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  2. I can breathe a little easier. When I see some of the kinds of things people are creating though...
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  4. I love the shades of pink! Very harmonious! Well done.
  5. Thank you @JulioCoolio for the nice words about my latest. Very appreciated!
  6. Great work by @Woodsy and @lynxster4, and @Pixey, too! I was pleased lynxster4 mentioned the solder. I was hoping it was clear that was the effect I was going for. My original intent was to have a leak in the pipe, between the T-joint and the valve, spraying water. I wish I could have done that, but ran out of time before I could come up with something that looked decent. In some ways, perhaps the more subdued version was better, anyway.
  7. Okay I've figured out where the problem is -- it's the EXIF metadata called UserComment (tag ID 37510). It's not being handled correctly. The image saves if I strip out that metadata tag. I should be able to fix this quickly and put out a new build shortly
  8. I have the same problem with saving in .jpg format, but only for this image. Other large images are saved without errors.
  9. Mine says 'error' when I try to save it. I can probably debug this now. Thanks!
  10. Are you caught up on all of your Windows Updates? Maybe there was a fix for WIC ...
  11. Minor changes: both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, added Help.
  12. Maybe there is something wrong with my computer.
  13. Hi @klaxxon I downloaded your image, played with every which way and cannot get the error. It saves as both .png, .jpeg, etc. You are using Save As, right?
  14. Thanks @Pixey, but I tried the same thing as you and everything works perfectly. @Rick, Here is the file: Just open it and try to save to get the error.
  15. No, it's a crop of an image from Tesla's website somewhere iirc
  16. This is usually a problem due to some other software on the system causing a conflict. I would look at disabling anything that does something related to video or GPU, or that does anything "within" other software. Screenshot/clipping software, overclocking software, GPU monitoring software, or even (as a last resort) security software (Diebold Warsaw is the worst offender ever here -- it's called "security software" but it's legitimately spyware.) Also, it looks like you've got hardware acceleration disabled within the app, so be sure to try enabling that.
  17. Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear!! -c-
  18. Also, hmm, it's supposed to show you the error before you press Enter. I think I merged something wrong on GitHub. I'll probably be pushing out another build soon to rectify this.
  19. Thank you @JulioCoolio for your lovely comment
  20. What an amazing color - exactly like roses - which I love
  21. This tool: Does really a great job at minimizing JPEG size without sacrificing quality. I use it as part of my standard export workflow with Lightroom but would be great to see it integrated into !!!
  23. For the love of god will someone tell me how to use this tool. I select the recolor tool, but all it does is paint the primary or secondary colour over everything, depending on left or right mouse buttton. At the moment, I have to open files in MS Paint if I want to replace colours, then save and open again in How can it be so hard.
  24. I just downloaded this latest Beta version and tried working with a large canvas, as per @klaxxon's dimensions, and am having no trouble saving to .png. or .jpeg
  25. @MJW! @Woodsy! @lynxster4! 💐 Congratulations to all winners. My compliments for this composition. All entries were excellent. Dear @lynxster4! Thank you for the hosting.
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