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  2. That error is due to not finding the correct string resources. Are you using a 3rd-party translation or one that is installed with
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  4. I suggest you do what it says: Reinstall Kris' Effects. You can download it here:
  5. Ok, it been almost a day since the filters has been pushed by G'MIC maintainer. Is anyone able to get the updates? I wasn't able to see Perspective Streak nor Axis Streak. Maybe tomorrow, they'll be here.
  6. Happy Birthday to you @LionsDragon! 🎂 Hope this year is filled with wonderous surprises for you. 😊 Miss you on here...
  7. Beautiful @LionsDragon! The gently falling snow seems in a comforting. Merry Christmas to you and Todd and Mach Five! 🎄
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  9. So, I had to take a few months off for various RL reasons. I come back bringing my 2019 holiday card--which turned out to be an unexpected memorial to Woodsy since I used a couple of his tricks. Whatever you celebrate folks, I hope it's a happy one. --Alyce
  10. Oh no...I take a few months off and come back to this. RIP dear friend, and happy trails. 😭
  11. 4.2 - released on July 13th, 2019This is a big update that focus on adding HEIC file format support, fixing performance with very large images, and upgrading and modernizing the functionality of many existing file types (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF). .... New: Support for loading and saving HEIC images (Windows 10 v1809+ and codec installation is required). Please note that the "Quality" slider when saving is limited to a value of 90 (out of 100) while Microsoft investigates and fixes a crash in their codec. Source:
  12. OP wants to make the text more readable, not recreate it.
  13. HEIC is supported in Windows 10 version 1803 or later. I am currently using Windows 10 Home 1909 Here is a screen capture from a file being saved using 'Save as' in Windows Paint (edited in Paint.NET): HEIC can also be read and written in Paint.NET.
  14. I went to a party last night, and when I fell asleep someone put a teabag in my mouth. When I woke up I went berserk. No-one treats me like a mug
  15. Hi - this might be a dumb question, but when I go to save a DDS file after editing it... the names of the different formats in the "Save Configuration" window are too long to see which is which (all start with "DdsFileTypePlus.DdsFileFormat_..." and then cut off, so I can't see the end of the format names). Is there a fix, or a list of the formats in order? I have 4.2.8. Thanks for any help!!
  16. A much under-rated band IMO if you consider they supported The Rolling Stones, U2 and Oasis
  17. Exactly! You're good @Pixey. Love the lettering!
  18. @Pixey ... extremely clever thinking outside of the box. It's got Santa more ways than one. Love that Funny enough, that's what the cops said ... once they made me put the nightshirt back on 😕 Madness = Freedom
  19. No need for you to apologise 😉 I need to ... because I'm a freaking moron ... I've been changing the wrong link; because ... well, I don't know why
  20. Wonder if saving works now? If so, what's the min Win 10 version? 🤔
  21. Sorry @welshblue your Creases link works fine on your first post. It is the 2nd one - the Note Pad Page PDF - that is showing up as Animal Print.
  22. I'll try copying a link from FireFox and not Chrome to see if that works It must be... but why. Hopefully that link will work Both links showing this for me
  23. Sorry to tell you it is SILL going to the Animal Print ................. me thinks it must be Media Fire that is causing the problem?
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