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    This plugin has been updated by @Pratyush. Find the new version here Updated 9/10/2011: Right, it turns out that the original plug-in is no longer compatible with PDN. I fixed it, and also decided to make it open-source! This way I can take contributions to improve this, and maybe it will also help improve other plug-ins with this sort of alpha handling. The code is only a few lines of code long, but it uses (*gasp!*) MATH! Check it out if you're the coder type. The attached zip file includes both the DLL and source code (which you can open with CodeLab). Original post: Hi there! Long time lurker, first time poster. PDN has been my favorite graphics tool for quite some time. There's the old problem of recovering alpha information lost in compositing, for example when you *ahem* borrow images from the web. Say, smooth edge pixels on a black background; you'd prefer if they were transparent. A few plugins are available, and they do OK 90% of the time, but they fall short in recovering the original color information... See, it's not enough to figure out the alpha channel. You also have to use it to change the colors so they will look good when compositing again. Otherwise, there would be a visible halo (the color of the background) around the edge. AFAIK this happens with all existing plugins to eliminate backgrounds. So, I decided to make this one. I've got some pictures to demonstrate the effect and illustrate what I mean about the color correction GrimColorReaper.zip
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    Hi TR, I use this plugin. It has four handles. All of the four handles need to be set manually. But sometimes i need to set handles symmetrically along the canvas, like this.... Here a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h are distances with edges. This is the case of vertically symmetric positioning. Since the size of User interface of Plugin doesn't resize like other windows, it is hard to maintain the exact distances from the edges. Arbitrary positioning of handles is very useful but sometime i want them to be aligned equidistantly. I was looking for a option (or checkbox) that could lock handles such that if we move a handle on left side then corresponding right handle also move symmetrically. Same thing goes for horizontal symmetry.
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    That's a great soloution Midora. I hope Cheezl tries codelab.
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    Ah. You want to do the opposite of DrumSkin. How about this little beauty... http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/23433-squirklewarp/
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    Well done Nitenurse on yet another win I will give the battle a try with this one
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    Awww Thanks ya'll as that's greatly appreciated! I just wanted to make something that inspires creation as that's the best part of graphic design in my opinion. Lol I can't find the blushyface emote so I'll just make one... @Nai, I've also withdrawn a few of my entries just as I wasn't content with the design which happens to everyone from time to time and is no biggie k. I've picked up a lot of good tips that helped me improve my designs and is more valuable than anything else. Whether it's a win or a loss, you gain experience and is never a bad thing! On to the sig battle, both are very good entries and honestly is a hard one to choose which one I like more as I like both pretty evenly. I like the 3D depth aspect in Julio's sig and the lighting aspect on the text which is something I also use in a lot of my stuff. Well done Julio! I like NN79's design as well with the mirror reflection effect and abundance of color really stands out. There is one detail which I noticed that ties all those things together which really makes the image pop... if you look in the background, it's a music CD! Awesome job NN79! Although I didn't get to see Nai's entry, the effort made in making it shows Nai rocks! It was a hard decision indeed, however my vote goes to NN79 for incorporating music into a sig! Great job to all 3 participants in this round in which NN79 is declared the winner! Nitenurse - 3 JulioCoolio - 0 ....and with that being said, best of luck to the next 2 challengers. Let the next sig battle commence!