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  3. The saved file is working correctly. For a better explain. I have a tiff file that have transparency saved. I open it in and then the transparency is ok . But I want t change or edit the transparency. I don't want to start from scratch . Hope there is a way. In photoshop or gimp you can see the grayscale alpha layers.
  4. I have 2 layers. The background is a puzzle - just a blank puzzle with only the outlines of the pieces showing. The 2nd layer is a picture I took. I want to reveal the picture one puzzle piece at a time, saving the image each time. It is meant to show progression, like using a thermometer but way cooler. Just to clarify, I did it before with a friend over Skype for 2 hours, but now can't for the life of me remember how to "remove" a puzzle piece and I won't take up her time again. The image below is jpg because of the allowed file size here. Thanks.
  5. Now working on only adding a filter based off fragment blur since I already made the code for use in the PS Emboss inspired filter. Here's the options I'll put in. Color Space Duplicate Count - int (2-100) At 100, it'll be barely noticeable that there's obvious fragment. Distance - float (0 - 200) Angle - float (0-360) Boundary Condition - choice(None, Neumann, Periodic, Mirror) Superimpose w/ Original? bool(0 = Remove original image and do not super impose with original | 1 = Superimpose with Original ) Blending Mode *Note: Blending mode option will be hidden or disabled with superimpose at 0. Color Space would barely change much on normal mode at 50%, but I'd be curious to see how much subtle difference there would be.
  6. I think you missed the double negative in my sentence. I was saying it would be useful.
  7. Ctrl + Mousewheel? This will zoom in or out using the pointer location as the center. Be aware this does not affect(scale) the image, only your view of it.
  8. Sweet! That worked ! Thank you so much!
  9. Brightness 4, Contrast 45. For anyone wondering how I came up with this... Open the "clean" image. Place the "dirty" image on a new layer above 1. Press F4 & set the 2. layer Blend Mode to Xor. Open Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast. Play with the Brightness and Contrast settings to maximize the amount of black. Once you have maximized black (i.e. maximized the places where the two images are the same). Click OK. Reset the blend mode to Normal.
  10. Hey @brendazim - welcome to the forum 🙂 Here's what you need to do.... Right click on the file > Properties. In the dialog that opens, click the General tab. At the bottom of the dialog is a Security statement. To the right of that is a checkbox with the label Unblock. Tick that checkbox and click OK. Then try installing again. Good luck!
  11. When trying to extract my file on my new laptop, I get the following error message "Windows found that this file is potentially harmful. To help protect your computer, Windows has blocked access to this file." Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to fix this? I really enjoy working with, and would hate to not be able to use it. Thank you!
  12. Open the first image. Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast. Set contrast slider to 50.
  13. Hi, everyone!!! I have some problem. Please help me!!! How i can do this? Thankyou!!!!
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  15. It goes into that direction but I could not recreate the video effects. BB Trim is a render effect. I go again through the list of numerous effects I downloaded months ago... I start to doubt if it was a distort file effect.... A.
  16. So glad to have you back @Pixey! 💗
  18. No, no AE effects but that effect (plug-in) that I used and so downloaded a while ago but really can't find back... ;~( Some transitions are part of the video editor. The change in colors (from light purple to light red /orange) is part of that plug-in I think.... A ;~(
  19. Are you looking for an After Effects plugin or a Paint.NET plugin?
  20. Hello, Thanks for this replies. Please find here the link to a video on YT. The effects have been screen recorded and sped up and some transitions are built in, all as a test. I think, after searching any further, that it is in the "distortion" field that this plug-in was used but still can't find it. ;~( A.
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