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  2. Out of curiosity - how big are they and how long did a model take to print ?
  3. I don't think dpy has a blur plugin ? Could be wrong. There's also Jesse Chunn's Soften Edges
  4. Updated the WebP FileType to the latest version.
  5. Listening to Mick Martin's Blues Party radio show today while driving... I'd be lying if I said I'd never felt this exact same way...
  6. I suspect you're looking for dpy's plugin pack. Find it here >>LINK<<
  7. Now THAT is a definite possibility. I could either stay with the three ring, or revert back to the double ring so there are both colors, and then see what I can come up with for a symbol. Rosettes could be rice. I could also use rat silhouettes.....
  8. You can go to the plugin index of this forum and search for 'blur' to get a list of various types of blur plugins. It is a good idea to back up the Paint.NET Effects and FileTypes folders from now on!
  9. Another new filter coming up - Non-existent Color Noise Filter The above is the target image, and bottom are all colors that don't exist within the target image. That includes the gap color. This filter was made to an answer a problem a user was having which was to create random colors that does not exist in a image. Colors might look similar until you check with color dropper, they are all different colors. Pull Request - The thread of inspiration - @FiveShipHUN Just in case you still need it even though it been a long time. Using the image found in that thread, here's what I get None of these colors exist in the image made by @FiveShipHUN
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  11. Plese, tell me, where I can download Pyrochild pack for 3.5. Unfotunatelly current pack is for 4.0. Thank you.
  12. Hey, thanks for considering.... I had a hard-drive crash and although I backup my plugins, I must have forgot to update my file with this specific plugin pack. It was vary nice. It included a edge blur, but it wasn't the typical selection edge blur because it included an adjustment for how much is blurred.. there were other good plugins though I can't remember what they were exactly, the author was Japanese if I am not mistaken. If you know the the plugin pack please let me know! thanks.
  13. I have been using for several months now. As for my internet option, I am a customer of a WAN broadband provider and I absolutely love it.
  14. Hey Drew' Unfortunately it only generates a link to the full size image ... the last thing I need is EER kicking my &lt; no swearing &gt; for posting big images
  15. I knew it was something relating to Red Dwarf ... the garbled mess you quoted ... I think I'll have to stay away when opiates have kicked in 🙄
  16. Single Rimmer or Double Rimmer 😀
  17. Landed it for less then $400NZ. Its an Ender 3 Pro by Creality. Sourced it from Aliexpress. I did a lot of research before getting it. This model is regarded as the top of the hobby line. I'm thrilled with it and highly recommend one, especially if it is your first printer.
  18. @Xhin, your plugins are great! Getting some very good results. Thank you!
  19. I pay £34 per month for mobile, Galaxy S10 (26GB / unlimited calls & Text) and £36 per month for broadband (200GB) i no longer have sky / bt or any other subscription service due to rip off prices. @welshblue I'm not 100% sure, but goggle photos lets you share images / generate links, you just need to make a new album (Though I haven't tried it)
  20. The Poll is now open for ‘Member’s Choice’. It will be closed on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 – 7:00 pm (UK time) and 2:00 pm (EDT). World Clock. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win! Lots of entries this week. Good job everyone!!
  21. @xod! Thank you very much. It's all right now.
  22. Back on topic ... I was thinking of using Google Photos as a hosting site (unlikely to start charging ?) ... but as far as I can tell you can't generate thumbnail links 🙄 Shame, because I like the layout It's amazing how prices vary. I pay £25 a month for my wife's 6S+ ... admittedly only 10Gb of data but she piggybacks and a lot of it rolls over Pricing is something I can't get my head around. My kids have just upgraded to the S10 + ... it would cost £170 for both from the actual service provider but I pay £84 a month for both from a third party site. With £480 cashback after 2 years. Same network. I don't get it It wasn't always like that. I was stupidly loyal to BT for Broadband for years ... too stupidly loyal to save £600 a year 😫 Worst thing is, there's no down time with Sky ... where there was with BT ... exactly the same exchange and cables ???
  23. Miniature of a portrait of Capt. Carol Danvers I made back in March, all PdN:
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