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    Hi All, Here is some preset for Gradient Mapping plugin from Pyrochild. These preset can be used to give grayscale images a colored metallic tint with use of luminosity. Following images are example to what the they map to. The name like Copper, Nichrome, Stannous, Electroplated, chromium, Steel etc are more or less arbitrary or for name only. Download
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    Dragonfruit flower, grown in my garden & photographed by me at night braving all manner of creepy crawly, possible spiders even, where in Australia everything tries to kill you It did produce a fruit & I can tell you that it was delicious.
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    CodeLab 3.00 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
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    Yeah, that could be a bit confusing. Read it like this: Is Checked OR Is 0 Is Not Checked OR Is not 0
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    If users want a comprehensive manual for 3.5.10/11 they can still buy my book (link in my sig).
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    Thank you @Pratyush for these. I'm a big fan of Gradients and the electroplated is really cool and not one I've tried before. Just love the sexy Download button as well
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    @Eli, @lynxster4, @barbieq25, @PranavJH, @Pixey, and @Seerose, thank you all for the good wishes! @IRON67, thank you for the good wishes and the perspective check! Healing, steadily; still have to be cautious, and sneezing is now my worst fear. I firmly believe this forum and PDN itself are helping by keeping me upbeat. *gentle hugs to everyone*
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    Why don't you just place your cursor over the size box and change the value with your mouse wheel ?
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    You can already do this. Use the [ and ] keys. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html
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    There's a new bug in 4.0.20 that I'll be fixing soon.
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    Ditto. Just saw it on the BBC site.
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    R.I.P then Edward Allan Clarke (AKA Fast Eddie)
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    Congrats to everyone that won!! I feel very honored that I placed 3rd for 'Queen of Paint'. Thank you for the 'Marilyn Monroe Award' again. I just love making shapes! And I will always share them with you, the community. A big thanks to @BoltBait for running this awards show, and to @Rick Brewster for this wonderful software that makes it all possible! Marilyn thanks you, also...
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    Thank you @Pixey, @barbieq25, @LionsDragon, and @Seerose for your kind and heartfelt words. What an absolutely rotten 2017! I also lost my ex-husband in 2017, and that makes me feel 'creepy' about that saying about things happening in 'threes'. Moving forward.....2018 can only be BETTER!!! Love, kisses, and thanks to all! You are wonderful!
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    Photo is my cactus flower, taken by me.
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    Great idea! Thank you.