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  2. ^ If you read what I posted I did not say PDN did batch conversions. I meant PDN will open DDS like IRFV but, unlike IRFV, PDN can save them as DDS and convert to DDS from other image formats as well. In other words PDN is the far more useful tool for handling DDS. No batch conversion facility for either program was mentioned as, indeed, neither currently has that option.
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  4. Greetings All, XnConvert is a freeware (for non-commercial users) that is compatible with more than 500 formats and exports to about 70 different file formats. It will read & write to .dds and as a part of its 80 different operations it does batched image conversions.
  5. Where do you get Rabbit sized hay bales? From a rabbit sized hay baler!
  6. Please don't presume what? I understand how difficult maintaining vast swaths of code can be, but come on, you think implementing a save preset is hard? lol.
  7. Please don’t presume... The source code is over half a million lines and VERY complex.
  8. Too bad. Its little features like this that make a big difference. Something like this would not be hard to implement. In any case, thanks for the replies.
  9. The short answer is no. It currently can't be done and probably will not be implemented in future versions.
  10. Oh but it a long time! There is so much!
  11. I appreciate all the information in the replies. This thread got a bit off topic though. I was, and still am, wondering if there is a way to change the default output format of files form PDN. As posted by another user, it would be quite helpful.
  12. I just copied all of the .dds files from my Visual Studio folder (There were 15) and I added them to my batch que in IrfanView and converted them to .tif.
  13. Press 'Alt' + 'F' or click to select 'Font'. Use your mouse or arrow keys to scroll through the list of fonts available. To change the Font size press 'Alt' + 'E' or click to select and use your mouse or arrow keys to increase or decrease the font size. ___________________________________________________________________ Source:
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  15. Just read HyReZ's post ^ and can confirm that but there is no DDS conversion tool. IRFV will open them (with a plugin) and save them in other formats but that's it. A bit pointless IMHO when you have PDN which can do that and convert too. I have bought up the matter in relation to batch file conversions with IRFV as well (the thing the OP here wants) and accidentally re-found a thread I'd actually contributed too at its forum about that very matter. I needed a JPG > DDS batch conversion tool for intermediate conversion purposes to be able to use an even more obscure icon image format (XBX) converter tool that only works with DDS originals and does not do batch conversions either. So after I had created them I actually had to re-save as DDS every one of the 200+ PNG icons, created with PDN, that I wanted to convert. That slowed down the whole save process. There is definitely a need for batch conversion to less common formats like DDS.
  16. @Mr.Curious According to the IrfanView supported formats page, it will read .DDS files after you install the IrfanView plugins:
  17. It certainly would be useful if PDN remembered the last save format. It is a bit of faff scrolling back down to Optimized PNG every time when you've been saving or trialing work in progress in that format. I'd also argue for alphabetical listing of all formats although it would make sense to keep .pdn, .jpg and .png at the top of the list as most users most commonly used image formats.
  18. You could use the DirectXTex texconv utility, it is a command line tool for converting to/from the DDS formats.
  19. I actually meant one like mode7, close to nearest neighbor, but snes rotation
  20. Haven't posted a update here in a while, but now I'm definitely finishing up the GUI for updated Color Modulo Texture and adding error messages to it. Pull Request will start today tonight, or tomorrow! EDIT: Pull Request -
  21. one of these is not for the newest version
  22. well it looks like there is no option to convert to .dds using infranview.. Big pain here. Is there no way to set the default save type? It would save people time.
  23. I guess I'll have to use infranview if there is no way to change the default save type with PDN. Thanks
  24. I am editing hundreds of photos, having to convert them to TIFF. It would be handy if TIFF was the default format to save to )other times I need .dds format to save to) Is there a way for users to get to change the default save type? I saw someone else ask for this (but asked for JEPG) and was rejected on the basis that JPEG loses quality. As this wouldn't be the case for TIFF and other lossless formats is there a way to go about this?
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