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    Ive been using paint dot net for some time now and decided to join the community! The spoiler below is for my abstracts. Bird in the cold Cheetah *Hot* Lambo Fire breathing Lion
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    Nice, really moody stuff. Change name? What's Wong with wabbit? It's wovely.
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    Dear Lynxster, Remake, Red Ochre, Maximilian, Nai, Dryda and Helen Thank you all so much for your lovely comments . @Nai, I really based this on your tutorial but without the 3D, as I found drawing the ice cubes individually gave a better shape. Then I basically followed your tutorial. I will attach two PDN's to give you the general idea of how I went about it. P.S. I am unable too add the zip files at the moment ? I can't find the Attachments area? I'll try later. Instead here are the PDN's in Dropbox. 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hebc1ytlon6n4cl/Cube%202%20PDN.rar?dl=0 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mifm4kcj97fiqmo/Cube%203%20steps%20PDN.rar?dl=0
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    Hello, and welcome to the Paint.NET Gallery. This thread is dedicated to showcasing the "best of the best" that our members have to offer. Please take your time to look around. If you like a piece and would like to comment on it, please follow the provided link and make comments on the original thread. I think you will be amazed at what can be created with Paint.NET. Nominating to the Gallery To be eligible, a piece of artwork must be created or edited in Paint.NET. All categories of art will be considered. When you see a piece of artwork in another thread within The Pictorium that you really like and would like to nominate it to The Galleria, simply click that post's "Report" icon: Report In the report form, type "Galleria nomination" and mention which piece you would like to nominate to The Galleria and what you like about the piece. If one of the mods agrees, the art will be displayed in The Galleria. If not, the report will simply be closed. Be patient. This process can take a couple of days. Be assured, we will review every nomination.
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    This plugin can be useful for selecting objects in the image or for creation a color mask of object. The plugin is based on the script of Color Target plugin by rwp80. You can find it: Effects -> Color -> Color Range Previous downloads - 1605 ColorRange.zip This effect allows you to create a color mask of object in the image. You can then select the object using Magic Wand ( ) for further work with him. See short tutorial and examples of effect's work in the Color Range Test topic. CodeLab script: and icon: Examples of effect's technique you can found in How To Use Color Range effect topic. Примеры работы эффекта и приемы работы с ним вы можете посмотреть в уроке Как использовать эффект 'Цветовой диапазон'.
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    Where is the problem? In Color Window (F8-Key to toggle) you see under the "color circle" a standard palette with 32 colors and white is the first in the second row. Just click on it.
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    The ability of this plugin to make realistic engraving is amazing I think....
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    Finally got it! And tweaking the maximum time limit slider has helped a lot to cut down on error messages. Thanks again guys!
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    Wow! Absolutely stunning colors - would look amazing hanging on a wall .
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    Thanks for the effect Red ochre. And thanks to dipstick for the tips.
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    Hope these come out https://s19.postimg.cc/z4uzsa8bz/Fire_final.jpg https://s19.postimg.cc/63qnivnw2/first_planet.jpg tell me what you think and what I can improve upon thanks
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    It has to do with the black background and transparent text and shape. It pretty much uses default settings. And if you select "keep only bevel colours" you can end up with something like this.