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    Useful for artistic effects on photos, unusual text effects, textures and even adding highlight stars to an image. It works out the direction of the 'tone gradient' then randomly draws tangents and radiuses.(radii?) Found under: Effects/Artistic/Cobweb Dll name = Cobweb. It is part of my v10 plugin pack here:Red ochre v10 plugin pack There are some 'mini tutorials' and examples below. Generally it is best applied to an image with smooth tone gradients. In other words try running a small Gaussian blur on the start image first. Interesting textures are possible, try using after 'clouds' or DavidF's 'cell texture' plugin. Weaknesses: Since the simple tone (B + G + R) for black is zero and the tone for a transparent colour is also zero ((eg. 255 + 255 + 255) * 0). You won't get much of a result from black text on a transparent layer. Try black text on a solid white layer and apply a blur first. Like 'FurBlur' it can be slow if 'Reps' and 'Length' are set too high. Have fun and please post any interesting results and tips back here!
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    My newest thingy And yes Hellen its big
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    Perhaps this may be of help http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=18378 There also is a brief explanation on the page too.
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    My newest edition, this time around though I wanted to work on making a stronger focal point in the image.
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    Nice! Red you did it again. Even looks good on an old turkey.
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    My guess is, it wasn't originally at 100% quality. When you open a compressed image, the program has to make all sorts of assumptions about the compressed data and fill in every pixel with color information; then when you save it at 100%, it saves those exact pixels as if they were the original image you were trying to save. Imagine it like a 500-page book. When you compress an image to save it, it's like going through a book and ripping out all the pages you don't need. Maybe you get it from 500 pages down to 250. Then, when you open it again, you know you have to deliver a 500-page book, so you guess about the missing pages to fill in all the gaps. Saving the image instantly at 100% is like saving that newly-reconstructed book perfectly; you're saving the 250 original pages and the 250 pages you just made up to fill in the gaps. (Plus, Paint.NET adds metadata to the file, etc. which will increase the size) The best way to prevent it is to use a lossless image format like PNG. It'll be bigger to start with, but you won't lose information. It's like saving and reopening all 500 pages.
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    Great fun. Thanks for the continued work I started with this on a separate layer Used Freewarp / Duplicated the result / ran drop shadow and then conditional hue / saturation, played with blend modes, added your scatter effect and got this
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    Yea, and the funny thing is. This all is just for fun. I'm not trying to make a portfolio or anything for a job. My field is more PC Hardware and Gaming lol. I just do media based things for fun, because I get an end result that I can be proud of. And I learn many new skill sets that can be used in everyday things. Such as color blending could be put with the kind of clothing I'd wear. Find something that matches together, and having a Graphical understanding of blending colors and what not. I can then chose the better pair of clothes that blend and look great. Rather than wearing say all blue and have red shoes. That just drives me up the wall lol. Especially people that spend $400 on a pair of shoes that will be well no more in a year lol.
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    I noticed this too and it is really annoying. I even made a screenshot to illustrate it. The case is, after clicking the Help button, I tend to move mouse pointer diagonally in the bottom left direction (shown in red), which makes menu disappear. Only when carefully moving mouse as shown in green I can effectively reach a menu item.
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    I shall drop this one I made a couple of weeks ago into the battle.