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  2. Even through the aliased/antialiased-selection control can be set when the Magic Wand tool is active, I don't believe it affects the selection. The Magic Wand selection is jaggy either way. To test my assumption, I did the following: I created an Elliptical Selection with antialiasing enabled, then filled it. The result was nicely antialiased. I drew an antialiased, filled ellipse Shape, then selected it with the Magic Wand, with antialiasing enabled. I added a new layer, then filled the selection in that layer. The result was completely jaggy.
  3. Krita used to have this feature, but they didn't like it and got rid of it . They use masks now, which can get the same end result, but is much more effort in my opinion. In any case, you could consider Krita for a lot of features that PDN doesn't have; I now use both in my workflow.
  4. So, I was watching a bit of medieval reconstruction when I remembered there was something odd about medieval glass I'd wanted to research. The short version: glass in many parts of northern and western Europe used to be made with wood ash to provide some of the necessary chemistry, so it had an interesting green-gold effect and was called "forest glass." Here's a window with forest glass and leading; I have been considering a medieval house model (from my favorite book) for some time, so now I at least have the windows for it!
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  6. I've used this image stitcher very successfully to join together Google Maps images:
  7. Such a beautiful bracelet. You've captured pearls so well!
  8. Just having some fun trying to make a bracelet for a change
  9. i'm a huge Sam Cooke fan who possibly maybe prefers this version
  10. This is actually a smart idea. Add me to the supporter list
  11. I worked out a way to do something that works the same. Create a new layer and select the paintbrush (+ make sure what you want to select is in the layer before the one you just created). Set the paintbrush hardness to 100% and Anti Aliasing to off. On your new layer, draw over what you would like to select. Then, select your shaded in area using the magic wand and select your background layer. Finally, hide the layer where you created your overlay and you have your selected object. Hope this helped! ~ Daniel
  12. I was going to make a joke about the headline of a North Canterbury newspaper and frequent disappearances in your area ... but then I realised no matter what category/ subject I put, I may upset someone, somewhere Forget overpaid Footballers ... you guys are my heroes
  13. I can't say I've experienced crashes with either of them. But ... Alpha Mask has definitely changed since the updates. Before, you could just have a black mask >>> Alpha Mask >>> From Clipboard - Invert Mask ... smooth as a babies proverbial. Now it's jaggier than a cliff face ( OK slight exaggeration) Thankfully BoltBait's Switch Alpha to Gray on the mask gives smooth results (quicker than adding a white layer below and merging your mask and white together) Or the strange one. Write text in any colour. Make B & W ... Brightness to Contrast so it's fully 0 0 0 - Alpha Mask won't work unless it's got a white background. I 've lost a few brain cells through chemicals lately so not sure if it's always been like that ? Shape 3D ... I don't know if it's my impatience or my imagination, but I'm sure rendering has slowed down ... but got no evidence to back myself up
  14. @welshblue! "Bright Spark" I have no words for this, stunning! Thank you for sharing your result!
  15. @dipstick! They are unbelievable! Thank you for sharing your result!
  16. @NSD! Welcome to the Family. Absolutely unique. Thank you for sharing your result!
  17. @ReMake! @Woodsy! @welshblue! Thank you to all for yours effort.
  18. I've been wanting to post that I too have been having lots of crashes lately when using Shape 3D and sometimes with Alpha Mask ............ But, I hadn't done so yet, because I'm not getting any crash logs. The screen just freezes and then PDN shuts down.
  19. I just had to pick my jaw up off the floor 😂 That is totally amazing. So realistic and I, for one, would love a tutorial when you have the time ...... pretty please 😁
  20. Fantastic! I feel as if I can almost reach into my monitor and touch the Spark Plug😊 I aspire to become as proficient with Paint.Net as the many very talented Members on this Forum who produce the most wonderful, artistic Images. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger 😊
  21. Interesting, alternate way of making the threads @NSD! Thank you for the info and rep point!
  22. Fantastic spark plug @welshblue! I have to echo the same sentiments as some above comments...looks like a photo! You have really nailed down Shape3D and MJW's plugins to give really polished results on anything that you post. Great work! 😁
  23. thats brilliant - thanks for doing that - really appreciate it
  24. Thank you all for the reputation points. @welshblueI starting with a shape of 150x500px. The image below was made in the same way except that I cut the sharp edges of the waves.
  25. Making an account just to say this, Win10, 4.2.1, Wacom Intuos Small BT disabling both windows ink in (wacom driver) and fluid mouse input ( settings) fixes this issue for me, as well as not drawing random vertical lines!
  26. Outstanding job on that spark plug Welsh! Fantastic details. It inspired me to make one in blender. I think your's looks better than mine though. I'm still trying to learn how to model.
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