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  4. I am trying to draw/ design wire-wrapped jewelry and I need a few brushes that will look like square and round metallic colored wire. How would I go about making them? Any help would be greatly appreciated 😎
  5. (maybe in the actual comments of the file details? - and I realize that you can't keep track once it is rendered to pixels, but maybe whenever text is commited, add the new font to the file comments?)
  6. This is an incorrect assumption. You screen shows images at (usually) 96PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Print is much finer, usually 300 DPI (Dot Per Inch), or around 3x the density. Basically correct. It would take a lot of work (i.e. essentially recreating most of the image at a higher resolution) This ^ Let's start with the basics: You want a badge 1" (25mm) across when printed. For printing we assume a reasonable print quality of 300DPI. 1" x 300DPI = 300 pixels square. Your template should be at least 300pixels by 300 pixels. I've recreated your template and attached it as a PDN image (lossless AND preserves the layer structure). One Inch Badge Download it. Unzip it and open it with PDN. Any art you add should be placed on new layers using the circles as guidelines. Turn the circle layers off when you want to save the finished image. TIP: Save it as a PNG. They're lossless. This is the way to go. Scale down to fit the 300x300 pixel template. Good luck!
  7. optimally this, would work like MS Word, where any fonts you have selected since you opened would appear at the top of the list
  8. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but recently used fonts would be SUPER helpful! :D (storing the fonts used in the drawing would be even more helpful) :D If there is a plugin that does this, I am all ears! Thanks! (And LOVE
  9. @Pixey Upon doing a Google search on OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dll and OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.9.dlc, this site called comes up and when I try to download there, it goes to a blank page and it doesn't download. Luckily, there were other links that still work as was linked to me on this thread. I wish I had found this plugin earlier as I had finished a couple of projects where I used the older circle text plugin that doesn't distance the letters that smoothly.
  10. Can a plugin save flattened images using combinations of layers? I see that plugins cannot create layers.
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  12. @Djisves"Not long after that performance, a Don and a Don introduced Joe as "the next president of the United States". I prefer him any day over a certain other Don." Sad comments. This song @welshblue was famous way before Trump arrived and it always gave me goosebumps. Sorry that you feel that way @Djisves no way Joe is going to win I guess I'm the only Conservative on here and I'm not even an American 😂
  13. Hello all. New to the forum. I'm using at a very basic level, but I'm stuck at the minute on something I can't get my head around! Basically, I want to create some small badges (1" / 25mm) and I've collected different images for the designs. All those images were already saved as .JPEG, and I noticed their resolution levels were showing as low (96 dpi, the most being around 120 dpi). Though, they looked clear to me on my screen so I assumed they would look the same to print. All I wanted was to have each image fit inside a scanned 1"/25mm badge 'template' that is used with the specific machine I have: Badge Template Image (to design a badge image at the correct size for the machine, it must be circular and not exceed the outer black line). Another image: Circular designs fit into this part of the machine So back to - initially, all I thought needed to be done was to scale DOWN those collected images to fit inside the scanned template (as those images were always displayed bigger on the screen than the template). I did this, thinking everything was ready, but the results from the print shop were really poor quality - most of my new badge-ready designs were somewhat pixelated and I was confused! I imagined the quality would have stayed the same after scaling down (I used the shift key to keep everything in proportion), but this wasn't the case. After some online reading, it sounds like it may have been caused by either resolution or compression, two things I don't know anything about. One suggestion was to start again and leave the images to their normal size, scale UP the template over the image to sort out the alignment (ready for the machine), crop around the outer black line, change the resolution so the width/height display as around 1.38" (35mm), and finally save as a .TIFF file (for lossless compression?). Though, would this definitely make each design 35mm on paper when it's printed? It's probably something quite straight forward to do, but as a complete novice I really can't get my head around it that easy as I need to make it work with a specifically sized scanned template. Each of my final designs for the print shop need to be as CLEAR in detail as possible, in a circular shape (not exceeding 35mm), and NOT pixelated as they will pressed into very small badges. My worry is that any .JPEG image with an already low resolution level can't be improved, so I might have been wasting my time with them anyway. A question that comes to mind - can a .JPEG resolution be increased then saved as .TIFF? I'm sure I'll have more questions but I can't think right now. Thanks very much for reading, and if you have any advice. Much appreciated!
  14. That may have to do with softness setting. I'm not sure if this is even a bug at all. How I would fix that is to use lerp(a,b,c) to allow users to set up a transition between soft and hard.
  15. Congratulations to everyone. Placed or not. Amazing what does in the right hands with you all. A great advert for the programme and if Rick ever pops in for a look I hope he's suitably proud of what his hard work helps us all achieve Thanks @Pixey ... text king ? I piggy back on the great plugins available ... @BoltBait and @MJW help me get there with text Thanks for hosting @lynxster4
  16. ... all jokes about my wife are tongue in cheek. She bests me every time. In each and every way 7 hours after the event I'm still scratching my head how I went from wallpapering behind the cooker ... to agreeing to a new dining set, a new cooker hood and handles for the cupboards. Jedi mind tricks ...
  17. Congratulations everyone 🏅 Some very lovely entries and most fitting that @welshblue got the 1st prize, as he's the Text king for sure. Thank so much for hosting @lynxster4 🍹
  18. Wonderful Nokia phone @welshblue Everything about it is perfect! Well done! 😄
  19. The Poll is now open for the OotF#59 - A Battery - and will be open until Saturday 11th July, 2020 at 2 PM EST and 7 PM UK Totally amazing entries everyone
  20. Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: is @welshblue with 10 votes 2nd Place: is @Pixey and @welshblue with 8 votes each 3rd Place: is @welshblue, @lynxster4 and @MJW with 6 votes each Great entries from everyone! WOW! Those were some fabulous gold text! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!
  21. All effect config tokens should be binary serializable -- and marked with the [Serializable] attribute. This is used to implement "Effect -> Repeat", as well as re-populating an effect config dialog with its old values when you launch the same effect again. So ... all effect config tokens should be serializable already. Out of the box. Can't speak for plugins, obviously, but if they work with Effect->Repeat then it should be no problem.
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