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    When I turn a layer back on (and the mouse is hovering over that layer) I often mix up which layer is on because the colours are too similar. I can tell when I focus on it or if I pull the mouse away (though by that time I'm usually concentrating on the canvas), but it makes me mess up a lot. Does anybody else start working on the wrong layer because of this?
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    Nice start to your gallery! I love the paper textures.
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    I really like the texture of the "Zeemniy Soldat" poster--"Winter Soldier." Do you actually use a crumpled paper and then scan it in or do you create your own texture in PDN. Also, the wedding invitation is lovely. Airbrushing's really neat, too--so professional! And I must say the logo is an awesome one--the text is a well-chosen font.
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    Welcome to the forum and cool start to your gallery. You don't have to say anything clever, let your art do it for you. Hope to see more pieces soon.
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    Pretty cool. Welcome to the forum
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    I like the texture, could do with a little less contrast to enhance the ragged look, unless you were going for a Russian propaganda sort of look. In terms of grittiness quite well done!
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    Come to think of it, it's not really a tutorial. If no one else have objections, I will move this to GDQ tomorrow.