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  2. Interesting, alternate way of making the threads @NSD! Thank you for the info and rep point!
  3. Fantastic spark plug @welshblue! I have to echo the same sentiments as some above comments...looks like a photo! You have really nailed down Shape3D and MJW's plugins to give really polished results on anything that you post. Great work! 😁
  4. I work strictly from home. I currently pay 2 ISPs to have modems from 2 different companies, so that my work computer is not on the same network as my home computers. ISPs don't allow 2 modems in the same house. My bills are too high and I need to get rid of one of the service providers.In order to do that, I need to be able to separate my office and home networks.How can I do this?PLEASE keep in mind, that I am NOT a very technical person.
  5. thats brilliant - thanks for doing that - really appreciate it
  6. Thank you all for the reputation points. @welshblueI starting with a shape of 150x500px. The image below was made in the same way except that I cut the sharp edges of the waves.
  7. Making an account just to say this, Win10, 4.2.1, Wacom Intuos Small BT disabling both windows ink in (wacom driver) and fluid mouse input ( settings) fixes this issue for me, as well as not drawing random vertical lines!
  8. Outstanding job on that spark plug Welsh! Fantastic details. It inspired me to make one in blender. I think your's looks better than mine though. I'm still trying to learn how to model.
  9. Let me set up a repo on Github for it (if I haven't already). It makes sense to use this technology if we have it available PM me your github handle and I'll add you to the repo.
  10. Before this weekend, I'll post some suggested replacement code. I'd like to add a routine, called from the setup code, to precompute some values, so they don't need to recomputed per-pixel. The basic change is to save the division of alpha to the end. The way it's currently done is really imprecise.
  11. I'm up for it. I'll have a look this weekend. Thanks for the code!
  12. I'm more of an elderly script-kiddie, so I like it when you do half my job for me Some of my code requires actual living sacrifice - so witchcraft is not far off the mark (In an RPG I'm developing, I'm allowing the cost of magic (Mana) to be deducted from Hit Points or added as a number of months to the characters age. Coding seems similar in many respects)
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  14. I know you've been trying to figure out how to do a spark plug for a while @welshblue! But somebody beat you to it and put a photo of one in your thread. It's a great picture isn't it? 🤔
  15. Right... just erase the colors on the wings (either with eraser tool or via using magic wand + Delete key), then copy paste the Jamaican flag as a new layer. Go to layers and click to move down the new layer to below the background layer. Now you can move around the Jamaican flag underneath the wing outline using the "Move" tool until it looks just right.
  16. @welshblue discovered a bug in the way Shape3D computes alpha when antialiasing completely opaque areas. Though all the subpixels have A=255, the resulting alpha is 254. The AA is done in three places: one for each primitive type. The code in each section is identical except for the calls to low-level primitive-rendering routines. Here is the cylinder code, with the variables renamed for clarity: I'm pretty sure @Ego Eram Reputo and I could modify the AA code to work correctly, assuming EER is willing.
  17. Oh the boot from one of these is quite memorable. In Australia we call adjustable wrench a shifter among other things unmentionable on a family friendly forum. Yep, rounds off nicely. The rounding is not so noticeable. Great brand too. It is another fantastic image from you. The hint of Cross-processing is just perfect. A very polished piece. I challenge you to make the box it comes in 😀 After the fantastic job you did with the cigarettes, you would nail it. Easy.
  18. @welshblue, don't worry about it, man. Well, you certainly are bound to spark some idea thereabout. Nice work.
  19. One way is to use the magic wand on Add ( Union) setting. Easier to show you. You'll have to manipulate the Jamaican flag better than I did, but hopefully it's a point in the right direction
  20. Yep I've used it in a tutorial I'm finishing off. Very handy (and it's cousin Fill from Clipboard) Thinking about it I only use Tile Image to achieve the effect you can now use Gradient Tool >>> Repeat Reflect/ Repeat Wrapped for. I think I'll bin the curtis dll's off It was a stranger crash than the time a sheep jumped over a hedge ...
  21. You could try using the Hugin program with your scans.
  22. You could always use my Effects > Paste > From file... plugin. It has many tile options.
  23. Thanks for the reply xod. Pasting other parts of the scan is one of the way to do it, but I get unsatisfactory results. At least to my own taste with my current testing. I am scanning very old documents that includes signs, writings and signatures. The most subtle misalignement get's visible. I was hoping for a plugin that would analyse the "bits behind each scan" to align them with precision... Not sure I get my wording correct here. Will continue to do the alignement manually, maybe I will get better at it. Regards. K
  24. If I had seen this image elsewhere, I would have thought it was a photo of a real spark plug!
  25. I was always a roll up man. Too many chemicals in straights that can kill you 😀 Thanks mate. Political correctness gone mad about cigarettes IMO ... the tax on them in the UK funds a lot, but it's ok to advertise gambling and alcohol Technically half Ingerlish but sssshh don't tell anyone. It's my dirty lil' secret ... @barbieq25 ... as always my friend, thank you very much. @Seerose ... thank you very much. You've always got such kind words to say @lynxster4 ... again, as always big thanks. @TrevorOutlaw ... hopefully you can understand my frustration, hours spent getting the S3D template right etc and you post that. But thank you for your subsequent comment Thanks too to @ReMake @Pixey @LionsDragon @IHaveNoName and of course you's above for the rep' points -------------------------------------------------------------------------- @RobCooke ... thank you very much for your kind words, but unfortunately due to personal reasons I'm not taking on any work for now or the near future. Apologies for not replying sooner -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bright Spark Made using shapes and @MJW's 3 Height Map plugins and a touch of Cross Processing at the end. For the Petrol Heads here who've had a kick off of a HT Lead and the subsequent swear word/s that pop out (Ignore the round bolt shape ... I haven't quite worked out yet to get that 100 % ... just the imagine the wrong size socket has rounded the edges off ...)
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