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    This is called "Reconciliation at the Altar" . Started with a brick wall and developed the object from there with roses and shadows, blurs. I like the effect and mood.
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    Zebra Crossing. Shadows are all wrong, but the illusion somehow works. Created from a photo I liked of the sea and made the table from the textures of the photograph, added shadows, then rippled the whole thing to look like a wall hanging. Love the effect. Love using paint.net Paint Spill uses the spaces between the letters to form the words. This drawing is called "Worship from a wounded heart". It's a religious piece. Angel wings. Really liked the effect of this. Colours came from a photo of the sky flying home from Europe (from the plane window). Another take on Angel Wings. Soft effect and colours from the sky at sunset from a plane window. The words Lost and Found are made from the space between the two words. It took ages to get the rust effect. Again, fiddling around with the spaces between the words. Picture for a blog. This started off using an ancient coin for the middle and ended up as quite a nice shield and sword. The shield is marked by the fight already. This was created from scratch also, to depict "age" but based on some photos I liked with light coming through a window. First came the floor, giving it perspective and texture, then the light from the window and giving it perspective over the top, then rays of light coming from somewhere above and finally the old man and his shadow with a little vignette to finish. I was really pleased with the result. Love using Paint.net. Old table-top truck. Build this up piece by piece, layer by layer until I achieved the effect I wanted. Has atmosphere. Reminds me of an old farm. All Seeing Eye. Experimenting with getting glass effects. Glass Portrait. Wanted to get the effect of glass in the shadows. It has partially worked. I have called this "Jealousy" which eats away at a persons soul and their ability to see reality. Did this for my blog. Goats. I like this collage effect. Created for my blog on a story in the Bible about Jacob. This looks like a Space man but look closer. His head is made of a camera. His body is a latch from a case, His arms are pipes. His legs are those of an elephant. Loved experimenting with this. Removal Van Blues. used different textures to create boxes. Just having fun with Smudge and Liquify. Where is that Cat? Australian Pelican landing on water. Used distortion addon for the water and fiddled with the reflections. Background photo from a photo I took in Europe of a beautiful sky and Pelican photo I took while on holidays recently at the Entrance in Australia. Distorted some colours for the spray of water on yet another layer. Created shadows etc. The Pelican was simply flying up onto a cement landing but I used it to make this picture instead. Loved the result. Key to Internet
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    i want to combine map of boxes so i started with this box cube with soften portrait on kaleidogen
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    Tnx guys. Now i'm on the spheres section These 3 are reflection on height map
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    Red ochre plugin pack 10.1 Released 6th March 2017 Here is an installer (written and kindly shared by Boltbait) This version is for Pdn 4 ONLY InstallRedochrePack10_1.zip Here is the zipped folder of .dlls for more experienced users. All the .dlls should work on both Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4+ except 'ClipDisplaceAA.dll', this will not work on Pdn3.5.11, please use 'ClipDisplace3_5_11.dll' instead. Both .dlls in the zipped folder, please don't install both! Red ochre v10_1 plugin pack.zip ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These plugins are free! However, if you find my plugins and tutorials useful, a $5 donation would be much appreciated! Donate If you'd rather not - that's fine, just post a (decent) picture you have made using them ... or award me a 'rep' point by clicking on the heart button at the lower right of this post (when logged in). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to thank all the programmers here, without which many of these effects would never have been published. Notably:Rick Brewster, Ego Eram Reputo, Boltbait, TechnoRobbo, Null54 and M.J.W. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the plugins: Aardvark new to pack 10 Tiles an image with choices for reflected and brick tiling, rotation and perspective distortions Co-authored by 'M.J.W.' Menu:Effects/Distort .dll name = Aardvark ArtyThing new to pack 10 Can be used on an image to imitate a range of artistic effects. Menu:Effects/Artistic .dll name = ArtyThing Alpha-threshold Useful for smoothly adjusting transparency gradients. Menu: Effects/Transparency .dll name = AlphaThreshold Object Bevel (previously called Bevel Object) updated from pack 9 Lighting effects for objects Menu:Effects/Object .dll name = ObjectBevel Bezncurve Updated version in pack 10.1 (that doesn't crash Pdn!) Renders curves with 6 control points. Menu:Effects/Render .dll name = Bezncurve ClipDisplace new to pack 10 Uses the clipboard image tone to distort the current layer. Menu:Effects/Distort .dll name = ClipDisplaceAA (for Pdn4 in the installer and the zipped pack) .dll name = ClipDisplace3_5_11(for Pdn 3.5.11 and in the zipped pack) Cobweb Creates lines on an image related to the 'tone gradient' of the image... & stars! Menu:Effects/Artistic .dll name = Cobweb CompoGrids New to pack 10.1 Renders a choice of grids useful as a guide for composition Menu:Effects/Composition .dll name = CompoGrids Composition tool Useful for cropping photos by rule of thirds or golden section Menu: Effects/Photo .dll name = Compotool contour Splits an image into bands based on the tone value, with a variety of colouring options Menu: Effects/Artistic .dll name = contour Cuboids new to pack 10 Turns an image into cubes, with adjustable lighting. Menu: Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Cuboids Dryad (can now use linear gradients) updated from pack 9 Creates realistic trees, plants and fractal patterns. Menu: Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Dryad Earths and greys Simplifies an image based on tonal value and will colour it with a choice of palettes. Menu: Effects/Color .dll name = Earths&Greys Facet new to pack 10 Changes an image into pyramids with adjustable lighting. Menu:Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Facet Flourish New to pack 10.1 Renders double spiral shapes. Menu:Effects/Render .dll name = Flourish FurBlur Blurs/Trails random fibres onto an image to produce hair, fur and grass textures. Menu:Effects/Blurs .dll name = FurBlur Gears new to pack 10 Renders a wide variety of gear wheel, cog and pulley shapes. Menu:Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Gears Gossamer new to pack 10 Finds and highlights image edges with fine lines. Menu:Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Gossamer Gradients galore! (Many new gradient shapes added) updated from pack 9 Wide choice of moveable gradients, with dithering and HSV options. Menu: Effects/Render .dll name = Gradientsgalore helix Renders spiral and helix shapes and colourful gradients. Menu:Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Helix Highlight Produces a range of adjustable twinkly things, water glints, flares and rainbows. Menu: Effects/Render .dll name = highlightv2 MultiSpline new to pack 10 Draws close spaced splines randomly or from the source image Menu: Effects/Iterative lines .dll name: MultiSpline New Clipwarp Wraps the clipboard image around an object based on its tone gradient. Good for glass, metal and water. Menu:Effects/Tools .dll name = ClipWarpNew Noise choice Allows you to blend noise with the image, on objects or on a transparent layer. Menu: Effects/Noise .dll name = noisechoice Object2colour Allows you to blend a colour with the objects original colour and 'clean' the transparent areas. Menu: Effects/Object .dll name = Object2colour Object edges Simply produces a range of outline/bevel effects on objects. Menu: Effects/Object .dll name = Objectedge Overblur Changes the value of the Gaussian blur applied. Useful for sharpening or producing halo effects and can be constrained to the object only. Menu: Effects/Blurs .dll name = overblur Poster New to pack 10.1 Creates a poster effect using the average colours in the image. Menu: Effects/Composition .dll name = Poster Psychocolour One slider produces a range of psychedelic effects. Also useful for giving colour to black and white images. Menu: Effects/Color .dll name = Psychocolour Recolour choice Different algorithms to isolate or change selected colours. Menu: Effects/Color .dll name = recolourchoice Selection2clear Makes the current selection transparent without deselecting. Useful for erasing on different layers. Menu: Effects/Transparency .dll name = selection2clear Scintillate Inverts an images colours in a chequered pattern. Can produce Moire patterns. Menu:Effects/Stylize .dll name = Scintillate Scribble Imitates various hand-drawn styles. Menu:Effects/Artistic .dll name = Scribble Note! the version in the pack may cause problems with very high d.p.i. machines. If so please try the version here:beta Scribble slinky Renders ellipses along a path. Menu:Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = Slinky Squirkle Produces a range of shapes from diamond, through circles, squirkles ellipses and rounded rectangles. Menu: Effects/Render .dll name = squirkle Squirklewarp Powerful distortion tool useful for glass spheres, water ripples and recursive images. Menu: Effects/Distort .dll name = squirklewarp StringAndPin and CalliColour Colourful Patterns Menu: Effects/Iterative lines .dll name = StringAndPin .dll name = CalliColour Table new to pack 10 An alternative way to render tables and grids Menu:Effects/Render .dll name = Table Two Tone Threshold Useful for creating black & white images. Menu:Adjustments .dll name = TwoToneThreshold Vanishing Point New to pack 10.1 Renders two triangular perspective lines. Useful as a guide layer. Menu:Effects/Composition .dll name = VanishPoint ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT in the pack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They either haven't been added to the pack yet or have been removed. They can be found here: Tweak edges Detects abrupt changes in tone, producing outlines. Menu: Effects/Artistic .dll name = Tweakedges Tweakedges.zip Tweak transparency Clipwarp (old version)
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    Very attractive results, Shochi! You've been quite good at experimenting!
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    I like the way you thoroughly experiment with all the options in an effect... with great results!
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    Try this: Select the text tool. Click on your canvas and type some text. Click the font drop down. (It drops down) Click it again. (It closes up) Keeping your mouse over the font names, use your mouse scrollwheel to preview fonts.
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    Another option for softening the hairline is the Edge Expander. Use the Lasso tool to select the hairline region. Set the Edge Expander Maximum Distance very low, the Fade Rate to 1, and the Opacity Threshold to some value that gives the best result, probably mid-range. For either FurBlur or Edge Expander, I suggest duplicating the foreground image, then applying the effect to the lower layer. That way things like the contrast and brightness can be tweaked, and perhaps a small blur can be applied. A third option is the Zoom Blur. After duplicating the foreground layer, make the Lasso selection, then apply Zoom Blur to the lower layer. Set the zoom origin in the center of the head and apply a small zoom.
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    As an alternative to Surface Blur, you might try Laplacian Pyramid Filter with Detail handling set to greater than 1. One trick is to apply smoothing followed by Sharpen.
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    Pixey, I think you're the PDN user that some of us here wish they can be. A new thing comes up, you make something out of that and make it your own. The latest one is something of awe as usual. It can be hung as a wall decor on a dining room and I imagine having a glass table on a nice front porch and that beautiful piece sits elegantly on the top of the table covered with glass as I sip my morning and afternoon tea. Amazing!
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    Thank you very much @lionsDragon . Good luck with the texture merger - it certainly took over my life for days on end and less time shopping at the mall