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  2. In order to do this in Paint.NET, do it this way: 1. Make your selection 2. Press Ctrl+X 3. Press Ctrl+Shift+V You may now move your selection as you expect.
  3. From the Popular Request Thread: I also believe there have been similar requests. @Rick Brewster will be able to answer better than I, but basically, it is not top priority right now as the developer and contributing programmers are focused on ironing out kinks with each release of PDN.
  4. Much better colouring/ lighting on that plug. Really nice sheen to it. The bulb, the filament and it's corresponding parts are brilliant. I like all 3, they look great Ohhh I could murder a proper coffee - decaf is on the same level as non-alcoholic lager ... pointless unless you've shares in the company I've started doing a hammer tutorial that shows a lot of the steps I want to learn ... and then I want to see how close I get to the same look in Should be interesting
  5. This explains layers very well It sounds like your second layer hasn't got transparency so is blocking out the lower layer
  6. Blender is hard for sure. To date I've only modeled 3 objects. A coffee cup, light bulb and a spark plug. I actually just started modeling for the first time last week. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I'm improving.
  7. Thank you, everyone! And @lynxster4, seeing through it wasn't the goal quite as much as letting in a bit of light. Now, to building!
  8. I'm new to Have watched and read tutorials.What am I doing wrong? I have layers on the side bar and across the top. But when I try to lay one on top of the other layer, the pictures disappear for so I only have the one I am working with. The layer on the side is highlighted and checked but can't get the pictures from the top to use as layers.
  9. 😳 Thanks Birthday Girl 😳 TBH the biggest challenge with boxes is the positioning of objects so that they render in the right places, plus trying to allow for colour change. On my flat template they're the exact NGK colours .. they didn't transfer properly in S3D . The mustard yellow not so bad but the orange red stripe is yucky. Then it was just a case of different rotation, lighting settings for each box. Glad you liked it and it's one dare I didn't get arrested for 🚔 I thought the plastic sleeve would be a nice touch Not so sure about learning a new programme ... after 2 days I can add shapes, manipulate them and add a texture - only about a few hundred controls to learn about ... or so it seems. I don't think I'll be leaving PDN 😉 Joking aside I really do think it's in my blood @Pixey ... many thanks as per always. I dug out an old image of a spark plug, and it's scarey to think that yourself and BarbieQ were commenting way back then. So thanks for being such loyal visitors Thanks both for the reps' This is Paint. net 3.36 v 4.2.1 ... I'm not so sure how much difference a day really makes, 24 lil' hours ... but 10 years certainly makes a big difference @Roger the Dodger ... thanks.
  10. Yes, it's much faster. Thank you @SodiumEnglish!
  11. Looking good @Woodwalker 🤗 And here's an ice cube for you, which I made with your ice texture. Here are the Plugins I used for the end product. I used the Silver preset to change the color.
  12. No, PDN does not have that. You have to make the surrounding box smaller:
  13. Performance Update I've improved the speed and performance, upgraded jquery and bootstrap libraries, and made some minor UI fixes again with recent changes. When loading and using the app, there should be a noticeable difference. What makes it faster? Instead of toggling the visibility of individual elements on the page, it is now building the html in a JS variable and replacing the entire list html. This way the browser does less work overall. Comparing Chrome performance results, scripting and rendering time has been halved. Comparing Firefox performance results, Layout & DOM time/cost has been halved.
  14. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday @barbieq25
  15. I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with MS paint. Someone else may log on and know what that means.
  16. Wowzers! Your work has definitely taken on a very professional look to these images. Well done
  17. There isn't a "transparent selection" option like regular MS paint has?
  18. Hello @Hyflex and Welcome to the forum You could make the selection box smaller by holding Shift and pushing on the corner nubs. Or, just use Edit - Cut - make a new layer - paste!
  19. Hi, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, basically I am trying to place a transparent section over another, yet the transparent selected box is overwriting the content.... Before: During: After: How do I make it so the selection of transparent area doesn't cut the "Other Text" Someone should be able to answer this in seconds, I'm sure. Hopefully this post will be useful for others in the future
  20. The feature you're requesting is called Layer Groups. I don't believe PDN supports layer groups. I also doubt a million people want this feature. If it's important to you, then try Gimp, as it has layer groups.
  21. CAULIFLOWER <twitch > BROCCOLI <twitch> ... sorry. I've got Florets ...
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