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    For those who didn't know (like me, until I studied the Help in response to this thread) you can rotate using the Move Selected Pixels tool by right-clicking in the selection. This also applies to the Move Selection tool. I have often wished for exactly this capability but never thought to try the right-click approach. Suggestion: rename "Move Selected Pixels" to "Move/Rotate Selected Pixels" (and similar for Move Selection), as a signal that this is possible, to signal that the capability is there. I simply assumed it was not possible.
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    Hi working with many plugins, causes the effects/adjustment menus to be very big/crowded/long which makes finding the right effect you need for your job, hard to locate and you need to remember where it was. which takes time, also there are few plugins with the same name and functions so you would have a duplicated effects. I used to work like this, but it was too hard for me to remember where everything was (old age memory problems) so with few ideas from people here in the forum , I have made few changes which I think would help you too. 1. get all the plugins you want or find as you wish ;-) 2. place SOME of them in the effect directory and check them out. if you like the plugin place it in a folder (name it "good/useful effects") 3. remove those plugins and place new ones, then repeat step 2 until you filter all the plugins you have. 4. I have created a number of effects directories and sorted the plugins I liked by the type of effect and the type of image/project it would be good for. 5. each time i want to work on a project I replace the plugins in the "effects" directory with the effects in the directory that I would use in that project. (some plugins are found in a multiple directories) 6. I have a directory with all the plugins, which is used only to find an effect , then i copy it to the right directory. I think that this is the way to go, and it helped me allot with my work. take into account that every change in the effects directory would need to restart Paint.Net. so adjust the directories content as you need 1st. Avi p.s. I have asked long ago in the forum to enable a "Favorite" sub menu under the effects menu where one can drag and place the effects he uses most. saving the time to look thru all the menus time and time again. but this is currently low in priority (if at all) it might even be linked to a "Favorite" directory under the effects directory but this would need more changes maybe even to the plugins too as i was told , so i guess it is even lower in the list :-) However Rick said some where he would deal with plugins after 4.0 is out :-) :-) :-)