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    Don't believe there is a bubble plugin, but Madjik wrote a great bubble tutorial. http://forums.getpai...create-bubbles/
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    If I remember correctly, this is because Photoshop applies a sharpen filter as part of an upscale unless you tell it not to. It's not a matter of "quality," it's simply subjective cheating. So, just resize in Paint.NET and then use Effects->Photo->Sharpen, probably with a value of 1.
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    First real chance to have a look at your work.Love your style, packed with energy and attitude.You have some amazing ideas going on here.Nice work!
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    I meant it as a compliment, sorry you took it the wrong way. I thought I had been helpful to you in the past when explaining how to do things. Without upsetting you again maybe if you cannot take criticism you shouldn't post, I have had my fair share especially in the sig battles thread but have never taken it to heart. The troll award is only a bit of fun and I am sure all that voted for you never meant to hurt your feelings as it is I don't feel anyone here is a troll and maybe it should be renamed ( it was one of the ones I left blank for this reason ) as all trolls are banned after their first posting by that king of real estate Ego Eram Reputo.
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    Deleted the repeated posts.
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    Nope nitenurse, people like you a lot. Personally, I like reading your posts. You are intelligent & witty & you have injected some much needed life into this forum. Please don't be upset. We love you here!
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    Now only if this machine could really fly! I thought of Leonardo DaVinci's work when I saw this (he's one of my favorite artists along with a few others). The designs are just exquisite.
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    I was going to say like always but thats rather trite ... In this case the awe is overwhelming on that WIP you just posted. Truly amazing not only in form but conceptually. Hopefully you get a chance to finish that. Would be wonderful to see what else that goes with for sure. And I'm actually out of words on this one ...
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