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    Hey there gang! I'm Missy, I'm from Colorado and I've been a member here probably for a year or more, I don't remember when I signed up year wise but it's great to be here!
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    Hello everyone! I love this plug-in. Thanks to TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre, Ego Eram Reputo and BoltBait for making this excellent plugin. And I must not forget to mention all the hard work Toehead put into this plugin, adding features and refining it. I purposely kept the shapes simple, so users could do their own embellishments. I hope everyone enjoys these, as I had lots of fun making them. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At BoltBait's suggestion, I've implemented his excellent installer for my shapes pack. All my shapes in one installer package! Install as few, as many or all of them! Download the zip file to your desktop, unzip it, and run the installer. The selected shapes will automatically be installed in their own folder inside the 'Shapes' folder. Easy peasy! Installer pack here for people with Desktop version: Download Zip pack for people with the Store version of PDN: Download Thank you for downloading!! Please consider donating! I have literally hundreds of hours invested in making these shapes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nature Halloween Food Thanksgiving Christmas Gemstones Horses Flowers The US States Music Sun and Fun Superheroes Cutout Mats Stained Glass 1 Stained Glass 2 Stained Glass 3 Tribal Shapes 1 All pack previews are now clickable! Please enjoy the Shapes Pack everyone!! ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ History: All previous shape packs downloaded 4655 times
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    Thanks @lynxster4 ... you've shown me the power of the Object Rounder plugin. Didn't quite follow the tut' to the end as I got lost playing with different blurs but I love the whole gist of the technique in the method Certainly opened up a few paths in my head now I don't need a pick axe to clear the way to clearer thinking Thanks heaps
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    Hi back there @spnkitty and Welcome. With my special gift of ESP I know you joined us on January 19th 2018 . (If you hover over your avatar you will see the info. ) Look forward to seeing some of your work
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    Your .DLL filetype association is messed up, but that won't affect them working in paint.net. Follow one of these guides: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/InstallingEffects.php
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    @lifeday The texture menu is composed nearly 100% by plugins of mine. Thank you for the feedback.
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    Try this tutorial: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/12184-fading-blending-gradient-tool-on-a-camaro-picture/
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    Hi MadJik, They're writing: Me love them. . . For me, they were a book with seven seals and not very attractive, just like the writings or letters. I wanted to paint pictures to match the stories I published in Pdf's or my HP that was my real interest. What I didn't want to do was to get too busy with these things. When I realized that I will never understand Paint. Net and all the wonderful plugins as I did, I have been working intensively with them for about 5 months now, day after day after day - many hours at a time and produced beautiful pictures. And now I have learned the scripts full of joy and now I have made myself to the textures. Only without structures, today I explore the plugins in very small fonts and I am happy with the result. Of course, the result of my presentation is not comparable to the great effects of the pictures, which are adjusted, but it bothers me less, because I get inspiration from such templates of others and the rest makes the time and my desire to create small works and integrate them into pictures. Sorry, for this long text, I just wanted to find a way to my personal: now I love these huge little plugins! A good night and greetings lifeday
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    @Pratyush! Thanks for new version.
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    Learning with doiing. My first results with this plugin; as a beginner I am happy about the result. Greetings from Hamburg lifeday
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    My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30am this morning, can you believe that... 2:30am?! Lucky for him I was still awake playing my bagpipes.
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    Versions 1.2 Updated UI to select Color.
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    Something a little different for a change. It's all made in Paint.net and was 145 layers. I was glad finally to flatten it .
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    I'm posting my shapes in a zip file. These are all the ones I made that are politically correct. I edited some earlier versions to make them cleaner... Updated: 9/25/2015, added new shapes (34 total). RacerX Shapes.zip