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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Astounded by the lack of cool text effect tutorials, I set out to make one myself. Today I shall instruct you on how to make some text that looks like this: Pretty cool, right? Plug-ins necessary to complete this tutorial: AA's Assistant (dpy) - dpy's pack Bevel Selection (BoltBait) - BB's pack Trail (pyrochild) - pyro's pack Alpha Mask Import (illnab1024) - [link] Align Object (moc426) - [link] Additional resources: fontsquirrel, dafont (font sites - all free-of-charge and virus-free - tested) Step one: Open a 500x150 canvas (no need to worry about anti-aliasing). Step two: Add a new layer, name it TextMask. Step three: Choose a font (preferably serif) and type up some text. By the way, I used Garamond Bold for this. If you are wondering, in the 'csm725' image, I put the numbers at a smaller size so that they would be as tall as the letters. Just letting you know. Step four: Align to the Middle Center using Align Object. Step five: Make a new layer between Background and TextMask, call it TextColor. Step six: Select an area that covers up one letter, like so: Step seven: Fill each letter-selection with a different color, make sure that the colors don't clash: Step eight: Invert the colors of the TextMask layer so it is white. Make a new layer under it and fill it with black. Merge TextMask onto the black layer, select all, and copy. You can then delete the layer: Step nine: Load Alpha Mask with the following settings (onto the TextColor layer): Step ten: Duplicate the TextColor layer and name the bottom one text shine. Step eleven: Open up trail at the following settings: Step twelve: Apply AA's Assistant at default settings to both the TextColor and TextShine layers. Step thirteen: Magic Wand at 31% tolerance, shift-select any transparent area on the TextShine layer, invert selection. You should have all the text selected. Step fourteen: Bevel Selection at the following settings: Step fifteen: Adjustments > Curves (Ctrl-Shift-M) at the following approx. settings: Step sixteen: Repeat AA's Assistant on the TextShine layer. Step seventeen: Set TextColor's opacity to 63: Step eighteen: Merge TextColor onto TextShine. You should now have two layers. Step nineteen: Duplicate TextShine and Layers > Flip Vertical. Step twenty: Drag the flipped duplicate and drag it until the 'top' of the flipped letters meet with the bottom of the actual layers. Step twenty-one: Do a transparent gradient (linear) like so: Step twenty-two: Make a new layer above everything, call it Glints. Step twenty-three: Go to the brush tool with white and draw some dots on the letters, this is where your glint-spots are going to be. Step twenty-four: Gaussian Blur these spots at 3-10, depending on your taste. It should look something like this: Step twenty-five: Delete the background layer, flatten, and save. Enjoy! #tut725
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    Ok here it is, this plugin will align your drawing on the canvas OR to your selection. Let me know of any bugs, comments ... etc. updated 06/17/2007 v1.5.1 performance tweak. barkbark00, I think you should see the performance issue gone, but let me know. updated 06/13/2007 v1.5 - the download link should give you the new dll. the source is not latest, will add that later. Added horizontal, vertical and both options. New user interface. Default option is Middle Center. Better Performance??? Preview still doesn't work right but you don't really need a preview, you know what will happen! But maybe one day I can fix that. NOTE: If the preview is messed up, click the same option again, it should fix the preview. If you find bugs let me know ... I will see what I can do. Download the Zip file at the bottom of this post (old link: download dll) edit: added source, this source is old. latest source added on 10/15/2007, forgot to add this a while ago. download source. Currently you can align Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle or Bottom. To do combinations such as Top Left, you need to run the plugin twice, once for each mode. The preview for Top, Middle and Bottom is screwy, I still get very confused with the way pdn splits the image into rectangles and runs them in parallel so the preview ends up erasing some parts it shouldn't but when you apply it works correctly. Maybe I can get some help from Rick himself on this later or anyone else who may be able to. Here are some screenshots: Original Aligned Left Aligned Top Left Center and Middle Download Here: AlignPlugin.zip