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    This version work on PDN v4beta(build 5226) 2014/04/27 ******************************************************************************** Hi "Rotate/Zoom+" plugin can be selected the three types.(bicubic, bilinear, Nearest Neighbor) Effects > Distort > Rotate/Zoom+ Bicubic is a cubic convolution. ( PhotoShop using type) Bicubic can be adjust sharpness. Mainly, please use the 0.5 to 1.0 If you do strongly sharp, you may distort the image , or increase noise . Bilinear is same "Layer>Rotate/Zoom" Nearest Neighbor is same "MS Paint" About the reduction Because this dose not use LPF , three are the almost same. Download Enjoy
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    Nitenurse79, please don't abuse the report system. It's for reporting spam or genuinely offensive comments, not just "things I disagree with." Anyway, this thread has served its purpose. Closed
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    This excellent tutorial is available for free download as a PDF. Click here to open or download the PDF So, I was looking back at my old Advancedish Planet tutorial, and I realized with a start that it is two years old. Wow. It seems like only a couple months ago. Where did all that time go? Well, wherever it went, I spent it advancing, improving, and otherwise adding more realism and/or coolism to that planetsculpting technique. So, since it's become a quite a bit better, I figured I'd share it with the rest of you. I hadn't realized how much work it would be. If they did one thing, those two years made me forget how kriffing long it takes to make these tutorial things. And this one has over two hundred images, if you take into account the fact that each image has a copy of itself. And the coding--oh, man. I'm not even going to go into detail on how blasted confusing that was. But, anyways, how, exactly, did I improve it? Well, take a look for yourself. I'd say that's improved, no? This is what we'll be creating in this tutorial. Well, enough of my rambling. Onto the tutorial. If you're considering undertaking this long planetsculpting quest, I would recommend that, if you haven't already, you do the old tutorial, first. Maybe even a few times. This one will be much easier to understand if you do. Even then, it might get a little confusing at parts. And if it gets too confusing in any part--namely, if I put the wrong pictures with the wrong text, which can be really confusing-- tell me where I dun goof'd and I'll try to fix it as best I can. Alright, plugins! Required: Shape3D Recommended: (Just get them anyways, really, it'll save you a bunch of time) Random Lines Single Hue Color Filter AA's < no swearing >istant Smudge Gaussian Blur Plus (Not necessary but just better and cooler) Right, then! Let's begin. Oh, and by the way, every single image on here can be clicked to be viewed at full size. Yes. All one-hundred-and-thirteen of them. Ugh. You're welcome. This excellent tutorial is available for free download as a PDF >>