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    Shirtisred's Gallery Hi everyone! Welcome to my gallery! You'll see lots of pictures I made through Paint.NET. Hope you like them What do ya think about them? Please leave a comment! (If you dislike my images, please use constructive criticism to help me)
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    Haha very nice tutorial! Here's my outcome- (The apple symbol shows up as a "" on my computer )
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    Pretty nice tutorial, but for some reason the RGB Curves option doesn't work for me....And on like one of the last steps, I couldn't figure it out. So, here's my outcome-
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    Nice job All good advice from pdnoob my 2 pennies worth would be to experiment a lil' bit with the tutorials. For example with the casino chip one, maybe add a couple more by playing with S3D settings so they're all the same ... but different. (If that makes sense ...) Looking forward to seeing more from you
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    Thank you so much for the tips! I will be taking those into consideration And the tutorial in making the galaxy is here- http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20968-making-a-galaxy/
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    How long have you been using Paint.NET? All really great images. I like perspective on the poker chip you made. I also really, really like the sword.
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    Some great work with those tutorials! Just have a couple of things to help you along your photo editing journey: ~try to keep edges in your creations from looking pixelated. The best example of this would be the boarder between the light blue and purple colors on your second sig. If you look closely, it is a little jagged. If you run some form of anti-alias on it (I would suggest using dpy's AA's Assistant), you could smooth it up nicely! ~Play with layers and layer blend modes. This is important in nearly every picture, but the one I'm specifically looking at is your galaxy you made (very nicely done btw...is there a tutorial on that somewhere?). You probably noticed as you were making it, but the stars seem to disappear around the galaxy. If the galaxy and the starfield were on separate layers, you could set the top layer to "lighten" and the stars will show through without disrupting your galaxy. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations!