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    Tried it myself, I can confirm the bug. For testing, make a black-white linear gradient. Select the magic wand tool, set selection mode to replace, set the tolerance to 50%, then click on a completely black area. Part of the gradient will be selected. Finalize the selection. Now, set the selection mode to subtract, set tolerance to 0%, then once again, click on the completely black area. Everything will be deselected. Without finalizing the selection, increase tolerance above 50%. Additional areas outside of the original selection will be selected, but nothing in the original selection itself. Edit: seems like the behavior of the subtract mode magic wand is the opposite of what it's supposed to do. Instead of dropping everything that is selected from the previous selection, it will keep everything that is selected but wasn't selected before. Edit 2: Even weirder: Before using the magic wand for the second time, use the ellipse selection tool in subtract mode, then switch back to the magic wand. It will work as intended.
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    @Techno: Thank you. I was actually playing around with the Kaleidoscope plugin and chose this pattern. After a few tweaks, I decided to make a Christmas ornament. @Barbie: Every time I create something, I want a little extra added to it to make it special. The bokeh effect just HAD to be added there, which I created using circles and transparency and not the actual plugin (I used a photo as a reference). You can use it as a greeting card, if you'd like. @Pixey: Glad that I could put someone into the Christmas spirit. I had so much fun making this image and listening to Christmas music at the same time. Than you, by the way. @Red: I'm so happy you noticed focus bits of the image. Thank you for your kind words always!
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    This is really handy - the ability to make a frame and a circle in one go! Congratulations Mister TR Man . TR's Christmas Frame
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    TR, I can weave a frame but my skills stop there. I can not weave a jersey. The Border size and the Squeezing options are great but not enough when when working on a large canvas. Users be aware that sometimes strange but funny forms are generated (some flipping happens as well) when using Large Border sizes, Squeezing and Offset. Just play with the settings until you get something you like. It works like a kaleidoscope.
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    Branch Stock Font: Telografico EDIT: Unlinked link from image.
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