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  2. Place all 4 files into the Effects folder.
  3. I downloaded the PrintIt plug-in and copied the 4 files as instructed then restarted both and my computer, but I don't see "Tools" in the Effects menu (or PrintIt elsewhere in Effects). I'm running Windows 10, so I copied the 2 OptionBasedLibrary files to [my profile]\ThisPC\Documents\ App Files, and the 2 PrintIt.Effect files to ...\Effects. Can anyone help me activate PrintIt? Thanks, - Jeff H
  4. Maybe someone will develop an plugin that will address you needs in the future, but if you have Photoshop and and it does what you need, it would be wise and expediant to use it!
  5. Hello. i have Paint.NET but i use it rarely and just for save screenshot. Paint.NET can be more and more need if : 1. Auto add text layer when i add a text in images, and texts be editable. 2. Support RTL&LTR text typing for texts. if this features will be added i will use Paint.NET instead of Photoshop more times. Also flutter of save alert annoys me. Thanks.
  6. Just use the Rotate/Zoom tool. Leave every other control at the default setting and move only the Zoom control.
  7. This (putting the name of the font, points, etc. etc.) on the layer name is one of those things which is so OBVIOUS when you see it spelled out, and cause for striking the forehead with the heel of the hand and a mutter of "Well, DUH! Why didn't I think of that?"
  8. its like the rotate zoom option but you dont open it and i can scale it from the center. instead of pressing shift and scaling at the corner. i did it twice before by accident but i couldnt remember how i did it.
  9. Thanks, I didn't know this was a MSI code and not a specific code. Your comment helped me find the real problem, which the solution for was: Manually creating the C:\Windows\Installer directory It's working now, thanks !
  10. Hi there, I'm trying to install on my wife's computer, it's windows 7 64 bits, and I get this error (1632). I tried to google and look in this forum with code 1632 but nothing came out. Also, I tried to install both on the C and D drive, which I have admin right on both and nothing changed. Both disks have plenty of space (300+ Go) left. Thanks for your help!
  11. Sorry about the late reply, Easter Bunny got in the way. I didn't need to create the folder "C:\Users\JohnB\Documents\ User Files\Palettes", it was already there. But nothing in it! I wasn't getting any error messages either. So I did a search for Rainbow.txt on my computer. I found it in the admin palettes folder. Although I ran the install file from my user account, I had to give admin password to proceed. Somehow the other DLLs went to the right place, but for some reason the Rainbow palette went to the admin account. Copied and pasted into my palettes folder and works like a charm! Thanks for your interest and reply which prompted me to look elsewhere for the palettes file.
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  13. Is F: a removable drive? If so, you can't install to it.
  14. No problem. I'm just going to close this...
  15. Installing an older GhostScript seems to have fixed my problem. Thanks for the help!
  16. i can see that - thanks for the info and sorry for the bother
  17. If you are decompiling a debug build with associated .pdb file, it may be possible to get the actual variable names. Not for a release build.
  18. In my own example i would get the following - have you done anything so that is not the case? The variable names are an exact match
  19. When you click the Browse button, is drive F available?
  20. I'm trying to install 4.1.6 into a custom folder on my f: drive. The 4.1.6 installer won't accept that. I've tried a ton of things. But the easiest reproduce-able sequence is to switch "c:" with "f:" on the folder selection screen. With c:, Next is enabled. But as soon as I change it to f:, the Next button is disabled. Current Windows 10
  21. While C# decompilers are pretty good, they are not perfect. In the code example you show, those are not the actual variable names used in the real code. And, without those names, the code is actually more difficult to understand. And, no, comments from the source files are not saved in the executable so the decompiler can not produce them. While function names are preserved, variable names are lost and so are lots of other things. Sometimes commands are changed (like from "switch" to "if then" blocks, etc.)
  22. I see no comments. I see no original variable names. Method names and method parameters names are of course retained; even on private ones.
  23. No you can't just study it in disassembly - it's the actual source code including comments and original variable names. See the following example of your code. If still in doubt choose a class with a comment or something
  24. I wonder if this is the plugin used:
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