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  3. Got news, it seem like my health is on decline as it has been for years due to a nose problem. At this point, I canโ€™t effectively canโ€™t work on filters until I get resolved. I will be available, regardless. So, Iโ€™ll have to hold back on this for a good while. Maybe a half a month.
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  5. Here is an example of how the new IClipboardService can be used, this example is from the updated CodeLab template.
  6. @last_dovahkiin GREAT username! ๐Ÿ‘ I'd create a new layer to use as a country mask. In the new layer, fill each country with a different solid color. You will only need to do this once. The new layer will make selecting one country easy with the magic wand. Hide the layer by turning off the visibility when you don't need it.
  7. xod's illustration does not show it but you can use this fill for lines and brushes on transparent layers. In xod's example the primary color of the line is red while the second color is white. Your primary and secondary colors for your fill and fill background can be what ever on a transparent layer on top of your map. @last_dovahkiin The border on you maps is made from two types of lines One is made from dots & dashes while the other is made from diagonals The appear to placed in proximity (at times) to represent two 'conditions' of the terrain.
  8. Install the new build (7107) and you should be able to un-rename your FileTypes folder.
  9. Okay so hopefully this is the last alpha build before I'm able to get a beta out the door (incl. updated translations). Just fixing up a few things that were important enough to fix quickly instead of waiting for the beta. Download link: Note: Give me a few minutes and this will also be available via the built-in updater. Changes since build 7104: Improved: TGA images now load about 4x faster (thanks @null54!) Fixed: Clipboard extension methods now available for plugins to use Fixed a crash at startup when loading some FileType plugins Improved: Slightly increased the size of the Settings dialog to reduce the need for scrolling in a few important situations
  10. Anastasia Steele stood in front of Christian Grey dressed as an Egyptian Mummy ... "Oooops ... I thought you said bandage ..."
  11. Yes,of course. If you rename the FileTypes folder then the plugins won't be loaded. Agif is a plugin. We're still waiting for a fixed Agif plugin. @Pixey may know more at this point.
  12. @MJW @Woodsy @Pixey @lynxster4 @Seerose ... much thanks for the input folks. Made things clearer which way to go Thanks for the rep' @ReMake I wasn't entirely clear ... the backgrounds on the above images were my artistic take behind the 'brass' text I'm trying to get right. The actual text will read Cofiwch Dryweryn on a dark red shirt ... something like these, with a bit more finesse to the rough initial take on the images Personally I'd go for black t-shirts but not for me to reason why I'm glad the common consensus is the steam punk style as even though it's only 3 steps I can't recreate the evil one exactly. Will have to play with Texture Shader again because I do like the effect for other things and it's very effective in the right setting @Seerose the 2 fonts are
  13. You don't need to make a selection, the Color Clearer plugin should do all the work for you.
  14. Does Color Clearer delete all areas of selected color?
  15. Ok, that's not so bad; a very solid background color. 1) Use the Color Picker () tool on the brown background color. 2) Run the Color Clearer plugin.
  16. I am attaching a portion of the signature. Obviously zoomed in. I started, in regular paint, to remove the shading and white. Whew! Very difficult. In Paint.NET, I was able to highlight only the signature (it had a flashing selection highlight indication). I forget how I did it. I could not figure how to save it independently.
  17. It would help if we could see the image (or at least part of it, if it's sensitive... being a signature and all). It would probably be easier to extract if you re-write your signature on white paper; rather than the mixed gray and white paper.
  18. I am new to Paint.NET. I have my hand written signature in black ink on paper with a gray and white background, and I have saved the signature as a .png. How can I extract the signature with outer and inside letter spaces being transparent and save it so I can use it as an insert on a document or a pdf? Sould it be saved as another file type? What is the process to extract the signature? Running v. 4.1.6. Win.7 s.p.1 Please detail correct response, and thanx bunches.
  19. @welshblue! @MJW! and Dear @lynxster4! Many congrats to all winners!!! For the hosting thank you very much Dear @Pixey!
  20. @Rick Brewster! I changed File Types name. If I want to save pictures (Agif or Gif) is no longer available. (Picture is below)
  21. @welshblue! I think both are very beautiful. For T-shirt second is very suitable. (Honestly: Actually first is my favorite for gothic pictures) If I may ask which font is that? Thank you for sharing your result!
  22. Dear @lynxster4! ๐Ÿ’ Like usual your new outcomes are great! ๐Ÿ‘ Wrought iron and mother of pearl effect fits very well. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  23. For first question: For second question: Use another layer and use solid color for drawing the same area. But after selecting in the layer with the solid contour you have to move to the layer with the map and CTRL + C.
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