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    Admins Note: This plugin is not completely compatible with the latest versions of paint.net (beyond 4.0.12). When working with images I like to be able to have a relevant palette. The attached effect plugin uses the current image to create a paint.net palette file. Both dll files are required for this "effect". When you first run it (from Effects -> Tools -> Palette From Image) you need to enter the Palettes folder (usually My Documents\Paint.NET User Files\Palettes). This then gets saved for subsequent uses. The default palette name is PDN Current Image (so it's not likely to clash with any you might already have). This file can be overwritten each time. After the effect is run the new palette appears in the Paint.net palette list ready to use. Hidden Content: UPDATE 05-July-09 Renamed settings file to match the dll Added checking for invalid filename characters Generated palette sorted by HSV UPDATE 01-Aug-09 Fixed file access issue (for APShredder) Added progress bar to palette generation Fixed form positioning UPDATE 11-Nov-09 Patched for threading issue with v3.5 PaletteFromImage.zip
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    nitenurse, if you still believe people make fun of you, just check your reputation points... you have so many in such a short while, which means you are very, very appreciated here on the forum ;-)
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    I was just signing in to agree with 'Welshy' - your, (Nitenurse79's) contribution to the forum is very appreciated ! - giving any feedback to recently published pictures or plugins is encouraging and very welcome. Also giving a quick response to new users questions is important and all your answers are at least as knowledgeable as mine!
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    Noooooooo It's because your picture is so pretty it doesn't go with the Forum Troll thing. Like Red Ochre says here:
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    I'm too lazy to find the thread, but I seem to recall that voting went well into January last year. EDIT: Nevermind, I am wrong.
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    Use the Colour Picker tool and click on any point on the jpeg that haw has the colour you want to use. The colour will be set as the primary colour.