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    In this tutorial, I will be showing you the accidental discovery of a really nifty texture I posted in my gallery called "Stumbled Upon:" http://i.imgur.com/bqlC5IJ.png Required plug-ins: Gradient Bars by pryochild Diffuse Splinter Blur The steps 1) With Paint.NET open, make sure colors are set to default (black and white). 2) Make a new layer. 3) Run Gradient bars (Effects>Render>Gradient Bars) and enter value as shown in screen shot: 4) Gaussian blur at 2. Then run Splinter Blurs and use value as shown: 5) Duplicate the layer. Flip the image horiztonally (Layers>Flip Horizontal). Set blending mode to Darken. Merge down. See screenshot if you are confused. 6) Here comes the tricky part: duplicate layer. Flip image vertically (Layers>Flip Vertical). Set the gradient to transparency and use screenshot as guide. When you have it, merge down. 7) Before we move on, we need to set the colors in the Color Palette window to light grey and dark grey. I used the default color. Again, refer to the screenshot for clarification. 8) Duplicate the layer and run Diffuse. See screenshots for what I did. After running Diffuse, Gaussian blur to 2 to soften the roughness, and set blending mode to Glow. 9) At this point, I leave the tutorial to a close, but I strongly encourage you to keep on playing. Merge down the Diffuse layer, and then duplicate and play with blending modes, or utilize Curves, or whatever! At this point, you are free to go on and try something different! Maybe you want to leave the Diffuse layer intact, and duplicate the original layer, and play with blending modes. Or better yet, try to run the Diffuse layer on the duplication of the original layer, and enable Flip Color. Have fun! 10) In "Stumbled Upon" I used Rotate/Zoom to zoom into the texture. It's really nifty. This was something I created in writing this tutorial: http://i.imgur.com/Z04djgi.png
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    The theme this week is – The Sun! And has been chosen by – doughty (SOTW #101 winner!) This week you're challenged to design and create a signature about the sun, that warm and shiny nuclear fusion power station that rises in the east and sets in the west. The deadline for entries is 7:00pm (GMT +0) on Sunday 16 March. To see how that equates to other countries, here is a link to the World Time Competition rules. 1. Max sig dimensions 500x200. Please NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500x150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your sig. 2. Please keep your sig family friendly. 3. Keep to the theme that has been set. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline! 5. Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous. 6. Your entry must be made using paint.net, please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work. The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition. Good luck all and thank you in advance for entering. Thanks to - chrisco97, Sozo, TheHowler, Nitenurse79 and DrewDale for keeping this comp going in the past This thread is for posting your entries only. If you want to talk about any of the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLL NOW OPEN! Until 23/03/'14 at 19.00 (GMT +0) !!!
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    I've edited your last few posts to A. Remove the link to software pirates, and .. B. Correctly link to the forum thread for Camera Lens Distortion. All reputable Paint.NET plugins are released via this forum. Either get them from here, or from links posted here. DO NOT TRUST PLUGINS FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. Please - it's for your own good. The link you initially provided is operated by software pirates. They have been proven to bundle viruses with the plugin pack. To locate plugins by name or author, or to download the free listings (updated monthly) - see this thread Plugin Index