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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it In perusing the text effects I realized we didn't have any plastic-looking text, so I made one. We will be making this: Plugins required: Align Object Inner Shadow Selection Edge Expander AA's Assistant EdgeShaderMJW Contour BlurBlend Here's another example: This is Alba 288 Bold. I had to adjust the settings, but it's perfectly doable. I duplicated the text layer again and ran Pyro's Trail on the bottom layer, set the top layer to Multiply 130 and ran BoltBait's Feather on each layer. Here are some additional steps to achieve what I call 'The Fluffy Sticker' effect. Use this on text where you have applied Pyro's Trail plugin on the bottom layer. Start with your layered PDN file or do the tutorial from the beginning. Here are some examples: There are probably lots of ways to apply a colored plastic coating to the letters. This one turns out the best, I think. Experiment! Added note: On the above screenshots showing Gradient Galore plugin I made a notation in red. The reason is I was avoiding the dark green and black color you get if your size is set at default or higher. Just didn't look right. I hope you enjoy this tutorial! πŸ˜ƒ
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    How wonderful to get home after 5 days in hospital and see this thread with all of your kind messages - thank you all so much. You really warmed up my heart - my lovely PDN friends I have been having treatments to boost the immune system of my bladder, post cancer removal, called BCG and the last 2 just went straight into my blood stream and I got Sepsis 🀒 This 2nd one was a real doozie, with 3 days and nights of rigors, vomiting, temperature spikes and killer headaches. I also got fluid on the lung, which fortunately didn't end up in pneumonia and luckily none of my organs stopped working, which is a risk with Sepsis. Now to recoup and get stronger. I am still a bit brain dead, but think I can manage the task of doing the Lava Lamp Poll on Saturday I know who to call if I need help πŸ˜‰ Again, thank you everyone for your thoughts and thank you to @Woodsy for posing this.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This is an adaptation of the PS tutorial Create a Plasticine Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. The result of this tutorial is shown below. Plugins required: TG Angle Align Object by @moc426 or Align Object by @xod AA's Asistant Cell Texture Emboss+ Neon Edges Bevel Object Font required: Insaniburger Create a New Image () 600x450 px. Set the Primary Color to 333F44 and fill () the image. Add a New layer () and run the Clouds () effect (Effects -> Render -> Clouds) with Scale 40 and Roughness 0,25: Apply the TG Angle effect (Effects -> Stylize -> TGAngle) with the settings as shown below: Set () the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay and set the Opacity to 15. Merge () both layers. We got a Board for modeling clay plasticine. Turn off the visibility of the layer. Add a New Layer (). Set Primary color to 65A033 and type () your text in Insaniburger font with size 108 and Bold () style. Place the text in the center using the Align Object effect (Effects -> Align Object or Effects -> Object -> Align Object). Run the Ripple effect (Effects -> Distort -> Ripple) with the settings as shown below: and we get this image: Duplicate () Layer 2 and select the text with the Magic Wand () tool and Global () Flood Mode. Apply the Cell Texture effect (Effects -> Render -> Cell Texture) to the top layer with the settings below: then apply the Emboss+ effect (Effects -> Stylize -> Emboss+) with Angle 0 and Height 2: and use Auto-Level () adjustment (Adjustments -> Auto-Level). Set () the Layer Blending Mode to Glow and set the Opacity to 128. Deselect () and apply AA's Assistant effect (Effects -> Object -> AA's Assistant) with default settings, repeat if necessary (Ctrl+F). Merge () both Layer 2. Duplicate () Layer 2 and make it Black and White (Ctrl+Shift+G). Apply AA's Assistant effect with default settings, repeat if necessary (Ctrl+F). Select the text with the Magic Wand () tool and run Neon Edges effect (Effects -> Ctylize -> Neon Edges) with Thickness 14 and Glow Intencity 50: Select the dark text with a Magic Wand () tool (Tolerance: 25-35%). Edit the selection if the contours of the letters are touching. Set the Primary color to A54F38 and fill () the text in the top Layer 2. Invert selection (Ctrl+I) and cut (Ctrl+X) the selected part of the image. Duplicate () top Layer 2 and select the text with the Magic Wand (). Apply the Cell Texture effect with Sell size 30 and Foreground color R=105, G=40, B= 25. Apply the Emboss+ effect with Angle 0 and Height 1. Set () the Layer Blend mode to Glow. Merge () the top two Layers 2. Apply the Bevel Object effect (Effects -> Object -> Bevel Object) with Depth 2: Deselect () and apply AA's Assistant effect. Repeat (Ctrl+F) AA's Assistant effect if necessary. Go to the bottom Layer 2 and apply the Bevel Object effect with Depth 3. (Apply AA's Assistant effect if necessary.) Turn on the Background layer and merge () all layers. And we are done. Of course our result is different from the result of PS tutorial, but I did not set myself the task to achieve full compliance. In my opinion, the last image looks more realistic.
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    Version 1.1 posted. This plugin had been using the MathNet.Iridium library for the Complex struct. However, the Complex struct was added to the .NET Framework some time after @PJayTycy initially created this plugin. I have therefore removed the dependency of the MathNet.Iridium.dll file. After you've updated the plugin, you can delete that file from your Effect folder.
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    Thank you so much @MadJik! Size first 4000x3000 then, 800x600. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21469-a-way-to-create-more-abstract/
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    Thank you so much @Woodsy for re-doing the Galleria! There were a couple of pages that I could never view. Looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work!
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    Thank you very much @JulioCoolio Something a bit different for a change;
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    Happy Easter to Everyone! Playing with GMIC: A little @ReMake's new PS Emboss+ and TGA:
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    Oh - Thank You so much @Woodsy @JulioCoolio and @Seerose for your very kind words I got a feeling for making some 'funny' images and here is my first one:
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    Here are some new offerings. Gmic and PDN magic. Hope you enjoy! Three Tigers Witchcraft Kitty
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    This plugin integrates OptiPNG with Paint.NET. It optimizes PNG to make them smaller in file size. Both OptiPngFileType.dll and optipng.exe need to be in the FileTypes directory. This plugin is compatible with Paint.NET v3.5 and v4.x. Download OptiPNG.zip Changes - Image Resolution is now retained. - UI fixes for HiDPI and Dark Theme. - The bundled OptiPNG executable is at the latest version (0.7.7) Based on code from @I Like Pi and @null54. Source Code https://github.com/toehead2001/pdn-optipng
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    Thank you all again, for your wishes - which are much appreciated Whilst I am now quite recovered from the Sepsis, I have a few more hurdles to get through. I'm thinking positive and always ready to put up a fight. Forgot to give a 'Shout Out' to all the Nurses out there ........... both male and female. They do such wonderful work and here in Florida, work 12 hour shifts πŸ€—
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    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsforbusiness/end-of-windows-7-support This means no more updates, especially security updates. This will put it in the same place as XP and Vista, which nobody should be using anymore. I don't yet have a concrete plan for when Paint.NET will stop supporting Windows 7, which is when Windows 10 will become the minimum OS version*, but the clock is ticking. Maybe 1 year after, maybe 2 or even 3, it's not set in stone yet, but I'm not going to be able to support Windows 7 indefinitely. Please upgrade to Windows 10. I know a lot of you really like Windows 7, and that's a perfectly fine opinion, but supporting it does hold back Paint.NET's long-term progression and you have to know I can't support it indefinitely. Windows 7 has had a great run! It's currently 10 years old! Celebrate that, and then upgrade to 10 You've got time, so don't panic, but definitely include this in your planning. * let's just forget Windows 8/8.1 ever happened, just like we never say the word "Vista" out loud ...
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    @ReMake! πŸ‘ Thank you for that great tutorial. Sorry! Points come later.
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    Dear @lynxster4! Thank you so much for the tutorial.
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    @Seerose Thank you @barbieq25 I was trying to get the feeling of being on that planet..without actually being on the planet. Thank you @JulioCoolio Exactly the feeling I was going for! Thank you! ------------------------ So everyone can see why I made the wallpaper the way it is, here it is overlayed on my phone's model. The dark corner hides the camera cutout.
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    I began making this after making some shapes and then using @MJW's Texture Rounder - then some PI and voila ............... it ended up as a watch
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    I always have a look from time to time on the forum.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins needed: 1. Diagonal Lines 2. Outline Object 3. Text Mask from here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/?do=findComment&comment=550999 4. Drop Shadow 5. Bevel Object 6. AA's_Assistant I used 'pooplatter' font from here: https://www.dafont.com/pooplatter.font Fill Background with black color then add a new layer and fill that layer (White) with white color. Add a new layer (Stripe) and run Diagonal Lines effect with the following settings: Run Outline Object with the following settings: Now you must to have that: Merge layer down (Stripe + White) and run Text Mask effect with the following settings: Now you must to get that: Duplicate the White layer (I gave it the name: White - eroded text) and in that layer run the AA's_Assistant 17 times to get an eroded text. Before that, make the layer underneath invisible to see the effect of your actions. Run Drop Shadow effect with the following settings: Make visible the underneath layer and run AA's_Assistant 3 times. Select White layer and run Bevel Object effect with the following settings: Final result: Inspired from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v72VmVmR6cw
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    I believe I've fixed the issues that were preventing some images from being saved (as reported earlier). I also fixed a few things in the Save Configuration dialog that were supposed to make it into alpha build 7077, but didn't because I incorrectly merged my pull request on GitHub. The issue with the images that wouldn't save was that they had UserComment metadata in them (EXIF tag ID #37510). WIC (Windows Imaging Component) handles this in a way that my code wasn't coping with, so the data didn't round-trip correctly, and WIC decided to refuse the transaction instead. (And there was another bug: part of my wrapper was returning an error when WIC tried to send an IStream::Write() call with a 0 byte payload ... weird, probably a bug in their code, but shouldn't have broken down on my side.) Download link: https://www.getpaint.net/files/zip/test/paint.net.4.107.7079.30132.install.zip (I'm adding this to the auto-updater, too ...) Change log: Fixed: Some images could not be saved as JPEG due to mishandling of some metadata Fixed some error handling in the Save Configuration dialog. An error dialog will now pop up to show the exception that occurred in addition to the usual "Preview: (error)" text that has always been shown. Fixed: HEIC/HEIF file extensions are now registered with Windows so that you can double-click on them in Explorer to open them in Paint.NET Enjoy!
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    @Drydareelin Thanks for your comment! I do try to tell a different story with each image in an abstract way. @lynxster4 I thought the same thing when I was creating the image. Interesting how one layer blend mode can change the entire image. @Seerose It’s always a pleasure sharing my images with everyone, thank you for stopping by. @Pixey I’m glad you find the image calming. If you think about it, a swamp can be a calming place since it can be quiet. I have a new image on the first page, Smelling Roses.
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    Fixed a crash relating to the save cancellation in Paint.NET 4.1.7. Convert the WebP EXIF metadata into a format that Paint.NET understands. Reduced memory usage when saving. Fixed a P/Invoke marshaling bug when saving the WebP metadata. File version updated to
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    Thank you very much @ReMake and what great use of those Plugins, some of which I'd forgotten about
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    @ReMake, as soon as I saw this I thought of C4 and wanted to blow something up...🀣 Here's my take on your very good tutorial adaptation: Thank you for posting it!
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    Nice adaptation @ReMake! Also a PDF has been added.
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    Hope you're having a very nice day, dear friend @Seerose!
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    Minor changes: both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, added help.
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    Oh my gosh that's awful, I'm so sorry πŸ˜₯! This stuff never works out well for the company doing the outsourcing, either. It just pulls them further in the direction of trying to penny pinch on everything. Employees are assets to be invested in, not cost centers to be optimized 😠
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    Brava @lynxster4 What a fabulous tutorial and a very impressive use of many of the developers' Plugins
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    Very good Lynx! There is a plugin for Gimp that does this too. Your's looks very similar to that effect. I wonder if someone and write a plugin to do the steps required?
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    There's this cool piece of software called Paint.NET! Maybe you're heard of it.
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.1.
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    Well, (sigh) Barn Hunt has a new set of rules going into effect on 1 June, so I get to re-do my templates and book on using PDN for Barn Hunt as they have All New Requirements. In the meantime, however, I thought you folks might find this course file, done by Judge Susan Kelly for the New Year's Barn Hunt in Downsville, LA. I created the template, which is in the process of being simplified, and Susan created the course. Alas, I can't upload the PDN file, because it's too large. So I am uploading screenshots of each layer of Susan's course. I am adding a link to a video of my Harper Dachshund (Grand Champion Champion Koradox A Guinness-n-Harp of Pramada, Barn Hunt Master Champion X2) running the course. (You may ignore the handler -- just admire the beautiful Dachshund.) At the Master / Champion level, there are a random number, from 1-5, of rats hidden in safety tubes on the course. The remainder of the tubes are filled with used litter, so that it is necessary for the dog to distinguish between a rat's nest, and the actual rat. It is up to Harper to find and indicate the rats, do a tunnel, and do a climb, and then indicate to me, "Hey, Missy, I found them all!" He must do this on a course which is, in this case 19' x 35' and up to three bales high. He has 4.5 minutes to do it in. PDN, with its tremendously flexible layers, allows a Judge to create all the various levels for a course and print out construction sheets for the course builders. In creating the template for the Judge, in addition to PDN itself, I used Kris Vandermotten's Gridlines plug-in. I can't, for the life of me, remember if the Cloud Callout is part of PDN or another plug-in. Harper's 7th RATCHX2 Run (3 rats) Please note -- my husband is NOT a videographer!
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    I was just wondering down a back road I'd never been down before...
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    Now working on only adding a filter based off fragment blur since I already made the code for use in the PS Emboss inspired filter. Here's the options I'll put in. Color Space Duplicate Count - int (2-100) At 100, it'll be barely noticeable that there's obvious fragment. Distance - float (0 - 200) Angle - float (0-360) Boundary Condition - choice(None, Neumann, Periodic, Mirror) Superimpose w/ Original? bool(0 = Remove original image and do not super impose with original | 1 = Superimpose with Original ) Blending Mode *Note: Blending mode option will be hidden or disabled with superimpose at 0. Color Space would barely change much on normal mode at 50%, but I'd be curious to see how much subtle difference there would be.
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    No idea what this is, but well done by all... Kind of reminds me of "Mr Bill" from an old SNL skit.
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    Greetings, This is one solution for your request: 1. Use the information from this thread to produce a close to 2bit (black & White) map as you can. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114129-clean-manga/ 2. Use the Black and Alpha+ plugin or just select White to be transparent with the Grim Color Reaper plugin Black and Alpha+ Grim Color Reaper 3. Create a new Background Layer and color it white. Place this layer under your now transparent map and use the Paint Brush to outline or color your areas. If you use a small brush and selected a color to layout area contours you can use the Fill Bucket to layin color for that contour.
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    So happy to hear that you are home again. Nothing heals as much as being home. What a trial you have been through. 😸
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