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  2. I actually meant one like mode7, close to nearest neighbor, but snes rotation
  3. Haven't posted a update here in a while, but now I'm definitely finishing up the GUI for updated Color Modulo Texture and adding error messages to it. Pull Request will start today tonight, or tomorrow!
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  5. one of these is not for the newest version
  6. well it looks like there is no option to convert to .dds using infranview.. Big pain here. Is there no way to set the default save type? It would save people time.
  7. I guess I'll have to use infranview if there is no way to change the default save type with PDN. Thanks
  8. I am editing hundreds of photos, having to convert them to TIFF. It would be handy if TIFF was the default format to save to )other times I need .dds format to save to) Is there a way for users to get to change the default save type? I saw someone else ask for this (but asked for JEPG) and was rejected on the basis that JPEG loses quality. As this wouldn't be the case for TIFF and other lossless formats is there a way to go about this?
  9. OK, I can believe that. I've seen tooltips off the bottom of winforms toplevel windows not blinking before, but not in applications as complex as which could be doing 1000 other things to smoke out the scourge of the flickering tooltips.
  10. You're right. This thread is a textbook illustration of disrespect.
  11. You're going to need something like and the Brush Factory plugin to use them Also a lot of trial and error of multiple layers/ blend modes/ colours You'd be better of looking for royalty free transparent background .png explosions like your example
  12. Turns out your power of deduction was right 😉 I'm not sure if your life expectancy is extremely optimistic or if your perception of life is slightly skewed. Personally I don't think anyone needs all the plugins - some may have them, but how often are they used.
  13. Happens to me when I look in the mirror, I find myself thinking ... what did you do to him ?! 😋
  14. I've just been reading up about uninstalling Unchecky and it actually warns on one web site that there will be bits left over from Unchecky if you use the basic uninstall option. One of those is said to be that same inject_x64.dll. Assuming total uninstall is definitely confirmed as necessary then the solution is to use a purpose designed uninstaller like Revo or BCUninstaller. Revo is more user friendly; just use the advanced cleanup option after it has run the basic uninstall. But do check carefully what it is removing. 99% of the time it can be relied on but in certain circumstance it may include unrelated files. Same applies to any other 'thorough' uninstaller. Revo puts in a restore point prior to doing anything so there is always that safety net if you/it makes a mistake.
  15. We changed the rules for just this OotF @Seerose so you can have either a Black background, or a white, or just transparent. It's up to you
  16. @Pixey! Can I create with background? Because; all tutorials with background made black.
  17. Brilliant. You've gotten substance and life into a tricky subject. Great lighting too Love it
  18. Report this to Discord and ask them to fix it. Nothing's wrong with Paint.NET.
  19. Even if you disable it, it could still be injecting itself and running some of its code (and causing the error). If it's possible to completely exit the program, do so and try again (and paste the crash log if the crash happens again). If it can't be exited, try uninstalling it. Yes, this is necessary for debugging this issue. From looking at your crash log and where it's pointing to in my code, my best guess is that there is memory corruption. The code is throwing an error in a location that should be impossible to reach, and the only what that should be possible is if memory is being incorrectly overwritten.
  20. Indeed Unchecky should just make sure that no additional optional software is accidentally installed by simply 'unchecking' any pre-checked opt in boxes. It is or at least, should only be doing anything during install of a particular program. I've never heard of it interfering with a program already installed. My question would be how are you rotating or moving the images which are causing the crashing? Using the PDN toolbar or keyboard? This is a long shot, likely not going to be the solution and only applies if you are using the keyboard: check what graphics or graphics card hotkeys (if any) are in use. I've not had any problem with PDN or any other graphics program for that matter but I have had other software, principally games, which crash because the controls used were the same as the hotkey eg. Ctrl+Alt+Directional key often used to rotate the screen. I'd no idea this could happen and spent days searching and asking for advice before someone suggested the hotkeys were the problem. There could be an easy way to check this: on the desktop right mouse click and choose Graphics Properties > Hot Keys and use Enable/Disable. If the option is not in your desktop context menu you may need to go the graphics card's options settings directly and find the equivalent thing there.
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