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  2. Very inspiring tutorial. Thanks @welshblue! This is my first try, but I used ImageDistortion plugin instead of Wobble. I used Vertical Distortions and Shapes = Wave with the following settings: Intensity = 0.07 Curvature = 22.0 I rotated the object only 5 degrees.
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  4. @ReMake! @Woodsy! and too @kaunas163! Thank you to all. My result:
  5. @welshblue! @Pixey! @lynxster4! Congratulations to all winners. Thank you for the hosting @Pixey!
  6. @Rickhum! Thank you very much for your nice comment. You are always welcome. *I already wrote the answer on Sunday. Forgot to upload. Sorry!!!
  7. Makes perfect sense. Who am I kidding ... I'll take your good word for it. Oil, grease, moving parts, any car repair and spanners I could do with my eyes closed. Coding lingo goes straight over my head Any image I make is 25% me 75% plugin authors - I don't really understand how it all works, just that it does 😀 Lines and lines of text and numbers to make something you can physically use ? Witchcraft
  8. @Ego Eram Reputo was able to restore the xml feature. Perhaps he could fix the AA bug. I think I can take a pretty good guess about the basic cause. Shape3D uses the usual supersampling AA method, which requires summing the alphas, then dividing by the number of per-pixel samples. I expect that the division (which may be integer division) truncates or rounds down incorrectly. One integer-division method that works properly is to double the alpha sum (by left shifting), add the number of per-pixel samples, then divide by twice the number of per-pixel samples. That amounts to adding 0.5, to round in the usual fashion. // Compute the (rounded) averages. int twiceA = a << 1; b = ((b << 1) + a) / twiceA; g = ((g << 1) + a) / twiceA; r = ((r << 1) + a) / twiceA; a = (twiceA + ssSamples) / ssTwiceSamples; return ColorBgra.FromBgra((byte)b, (byte)g, (byte)r, (byte)a); If Shape3D uses floating-point, the fix is probably just to add 0.5 before converting back to integers. (I added the technical details for Ego Eram Reputo, though he most likely already knows them as well as I do.)
  9. As the title says - totally random. The only plugins used in the session were Shape 3D and Texture Object Rounder ... none of Curtis's Clicking on the canvas caused a crash with this error message. Despite not going to Effects at all to access any plugins that may have caused it
  10. You're right it's not T O R as such. Your observations ... are spot on. Because I use a lot of xml files to load previous shapes with varying degrees of AA - I hadn't noticed the connection until I checked the files by loading them to check the AA settings. It's no hassle if I want full AA on S3D to run AA-Assistant before Object Rounder As I say - not a gripe. I don't like not understanding why ... but now I do
  11. The cigarettes are very cool Welshblue. Something politically incorrect about a pack of cigs. They look delicious and I don't even smoke tailors. Bar code being off adds to it in my not so humble. Lends the piece integrity somehow, i might think it a photo else wise. I mean you are Welsh 🙂 Beautiful work , the reptile scales are the ducks guts. You're an inspiration old sun.
  12. If you are trying to design a real rubber stamp, you are really lost. If, on the other hand, are here to make your image look like it was stamped by a rubber stamp, try this plugin:
  13. Hi ppl Where I can create rubber stamp layout online some website maybe I want to design the mockup by my self
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  15. I 've had it fail when AA isn't enabled. When I'm next in front of the pc I'll have a play a nd make notes Edit talking nonsense
  16. I finally got it to fail, and now I think I know why. When it didn't work, the alpha of the most opaque object pixels produced by Shape3D was 254. It happened after I increased Shape3D's AA to the maximum of 5. I don't know, though, that that was the cause or just a coincidence. EDIT: I seems to be related to Shape3D's antialiasing. If I turn it off, or set the level to 1, the alphas are 255. If I set it to 2 or greater, the alphas are 254. I should add that the Object Rounder always looks for completely opaque pixels to help determine the starting edge of the object on each row of pixels. This has to do with its (not especially successful) attempt to determine the start and end of the edge to better-than-pixel precision.
  17. Yeh I will. But wouldn't you know it ... it worked when I was going to do that now 🤔 I swear cars are easier to understand 😀
  18. My first album at the tender age of 11 and I think it's just as good now
  19. One thing that might be worth trying is to get one of the times Object Rounder doesn't work, then use the Color Picker to check the opacity of the background, and the center of the object, to see if the background pixels are entirely transparent, and the object contains completely opaque pixels.
  20. 😂 Chloroform. A serial killers favourite essential oil ... It's important to be comfortable in your own skin, because it's illegal to wear someone else's 🤐
  21. I'm even more confused. Sometimes running the Alpha Threshold works ... sometimes it doesn't. But when it does work there's no subsequent issues on other layers after using it once The results below are intermittent. I've tried every which way. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works just running S3D and T O R 😣 The transparency control wasn;t checked ... so on reading your second edit I kept it like that but increased the setting from default 208 to 255 ... T O R worked. Did it again with the exact same steps ... didn't work. This end it's no big deal and doesn't detract from a great plugin. Is it worth spending time on ... could be S3D ? And TBH what I know about coding you could write on a postage stamp in capital letters so am just grateful for what you guys do
  22. I picked up a hitchhiker the other day. He seemed fine. After a couple minutes, he thanked me for picking him up and then asked me if I was afraid that he was a serial killer. I told him, “No. The odds of two serial killers being in the same car at the same time was incredibly small.”
  23. For transparency try changing the opacity of the layer or there's BoltBait's Transparency Wrapping - all depends what you want to do - to put a shape on a coffee mug for example - use shape3D. Tube Oblique in Madjik's pack can be good too. Or there's Distort This ... amongst others of the same ilk As Remake says scan through the plugin index Grid Warp can be useful for warping/ wrapping Sometimes just playing with Blend Modes can do it for you. I just used Multiply and lowered the opacity on the flag on the hand If it's anything specific posting it here will get better answers
  24. That's weird. It doesn't do that for me. My best guess is that the background is almost but not entirely transparent after the shape is drawn (like the alpha is 1), and that AA's Assistant clears it. if you have Red ochre's Alpha Threshold, try using that instead of AA's Assistant, and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, the question is still, why isn't the background fully transparent? If it doesn't fix it, I'll have to look into it some more. EDIT: More likely, the shape isn't entirely opaque. Perhaps for some reason the original image on which Shape3D is run is nearly, but not completely, opaque. EDIT 2: Perhaps Shape3D's Transparency control is checked. I tried to tell in the video, but couldn't.
  25. Paint.NET unlike Photoshop, it is a free program developing by one person - Rick Brewster, unlike Photoshop team development. However, there are enough plugin developers (coders) on the forum who may be able to help you in response to your request for the plugin you need. Remember that possibilities Paint.NET not comparable to the possibilities of Photoshop. Take a look at Plugin Index - maybe you will find what you need. Some plugins have analogues (full or not full) of Photoshop plugins.
  26. I tried to make an ice texture.
  27. Really nice again @Seerose I'm glad it's easy to understand. It's always easy for the writer because they know the steps off by heart ... especially when you've done it about 50 times in a row for the best results 😜
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