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  3. Installing an older GhostScript seems to have fixed my problem. Thanks for the help!
  4. i can see that - thanks for the info and sorry for the bother
  5. If you are decompiling a debug build with associated .pdb file, it may be possible to get the actual variable names. Not for a release build.
  6. In my own example i would get the following - have you done anything so that is not the case? The variable names are an exact match
  7. When you click the Browse button, is drive F available?
  8. I'm trying to install 4.1.6 into a custom folder on my f: drive. The 4.1.6 installer won't accept that. I've tried a ton of things. But the easiest reproduce-able sequence is to switch "c:" with "f:" on the folder selection screen. With c:, Next is enabled. But as soon as I change it to f:, the Next button is disabled. Current Windows 10
  9. While C# decompilers are pretty good, they are not perfect. In the code example you show, those are not the actual variable names used in the real code. And, without those names, the code is actually more difficult to understand. And, no, comments from the source files are not saved in the executable so the decompiler can not produce them. While function names are preserved, variable names are lost and so are lots of other things. Sometimes commands are changed (like from "switch" to "if then" blocks, etc.)
  10. I see no comments. I see no original variable names. Method names and method parameters names are of course retained; even on private ones.
  11. No you can't just study it in disassembly - it's the actual source code including comments and original variable names. See the following example of your code. If still in doubt choose a class with a comment or something
  12. I wonder if this is the plugin used:
  13. All the important details are missing in your screenshot. Please copy and paste the actual text of the crash log.
  14. I'm having a difficult time understanding that vague description. Does that mean it makes shapes with rainbow colors?
  15. I have a problem whit the app. It crash any time when i save and the file don't save.
  16. You could have done this at the time of resizing the canvas, like so: Bottom LEFT*
  17. I made a Korean version: As you may have noticed, I didn't do steps 25 to 31 because I didn't know how to align the bevel shading. Some help would be appreciated.
  18. Hello all, I used a plugin a few weeks ago to make a video test but didn't write down what plugin it was... (yes, older people... :-)). I have been searching the plugins one by one in the program (over 130, I think, in adjustments and effects) but without success for now. Can someone tell me with this picture which one it could have been? The plugin realizes figures with all possible colors and when used on a picture with a screen recorder and accelerating the speed of the recording, gets nice motion effects as if used with After Effects, although much limited. Any help, suggestion more than welcome! I need to find my brains back... sometimes... :-) Thanks. A.
  19. I think I do not quite understand the problem described so forgive me if I have not fully grasped what you want to do. You can create a new layer wherever you want in the stack, it does not just have to be on top. Just find the layer in the stack you want to draw above directly, highlight it and use "Add New Layer" and a new transparent layer will be created immediately above it. If it is not where you need it to be in the stack, wherever it is created, you can always move it up and down the the stack later as required.
  20. I have searched for this and all messages suggest it is not possible. Scenario: I have an image with multiple layers. I increase the size of the canvas. I want to move all layers down (together) so I can draw above the original image. Can this be done? The only work around I have found is to move each layer one at a time and match the co-ordinates for each layer - at the bottom left of the screen ColinK
  21. Hi @Hightlyze and welcome to the forum! Here is the plugin you want: Have fun!
  22. is there a plugin to make something like the my hero academia logo?
  23. Dear @Pixey! From afar I send you a lot of power. On that you come back to strength as fast as possible. Get well soon. @Woodsy! Thank you so much for informing us.
  24. That seems to have been the ticket! Thanks, @toe_head2001!
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