your tuts. Just saying... I've been playing around with various glass effects today. I used a custom shape ( I believe it was one of Lydia's?) and desided to make a Crystal Ball effect animation out of it...
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    @Pixey ... very nice ...I like the font and the way you've got a shimmery look going on. Do i detect negation in there ? @dipstick ... again very nice. Great animation too. It is a bit long winded I guess, but the more plays with Texture Smoother and Shader and it sort of becomes second nature about the settings. So far I haven't found any plugins that will produce the text results available and as yet undiscovered that the Heightmap plugins give. I guess it's like everything, we all like to find our own workings ? @Seerose ... and again very nice. Love that one of the desert of the glossiness of the waterlily. Awesome. Got to say thanks to @MJW for giving plugins capable of giving Sculptris/ blender quality text and to all those who've repped it
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    Paint.net. My perfect brain food. With so many great plug-ins to play with, I still learn new things every time I use it. ShapeMaker is one of my favorites so I thought I would share some of my creations. These shapes work best using 'Draw Shape Outline" as some of them do not fill correctly. I read the entire user guide twice, visited the Microsoft links, reviewed all I found in the forums, tried rearranging the path lists and was still unable to find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. IronSkye's Flowers.zip IronSkye's Leaves.zip IronSkye's Stars n Stuff.zip
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    Hi dear Seerose! I added (2) more images to the tutorial explaining how to save your files!
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    @lifeday! That's just so awesome! Thank you for sharing.
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    Dear @lynxster4! Thank you so much. I have a question: how do I save the shape?
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    Hello dipstick I tried the link from you and this is the result. Thanks for that!
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    ^ great answer! Yup, the order that your lines are added is critical to the fill working correctly. I talk about this in the quick start guide. The outer edge of the mug is created first. Non-overlapping interior lines come later. The trick is planning your complex shapes in advance. You can always practice drawing the shape with a pencil. Use one continuous line for the outer edge. That's the order Shapemaker needs to store the lines.
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    I guarantee you've never heard Led Zepplin like this before... I'm a huge fan of loopers and this girl is on a whole 'nother level! Amazing. Check out her other videos too. Great stuff in there... and so cute!
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    Many thanks for your hard work.
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    Aha! Here's what I've been waiting for!