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    Tnx @Maximilian i couldn't wait to do something with it. So i improvised And the Music its also my Creation.
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    iam glad people like my art so far. cheers LD and another one I just did, an ode to the cheeseburger. using inner shadow, poster, gingham and bevel tools
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    I'm back! I promise, no one had ran me away from here. I've just been busy with life and trying to get a job (easier said than done in my area). But enough about my struggles...here's some stuff I've recently done. I redid the Eve Torres-Gracie as Wonder Woman photo manip and took MJW's advice on using Surface Blur (and made a few more visual modifications) and loved this one far better than the original one I posted. And I took a PNG of The Wyatt Family, combined it with a destroyed town background, and made some cool modificaitons (Sharpen, Oil Painting, among others) and knocked this one out of the park, IMHO.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Hi, Today I will show you how to make an awesome text. This text was made on Photoshop. And I found the similar way on Paint.NET So, the outcome of the text will be like this:- Plugins needed :- Drop Shadow Clouds Steps :- 1) Create a new sheet with 800 x 600 2) Create a new layer. And name it, " Text ". 3) Go back to " Background " layer and fill it with black color. 4) Now set the Font to " Impact " (Already a font in your Paint.NET) and font size to " 144 ". 5) And type " T E X T " in the layer, " Text ". 6) Now set the gradient color to " Red " (Primary) & " Blue " (Secondary) 7) Now select the text using the " Magic Tool " and add the " Gradient " like I did. 😎 Now " Duplicate " the layer " Text " and name it " Text Copy ". 9) Add a new layer and name it " Clouds " and add " Clouds " effect. (Before doing so, make sure your color are set to " White " & " Black ") 10) Now set the blending mode of " Clouds " to " Color Dodge ". 11) Again go to layer " Text Copy " and set the " Gaussian Blur " to " 200 " (Maximum) 12) Now create a new layer and name it " Character " 13) And then add a character (Find one on google). And place it in the middle of the text and set the blending mode to " Color Dodge ". 14) Now add " Drop Shadow " effect with the following settings like I did. That's all! If you don't like the Drop Shadow, then you can remove it or don't use it. This is the Video of Photoshop Tutorial
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    This is a minor update that fixes a few high priority problems that many people were bumping into. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. Changes: Fixed "Missing api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0.dll" error that was being seen on some Windows 7 systems due to partial install or uninstall of Microsoft's Universal C Runtime Fixed the layout for the File->New, Image->Resize, and Image->Canvas Size dialogs in all known situations (various languages, DPI sizes, font configurations) Fixed: Old versions of PSD plugin couldn't load due to removal of PrivateThreadPool Fixed a crash when typing a negative number for a zoom level Enjoy!
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    I'm far from an expert so my work will look tame compared to everyone else's here, but I'd thought I would share some of my work here.
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    That is a Whopper . My favorite is homemade on a charcoal grill.
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    @Collagemaster, I really like this! It makes me feel like I'm at a juried art show. Reps as soon as my clock resets.
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    @DrDibly, that's pretty easy. I should be able to whip something up later today. EDIT: Try this plugin, and see if it's what you're looking for. Base Size is calculated in relation the image height. Caption.zip Effects -> Test -> Caption
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    Looks like a character with a brilliant future ahead
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    Good Evening Friends this sweet character i design for... i don't know why. it just come for know where. around year ago i started to draw my skills to discover what i can do with my inspiration. here i made some changes. for now this how it look. maybe in the future i will make some animation with it and add some colors.
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    we have an artificial tree as well pixey. its about that size, and its LED. its amazing that after many years went by, from when I was 5-10 years old, we had a real tree that by todays standards would cost over 70 dollars..and when I was around 14-18 we had an aluminum tree to save on cost..and now, a tiny LED tree.
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    .cheers pixey. and now another one guys...its called galleria. its just premade frames and I added images from searches...then I used the inner shadow effect.
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    Here's a plugin I wrote quite a while ago that might do what you want. The current version is very unpolished. I think maybe I'll make it into a finished pugin soon. It's called Split Hue and Brightness. It's in the Color submenu. It separates the hue from the brightness. Specifically, if you put the image in two layers, set the top layer's blend mode to Multiply, then run the plugin with Brightness selected for the lower layer, and Hue selected for the upper layer, it will produce the original image (more or less). In your case: Put the black-and-white version in the lower layer. Put the color version in the upper layer. Set the upper layer's Blend Mode to Multiply. Run the plugin on the upper layer, selecting the Hue option. Split Hue and Brightness (beta version): SplitHueAndBrightness.zip (Note: since multiplication is commutative, either the black-and-white or the color image can be the top layer, as long as the top layer's Blend Mode is Multiply.)
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    Double click on the top layer in the layers window and set the blend mode to 'multiply'?
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    I'm not 100% this will do what you want, but give it a try
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    Dear Lynxster! "Ice Goddess" Your news work is fabulous. Thank you so much.
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    2 more stained glass pieces I created. I hope everyone enjoys them!
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    Max, BBQ, Red and Seerose....thank you bunches! I love playing with MJW's new plugin. Seerose...I'll catch you later....
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    Here is a quick piece I made today. Still playing with Texture Merger. 'Carnivale Masks' Please enjoy!!
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I will definitely be adding more on here as time goes on. I'm not that good with manips (yet), but I couldn't pass doing one up in regards to Eve Torres and Wonder Woman. It could be better, but it's not too shabby for my first try, though!