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    Thank you so much @zaya! ================================================================= Thank you so much @toroidal232!
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    "The room was all dim like a cave, and the red fire burning still and watchful seemed like the eye of the Lord. There was a little red eye in every bit of ware on the dresser too, where it caught the gleam." --Precious Bane chapter 2, "Telling the Bees." Can't see much of the window in this shot, buuut there's more to come.
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    @Xhin! Thank you so much for the plugin.
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    Thanks Seerose. My friend Skully here, had to bite the bullet.
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    Made the spaceship in blender, everything else made in PDN.
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    I've been using Snippets more and more in Visual Studio. I wanted to add a bunch of them to CodeLab, but I don't think people want the same snippets that I do. So... I'm thinking CodeLab could benefit from a Snippet Manager where you can add your own custom snippets. For example, say you're working on your script, and you realize you need to retrieve the current palette. You can have a snippet called curPal (or whatever), and it would expand into: IReadOnlyList<ColorBgra> CurrentColors = Services.GetService<IPalettesService>().CurrentPalette; As it stands, you have to open the Templates (File -> New), and generate a whole new file. Then you have to copy and paste the relevant line of code from one tab to another. Unless of course you have that palette code memorized, and are willing to type it out. Who wants this? Or is it just me?
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.7.1.
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    A woman walks into a library and asked if they had any books about paranoia. The librarian says "They're right behind you!"
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    Beautiful kaleidoscope images @Seerose! You can easily get hooked on those plugins!
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    All the best on your Birthday, @AndrewDavid!
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    This kind of stuff is something I enjoy doing. I liked @welshblue approach as well with a slight difference in the hardness, I always set hardness to 0. Here's what I did under 15 minutes for fun, nothing serious. @PaintDotNetNoob one thing I would advise you to do is get good quality stocks to work with. It makes a big difference in any photomanipulation you do.
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    Thanks for the complements Lynx and Welsh. Here's a glass of wine for you.
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    @ReMake! Thank you so much for the beautiful tutorial.
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    Alright, I just sent a testcase his way. Thanks for the info!
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    Thank You Eli & Welshblue for the BIG help given. I have installed the Object2Color Plugin. It's just fantastic!!! Now it's just a matter of learning how to use it properly. Again, Many Many Many Thanks!!!! PS: Guys, by the way, do you believe I can create the same Sacred Geometry design using the Compo Grids Plugin the Red Ochre has? Or do you suggest another method or plugin?
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    Lovely image @Pixey! Everything just looks so perfect down to the smallest detail! Wonderful work! I spent a good while perusing this with 'zoom'; great job!
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    For the crash you're seeing in 4.2, that was fixed in 4.2.1. ("System.OperationCanceledException: The operation was canceled") For the crash you're seeing in 4.2.2, that is likely caused by a crashing Effect or Adjustment plugin. Does that sound right? Plugins will have the little green puzzle piece next to them in the menu. ("System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.")
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    Totally agree with HyReZ @Xhin!! These effects, though simple, can really change an image with some interesting looks! Please keep them coming! In no time, you can release your own plugin pack! Below image made entirely with Rectangular Inversion.
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    That error indicates the WIC does not recognize the file format. It may be that the file uses an unsupported TIFF version, or is some other format masquerading as a .tif file.
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    First off, very nice window! I love the textures and the attention to detail that you put into that. The roomscape is amazing too! I honestly wouldn't know where to start with one if I tried.
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    Oh my! The just keep exploding! The creamy ones look like lizards eggs. That is so trippy. Way to go!
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    Dear @barbieq25! 💐 Thank you so much for your time to write comments. Greetings from Germany and a nice weekend.
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    Do you have an Nvidia GPU? If so, try this: NVIDIA control panel. → 3D Settings Management. → Selected graphics processor. Change to: "Auto-select Let us know if that solves the issue.
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    I love that word. Squeeing. It conjures up so many images 😀 It's weird, we're about 50 miles from the Shropshire border and Welsh is predominant amongst the 'locals' ... but go 20 miles up the road and you hear the accent changing. And hardly any Welsh being spoken. It's a joke locally that Tractor becomes Tractorrrr once you go past a certain point I'm with you. Words and dialects ... very interesting. Another fact, there's a village named Sarn about 30 miles away (blink and you've gone through it), and another down Soufff Wales in Bridgend
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    At first I thought that track was meh but then I listened to the whole album with some cannabis and was blown away by how awesome it was. This is now my go-to album for "music meditation". That is, listening to music while kinda taking a nap but actually meditating (not trying to fall asleep).
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    Hi @Mikospy and Welcome Are you sure you are trying to use white on a 'transparent layer?
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    WOW! Your 'roomscapes' are getting better and better @LionsDragon! Would love to see more...
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    @lynxster4, Align Object by @xod located in the menu Effects -> Object, but Align Object by @moc426 really is on the menu Effects.
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    Concurring with Lynxster' about the colours. Love that teal with the gold. Reminds me of Peter Pawn and his fractal/ jewel work One of those uplifting pieces, when you smile, nod your head ... yep, that's cool
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    I'd agree with T_H ... I made these icons entirely with PDN but used an online .ico generator and there's no problems
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    There are only 3 days left to post in the OotF#44 thread for the Sunglasses Competition. If we get no more, I will have to scrap this round. I have been wondering: 1. Whether we should take a hiatus from OotF Competitions until Winter ? 2. If the general feeling is that the subjects are too difficult, I would like to suggest (as most winners just hate to pick new themes) that either @toe_head2001 or @Ego Eram Reputo get to choose the themes for us ?
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    If you go the transparent gradient route - I'd recommend using a radial transparent gradient ... it gives more control IMO - Right click from the edge and draw in
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    Bravo @ReMake! I've never tried this tutorial either; must have a go at it. At the rate you're going, the Graveyard is going to be empty in no time at all! 😁
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    To quote Meatloaf 🎵 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth 🎵 ... but no tongues eh 😜 I didn't think anything of it mate. Some people chat rubbish without knowing the truth. You've been a good friend. Still a good friend. Will always be a good friend.
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    @MadJik! Thank you so much for all your wonderful plugins! The future should only bring you good things.
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    Another fellow Virgo! Happy Birthday @MadJik
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    This is really very well done @LionsDragon A very polished image The woodwork frame and the lattice work are perfect and the forest glass is spectacular Can't wait to see the house that goes with it
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    I made these light bulbs in blender, then made the animation in PDN. I'm very happy with the bulb details in the outcome.
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    Looks barren and forbidding @JulioCoolio 😮 Good work! (rep when I'm reloaded)