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    UPDATE: Version 3.8 of my effects is released. This release adds two effects, Gridlines and Object Align. All effects have significant speed inprovements, especially Drop Shadow. Many have usability improvements as well. All effects are also translated into Russian and Dutch. Special thanks to xmario for helping me with the Russian translation of these effects. Thanks also to moc426 for allowing me to release an Object Align effect. Effects per category: Drop Shadow: The "Drop Shadow" effect, under the Object effect menu. With offset, widening, blur, opacity and a color picker. Duotones: "Duotone Light" and "Duotone Ink on Paper" adjustments. Monochromes: "Cyanotype", "Sepia 2", "Grayscale on Colored Paper" and "Monochrome Ink on Paper" adjustments. Blurs: "Average Blur" and "Smart Blur" effects, under the Blurs effect menu. Color Accent: "Color Accent" adjustment. Fade Edge: "Fade Edge" effect, under the Photo effect menu. Gradient: A four-color, non-linear "Gradient" effect, with high quality color dithering. Gridlines: Draws a grid with horizontal and vertical lines, under the render menu. Object Align: Aligns the object in the selection to the selection. This version contains an installer. Just run the installer, it will ask you which effects you want to install and copy the required dll's into the Paint.NET effects folder. It will make no other modifications to your system. Please note: Paint.NET version 3.5.2 or later is required. Download (installer version for Classic paint.net) >>users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten Download (zipped DLLs for manual installation with Store version of paint.net) >>Zipped DLLs Store version installation Leave your reactions here in the forum.
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    Put yo' effects where they belong! "Smart Effects?" Honestly...