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  2. Yeah this has to do with some super funky weirdness inside the Line/Curve shape's geometry generation. Let's say you have a 10x10 image and draw a line from the top left to the bottom right. When you're zoomed in you will see the control points rest on half-pixel offsets: (0.5, 0.5) and (9.5, 9.5) (not including the splint control points). So, the length between those is sqrt(9*9 + 9*9) or ~12.73. Obvously that's not right, as the line you see goes to the very corner of the image. So why isn't the length sqrt(10*10 + 10*10) or ~14.14? Why is it 13.73? Well, to make rendering look correct, the line is extended by 0.4999 pixels in such a way that we end up with a length of 13.73. It's sort of a fudge factor to help ensure the line looks correct in many different circumstances: different angles, brush widths, start/end caps, etc. Rendering geometry is weird. It should be possible to special-case this calculation to be correct when antialiasing is disabled, however. There's no need to calculate this based on the weird stuff that's added, as the length is supposed to help you, it's not supposed to be some reflection of what's actually going on inside the rendering engine (unless that's helpful of course!).
  3. This is a good idea, but I'm not sure if this is possible to do with WinForms.
  4. This pasted with alpha in 4.1.6? Are you sure it's actually being copied to the clipboard with alpha using DIB_V5?
  5. Sure! Also you can use +/- buttons. I'm just pointing at some "asymmetry". Btw, in the font size dropdown list the current font size stays where it is, not on the top of the list. Just saying.
  6. Thanks MJW and Rick!! It seems clear that the problem is related to the length calculation for a Spline/Bézier, as considers a straight line as a curve without curvature. I have uploaded 2 screenshots with the latest version of the software: one showing the issue when using inches as unit (the result for the diagonal should be 70,71 instead of 70,30), and a second one using the plugin "Measure selection" (by Martin Osieka) to show that it gives the correct result in the diagonal: 70,71 inches. Rick, thanks again for creating this great software we all love Regards.
  7. Thank you so much for your kind words and repping!
  8. Greetings, You could just put the text cursor in the box and type a number into the space such as a brush width of 21.63 It will take just a second or two (literally).
  9. Let's suppose you have Brush width 20 and you want to change it. If you open its dropdown list, the current value (20) will be on the topmost position. Then, if you want to change 20 to something larger - 50 for example, you just click it, because this new larger value most likely is visible for you already in the dropdown list (which has 30 entries by the way). But if you want to change the current value to something lesser, then you have to do an extra step: scroll up by mouse wheel or by dragging scroll bar, because all lesser values aren't visible. So, my suggestion is: place the current Brush width value in the center of its dropdown list instead of the topmost position.
  10. Thanks! Worked perfectly! I have been looking for a solution for a long time now. Thanks to both of you for helping
  11. Sorry for the late reply, I will be sure to try these methods out!
  12. Oh, these are lovely. The tigers are so textured! Well done ⭐
  13. @PixeyI do love Dave Allen. Funny as. Not in the least offended
  14. Pasting image from clipboard (copied not from PDN) pastes image without alpha (transparency)
  15. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.3.
  16. Ok. thanks I'll try it Sorry I dont know the lingo of what I'm trying to say and do.
  17. Putting a logo on top of a background is simple enough when each is on its own layer. It is not clear what you mean when you say, "Without having to clean up the access." Maybe you are meaning 'excess' but an excess of what is not clear!
  18. It is best to answer questions about this issue in the forum as it may help others. if there is something in addition to the forum issue, please feel free to PM me.
  19. Hello Message Board, This is the first time use or doing this but. I'm trying to learn how to do this the easy way. Instead they why I did it earlier today. Anyway I was trying to put a logo inside or over top of a background. With out having to clean up the access. I trying to add what I'm trying to say but it wont let me.
  20. Hey, HyReZ, thank you. May I PM you if I have a question or two? Thanks again. Appreciate it. SCD
  21. That is an error with the .NET Framework itself. Please install the latest version. After that has been install, try to install Paint.NET again. Let us know how it goes.
  22. For those wondering......
  23. Sometimes the forum messes with the filenames. Right click on the File > Rename. Type in any new name and add the extension .zip (dot then "zip").
  24. I don't know if this is relevant, but try unzipping the file before you attempt installing.
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