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  2. I remember many moons ago when vehicles had the old type coil, the passenger seat of a works car was rigged to it ... nobody called shotgun in that car more than once 😣 Early type taser. Thank you ... glad you liked it. The challenge ... not resisting them has got me into a world of grief in the past ... but I should be pretty safe in accepting this one. You're on. @ReMake ... thanks mate. Not quite photo'ish ... I'd take it back to the Auto Suppliers, I got lazy with the bottom of the thread @TrevorOutlaw ... many thanks. My brain felt like it was sparking trying to get some components right Bloody spammers. If the Mods delete it I've got 12 varying files to choose from to replace it. Thanks mate. Something that seems easy in theory ... not always the case You're pretty much there IMO. The terminalInsulator Shell/ HexagonThread Washer/ Gasket I like it. A bit of a lighting change and I think you're firing on all cylinders ... your central electrode is better than mine. I got bored and lazy Thanks mate @lynxster4 ... many thanks as always. Something has just clicked with those plugins lately. I think I picked up some super blood donated for one of my transfusions 😊 @Roger the Dodger ... Thank you. We've all started out as beginners. Lots of tutorials and the inevitable mistakes, and becomes quite intuitive. Also never be afraid to ask for help/ advice ... there's always someone here who knows @Pixey ... as always ... big thanks. Again. A tutorial ... I'll cobble something together n the next few days, no problem. It may have to be a video one too to show various ways, and I did say I'd do something with MJW's plugins @Seerose ... Again, as always - big thanks. You don't need words, your support is more than enough Thanks too to @Eli for the Rep' as to you's above ....jeez my arm is going to fall off
  3. @welshblue Many thanks for your tips and suggestions. Agreed, light bulbs are the hardest to get. I did use Texture Smoother as a base and worked from there. I used a lot of Gaussian blur and BoltBait's Transparency plugin. I used your screw tutorial for the light bulb socket. Agreed that the wires looked out of place and doesn't quite mesh with the image. Thanks for the compliment on BOLD. ------------------- Edit: Added Apple Aquarium on the first page. Was inspired by a Photoshop tutorial and decided to try my hand. The koi fish being bigger than the lady swimming and the natural stem are intended as a tongue-in-cheek. Self-critic...not happy with the shadows on the bottom of the apple.
  4. Much better. They flow now πŸ˜ƒ I think we can all be guilty of looking and not seeing sometimes
  5. I think light bulbs are hard ... I was trying but then I realised getting almost full transparency but still getting the look is more difficult than I thought. You're not really a million miles away I don't think. Some soft white brushing and blurring, Overlay may help to build up the illusion of. Which I think is the secret of anything PDN and glass - the illusion of. @MJW's Hour Glass springs to mind as top glass, and would work well as a bulb ? Personally I'd really tone down the contact wire, it seems to not 'belong' if you know what I mean ? This was made using Object Rounder and Texture Shader but think I went the wrong way and should have used S3D and it's transparency options, and then built it up like I said above, I don't think mine will ever look right The BOLD piece is a great piece. The colours really suit it
  6. I agree with those above @LionsDragon! The wood framework is very well done!
  7. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. Just tried to create a light bulb with PDN. I have to admit it is tricky to get the transparency and I am open to suggestion on how to achieve glassiness ( @Pixey would love to pick your brains on this one).
  8. What a great picture of a Pearl Necklace @Pixey! You'd know the details of Pearls better than I but it sure captured the texture of them. Also I love your choice of design on the clasp!
  9. Hi Toe_head2001 Many thanks. I will have another go. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  10. You need to make a selection before using the Gradient tool. Just as the video shows.
  11. I didn't get any crash logs when it happened, so I've been clearing out my Plugins and will keep trying. If it keeps happening, I will definitely report back
  12. This tutorial has made me addicted. I can't stop playing with this awesome TOR plugin.
  13. Hello Forum Members Hope someone can offer advice. I am currently looking at Tutorials on YouTube to try and learn as much as I can. Came across this very helpful Tutorial; By Yakobelt. I am trying to fill in an Ellipse with the gradient tool, but rather than fill in the Ellipse only the entire layer is filled in with colour instead, thus blotting out the Ellipse. What am I doing wrong? Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  14. If nobody reports crashes... I won't know about them. Can't fix them.
  15. This is really very well done @LionsDragon A very polished image The woodwork frame and the lattice work are perfect and the forest glass is spectacular Can't wait to see the house that goes with it
  16. Many thanks @barbieq25 I'm pleased you think they look okay - there are so many colors out there for them, it's tough to decide which to try. I'm partial to the pinker ones, which gives me an excuse to do the next time Thank you @welshblue I had fun making the clasp and had a wilder one initially, but then stuck with the simpler version. You are so right about those little white spots, I added them at the end (of many days just staring at them) and wasn't really sure what I was doing! So I've re-posted without them now. It always helps to have a sharp eye Thank you very much @lynxster4 I actually used a template to make the face of the clasp 😁 Many thanks to @ReMake and @toe_head2001 for the Rep's which are much appreciated πŸ₯° And thank you @NSD for the Rep on the Logo
  17. That can work, I thought of that too. 360 divided by 6 = 60 degrees. Here's how it came out.
  18. How would it look if you put a rectangle of the texture on another layer in the middle of the 'hex' ? Sort of superimposing the flat part on
  19. About the only way I can think of to make a hex head bolt is to use shape3-d and make a box shaped turned 315 degrees. Not ideal, but...
  20. Wow, another image that looks real! Beautiful pearl-essence on the beads. The clasp is interesting, as well. Looks like it has very intricate details embedded in it. Lovely work @Pixey!
  21. Nice @LionsDragon! How did they see through it? 😁 Wood frame is superb. Looking forward to the house, as well!
  22. Great job on the frames, it's definitely got an oak look going on. And you've captured the darkness of medieval times brilliantly with the glass colours. Would have just hated to live with all the darkness back then ... looking forward to the house πŸ˜€
  23. Great texture on the pearls. Also loving how you did the clasp, adds a new dimension to it and makes it more dynamic (not nit picking but the added white on a couple of pearls ... I think you lose the roundness/ individuality and they seemed joined together as a double pearl ?)
  24. @NSD ... always nice when the tutorial writer is given ideas to think about . I really like your second image Potential drill bit forming in my mind (better than a labotomy ...)
  25. Even through the aliased/antialiased-selection control can be set when the Magic Wand tool is active, I don't believe it affects the selection. The Magic Wand selection is jaggy either way. To test my assumption, I did the following: I created an Elliptical Selection with antialiasing enabled, then filled it. The result was nicely antialiased. I drew an antialiased, filled ellipse Shape, then selected it with the Magic Wand, with antialiasing enabled. I added a new layer, then filled the selection in that layer. The result was completely jaggy.
  26. Krita used to have this feature, but they didn't like it and got rid of it . They use masks now, which can get the same end result, but is much more effort in my opinion. In any case, you could consider Krita for a lot of features that PDN doesn't have; I now use both in my workflow.
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