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  2. Is there a plugin replacement for this missing feature? Is there a chance the feature might come back if we ask nicely?
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  4. Okay I've been able to get it to work! The next update will have HEIC saving support as long as you've got Windows 10 v1903.
  5. Did you previously have Paint.NET installed on that computer? It's not actually installing those files. Rather, it's extracting those files, so they can be executed by the installation process.
  6. I've tried basically everything. I've done SFC, updated my Windows version, tried multiple other versions, cleaned my registry, cleaned my disk, and nothing works. Antivirus isn't an issue. The program tells me it's installing everything when I first open it, like the .msi files and such. Please help, nothing has been working even after a fresh restart.
  7. Looks like there was a bug in my COM/WIC wrapper. I may be able to get this working after all!
  8. Hello all, don't mind this post
  9. Also it seems like MSPaint can save HEIC images, so there must be a way for Paint.NET to do this. I'll keep investigating.
  10. I found the same information too. But, I tried it out, and the HEIC WIC encoder doesn't work. Also, I ran into huge problems where some combination of installing or uninstalling the codecs from the Store left me with a completely broken HEIC decoder and I couldn't even open them with regular Paint or see thumbnails in Explorer. Luckily I had a System Restore point from ... a week ago 😡 So, for now, this isn't happening. I'll revisit it at some time later. In the meantime I advise against trying to install any of the HEVC extensions from the Store -- or if you do, make absolutely sure to create a System Restore point beforehand!
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  12. Now wait a minute here! If a horse whisperer told the horse his name was Jim, does it mean that the horse whisperer's name was Jim?
  13. @TrueblueKiwi - Gidday & welcome to the forum Remember, you need to put your text on it's own transparent layer for these shadowing plugins to work. If you put your text on a layer with other elements (like a solid background) the plugin will not be able to find the edges of the letters
  14. Thank you very much, sir ! The beta version works flawlessly !
  15. The new version made with OptionBasedLibrary.
  16. The horse whisperer told him 😀
  17. The easiest way I know to make something black is to use Hue/Saturation and set the Lightness all the way to the left (-100). Setting the control all the way to the right makes it white.
  18. But, how does the horse knows his name is Jim?
  19. As you like to say, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
  20. I don't understand why Microsoft has both of these, but there are two options from the Microsoft Store to get the codecs. The difference is not clear to me, but I have both. There is “HEVC Video Extensions”, which costs $0.99 and I assume is the option you were referring to. But, oddly, there is also “HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer”, which is free. I found out about this 2nd, free option from LifeHacker.
  21. Well .... I couldn't believe that when I looked at this tutorial today, I couldn't find something from moi 😨 When I got to sticking the links together, I remembered ......... I couldn't for the life of me do the erasing bit to link them up when I tried when-back-when. Think that's when I realized that I was possibly a bit dyslexic Luckily I had better luck today. Super Tutorial @welshblue
  22. It's possible to add support for that but you will have to purchase a $1 codec from the Microsoft Store. I think Microsoft does it this way because of licensing costs? I'll look into it.
  23. @HyReZ Oh nice! @BoltBait You are well on your way with the iPhone and look forward to seeing what you take. @welshblue Color me intrigued. What does Pembroke means? @dipstick Seeing an eagle in your photograph evokes feeling in me considering eagles are my favorite animal. Great capture. I do agree that the first two photographs of mine are great, and do acknowledge that the last two weren't stellar due to it being "blown out" and color temperature not being balanced. I was rushing myself due to blocking some people on the trials.
  24. The saving of files has been improved for version 4.2. You can try the beta release:
  25. I must have been living in a bubble - I never knew this has been in my Objects effects menu all these years 🤔 Not so sure it's that crude. I use this method a lot and with the invention of MJW's Trail Blur you get some wicked shadowing. But like I said somewhere else today, I guess 'shadows' are subjective and we all like what we like
  26. Hi, Rick. Thank you for all of the time and effort over the years on Since this post from you last April (, it seems like the timing and plans for HEIC support has changed a bit. Since Windows 10 19H1 (May 2019 Update) is now publicly out but 4.2 is only going to have viewing/loading support for HEIC files, what is your thinking at this point about support for saving HEIC files since one might want to edit an HEIC file and save it (keeping the HEIC format)? -0.NRG
  27. Green Book I think this is a most excellent film.
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