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    I don't know why you are always getting upset about the replies people give you. One moment you say you don't know what kind of memory it's talking about and in the same breath you start talking about your harddrive's capacity (which you state you thought was enough). At what point (if you truly understood the difference) did you see that your harddrive's capacity had any bearing on the memory error, or at what point did you express how you derived to that conclusion in your previous post? Stop taking offense to people trying to assist you. You are the one that misled them by giving specs about the capacity of your harddrive. Quit treating them as children and understand why they thought what they did. I would expect that someone who bills herself as an author would have a better understanding of how to communicate, nevermind understanding how someone will interpret what you put in writing. If you've got anger in your heart and will always respond with disdain to everybody who tries to help you, I expect pretty soon nobody is going to step up and try to assist you for fear of how you're going to respond, especially when they're misled by incompletely expressed thoughts.
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