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  2. @Vagabondi I think your Avatar is 'priceless' 🤣 And Welcome 🌼
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  4. the paint.NET file is nowhere to be found on my computer.
  5. Crowdin username: YaronSh Language: he-IL I already have an older version of the translation so I can upload it and keep working.
  6. I just downloaded it @Vagabondi and the file is just fine. You're getting a false positive. None of the plugin files on this site are 'infected'. Just don't download any PDN plugins from any other site but this one. And BTW...welcome to the forum!
  7. Thank you @Pixey! That's immediately what I thought...he looks like a plastic blow-up toy! I should have put an inflator on him! Thank you @ReMake and @HyReZ for the rep points!
  8. OK. Everyone who did it there still so much you all is 999 years old! Good jobs!
  9. He didn't make those filters, he just made g'mic accessible. Check the Testing Section, those are the vast majority of filter creators, and including myself. I made ~30 filters myself.
  10. VirusTotal says it's malicious. Both the download URL and the zip itself I know @TechnoRobbo hasn't been here for a while but probably someone else could reupload and attach it to make sure it's safe? (Most likely, the engines detected the .dll somewhere in "non-official" source, packed together with malware, but what about the link in this post?) PS. Sorry to disturb you, I'm just not into the "one posive = false positive" approach, and the effect looks really fine...
  11. Maybe you send message just as I edit with fix. OMG it having a millyin things in it! How long it take to make all that? Is you 1000 years old?
  12. Do you have a screenshot of your Effects folder?
  13. It not worked. I copy both dll and full folder into effects and restart PDN. Same thing and it stuck at old version. Also there was no prompt. EDIT: I just also extracted file after it in effects folder just in case. That not help either. EDIT 2: I figured it out! There was missing step! I tryinged it 1000 ways and nothing changing. Then I go for 1001. I tooked dowloaded file AND THEN extracted it into new folder. THEN copied DLL and folder. I restart PDN and click on G'MIC. It take long time but G'MIC window finally arrive. Wow it have lot of stuff!!!!
  14. You should be able to overwrite the files in your Effects folder with the files from the latest version. After downloading the latest version of the plugin, copy Gmic.dll and the gmic folder into the Paint.NET Effects folder. Windows will prompt you to replace the existing files.
  15. This is not the same error, but regardless I've beamed this alone to the call we're in since I saw this response before he did. Edit: This solution did not work, but thank you for the response!
  16. What version of Paint.NET are you using?
  17. Help! GMIC on my PDN broken! I tryings to use it and it just display small window that instantly goes away. I hover mouse over it and it saying it version I get new version and it not updating. What wrong?
  18. Hey, I've been trying to help my friend here fix this issue. I've persuaded him to create a forum account so he's able to give his own responses, but I felt like clarifying this, in case you're wondering why someone other than the OP is claiming to know details about his own issue. We'll appreciate all responses, and I'll be clarifying any details when I am able to. Oh, another thing we've tried is using the repair exe with Paint.NET and restarting the PC as the tool requires, but that did not help at all, it just didn't seem to bring us any closer to a solution, and generally seemed to actually do nothing at all.
  19. When I try to update my Paint.NET, The "Preparing to Install" is stuck there and it won't progress. I also have the latest framework installed, and I can't uninstall my current version of to get the newest version.
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  21. I guess there isn't a good workaround to the issue of multiple images i.e more than 2 images. That being said, @Eli wanted a better brick solution. I made this. It doesn't have the disable top or left or right or bottom outline, but that can be done later (I'll have to update some filters later on with more features, but adding features is time-consuming as it is). EDIT: Removed code as it isn't needed here. Also, GUI is finished.
  22. @Eli @lynxster4 Letting you two know that I have finished my solution. I'll release it when I have the gui version finished. Not going to post the g'mic code here, it's going to my thread.
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