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    Download the Paint.net Quick Reference Guide that I created here. http://busybeeclinic.com/Freebies/QRGs/Paint_Dot_Net.pdf Enjoy!
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    Ready for Download Version 1.0.4+ Removes the need to press the Enter Key to affect a change in the number boxes Eli found this to be an annoyance and after thinking it over I agree. The enter key is no longer needed to start a preview when manually inputting a number. Version 1.0.4+ Removes the need to press the Enter Key to affect a change in the number boxes
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    If you install the new version, I don't think it will take you very long to get used to the changes. And, you get the HUGE benefit of running the latest version and all new plugins. Just go for it! In a couple of days, you won't even remember the old version.
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    I don't think, that Rick Brewster will do that. The differences between old and new GUI are marginal and with some good will from your side you will get use to it.
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    Here's my try at this fabulous tut....a malachite brooch. I made it a brushed gold effect. I see many, many possibilities... Thanks, Pixey!
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    Gradients Galore MAJOR update: I have added even more new gradient shapes and generally improved the effect. The latest version is in my v10 plugin pack here: Red ochre v10 plugin pack It still works for Pdn 3.5.11. Here are some examples. Enjoy! Firstly I would like to thank BoltBait for his encouragement to use HSV gradients and dithering in this plug-in. And also for the work he has put into maintaining codelab and its tutorials, without which I wouldn't be able to write plug-ins at all! So what's wrong with the built in gradient tool? Absolutly nothing! - however, it can be a bit fiddly to line up a perfectly perpendicular gradient over the full length of the canvas - and plugins have the wonderful ability to 'remember' their last settings too (ideal for repeated tasks). This plug-in produces a wide variety of gradient effects, with:- choice of shapes, to act as 'vignette' type filters; ellipse, good old 'squirkle', diamond etc. choice of direct transition methods; linear,cosine & sinh. variable dithering (I've left a large range here because I like some of the extreme effects especially if zoom or motion blur is used afterwards). I've found normal smooth dithering is achieved around a value less than 15. HSV rainbows, clockwise and anti clockwise. my own BGR spectra, (6 variants). These can give some interesting tertiary colour spectra, (try grey to grey). an ability to write on objects only, (quick way to do rainbow text). sliders to set start and end transparency, (useful for 'filter' layers). swap colours. use the source image as the primary color,(useful for transparency gradients). angle slider (rotation around canvas centre). It works well inside selections and the gradients can be rotated too. Pictures speak louder than words, so I hope the screen shots help. Any feed back appreciated - I haven't put this in my pack yet so if anything needs changing please let me know. Have fun with this and post any interesting creations here - Enjoy!
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    Here's some I made or altered, i still don't have this program down so !!!
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    No. You're asking for an exceptionally huge amount of engineering work for a very small benefit.
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    Wow! That's a mighty fine looking horse @lynxster .
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    Thank you SO much for taking the time to do the tutorial @lynxster. What a lovely result with the malachite in the center - great frame too . A little something for your trinket box to say Thank You for sharing your result
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    Lobster two does have hundreds of glyphs. Actually there is a set of 357 of them. This same set is reproduced in each of the styles regular, bold, italic and bold+italic. CharMap should show them all. I suspect you were expecting 357x4=1428 glyphs? Here's the full set
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    Once again, not many entries in the SOTW comp (driving licence) I have extended the closing date to be 7PM on Friday 6 May. (World time conversion in the entry thread) Perhaps more people can join in.
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    IRON67: I'm not sure if we have that sort of control over the forum or not, but that's a great idea. Definitely worth looking into. And thanks for keeping track of some stats about the spam. --- Since you brought it up, this is a good time for an update: Yes, spam has been increasing recently. Sorry about that. We're trying to keep a handle on it, and we're recording more information with each ban that we can hopefully use to lock spam out completely. Thanks again for all of your patience and support here. Keep bearing with us. And, it goes without saying: don't call the phone numbers or click the links that they post.
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    Thanks Red ochre for the update. Very kind of you, as usual. Gradient Galore and Cobweb effects.
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    Another update! (and I still haven't updated the plugin pack). 1. I have added the ability to take both colours from the layer image, which makes 'transparent' gradients possible by altering the opacity sliders. 2. To keep the U.I. small I have added these choices to a drop-down menu. I have also removed the title 'Centre of Gradient' to save space. 3. Also added a 'Vignette' choice which only uses colour 1. (Please use the opacity sliders!). 4. NOTE: This still works for both Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4+ BUT Pdn 3.5.11 doesn't have the ability to grey-out the color-wheel controls when inoperative (as Pdn4 does). 5. (The fun bit) I've added some new polygon and 'flower' shapes (examples below). Update on page one of this thread. ... and please feel free to post images made with the new version in this thread!
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    TechnoRobbo's PseudoSnap v1.2 I was recently frustrated that I could not align objects neatly. So I opened up CodeLab and created this Plugin. Version 1.1 Updated I added and a Set Top/Left button that automatically aligns object to upper Left Corner. Menu: Effects->Object Video Instructions If this plugin already exists I will gladly detract this post. The CodeLab Source Code TRsPSnapSrc.zip The Plugin TRsPSnap.zip