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  2. Aurora is very much like an emerald @JulioCoolio! Your works are always so colorful! Well done.
  3. Many thanks for your interest-will be jumping in the water ~
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  5. One more worthless post like this and I'm going to ban you for spamming.
  6. klaxxon

    Candy Text

    Plugins needed: 1. Diagonal Lines 2. Outline Object 3. Text Mask from here: 4. Drop Shadow 5. Bevel Object 6. AA's_Assistant I used 'pooplatter' font from here: Fill Background with black color then add a new layer and fill that layer (White) with white color. Add a new layer (Stripe) and run Diagonal Lines effect with the folowing settings: Run Outline Object with the folowing settings: Now you must to have that: Merge layer down (Stripe + White) and run Text Mask effect with the folowing settings: Now you must to get that: Duplicate the White layer (I gave it the name: White - eroded text) and in that layer run the AA's_Assistant 17 times to get an eroded text. Before that, make the layer underneath invisible to see the effect of your actions. Run Drop Shadow effect with the folowing settings: Make visible the underneath layer and run AA's_Assistant 3 times. Select White layer and run Bevel Object effect with the folowing settings: Final result: Inspired from here:
  7. Ahh - thank you for explaining that
  8. That's a totally different meaning for the word 'script'
  9. Hi pixey I've seen you in other threads I'm just a day old here and a newbie artist Ive been looking for free softwares I could use in game design and Ive read that Paint dot net is quite good compared to vector types though I uninstalled it a couple of times before not knowing i would have much fun experimenting with its features LOL thank you for your help
  10. Hello @Newcomer and Welcome to the forum As @NomBot hasn't logged in since 2017 I will try to answer your question. 1. You first download his plugin `~ unzip it and save to the Effects Folder in 2. Import a picture (he used one with a head) 3. Then go to ~ Effects ~ Artistic ~ BoxFitting Good Luck!
  11. thanks hyrex i'm a newbie in this but Ive been having much fun experimenting with Paint dot net's features and added features I had this months before but I uninstalled it back then I never knew it would be fun LOL
  12. @Nombot how did you add the face?
  13. with the style of Google (In french ). But It's a little bit simply
  14. In Brusheezy's terms of use the premium brushes are typically okay to use for commercial purposes since that is the reason why you are paying for its non-exclusive rights to use them, while some of the free ones are not free for commericial use, or are only free for commercial use with proper attribution. You will have to investigate this on a case by case bases. Each brush set has its indiviual license information. You are not allowed to re-sale them, however!
  15. Hi guys, I'm new here at Paint dot Net and i find it interesting especially that there are lots of plug ins. I'm just wondering if it's LEGAL for us to use Photoshop's brushes commercially? I was able to access PSD brushes with this plug in: and the site
  16. Just posting my appreciation!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  17. Can't find the way quickly hide ALL floating windows. Is there one?
  18. Hello @Sonya and Welcome The Which Symbol Plus goes into the Effects Folder and then is found here: It can only find symbols/text that are already in the Windows Font Folder on your computer. I don't think can work with script. Here is a post in another thread by @Rick Brewster about script: Posted September 10, 2018 Sorry, there isn't yet any scripting support. Someday ? The list of stuff to implement is very long ... although scripting and a richer plugin API have an amplifying effect, so it may see the light of day sooner rather than later. EDIT: Please disregard above. So, we have to work out how to get that font you need, into the Windows Font Folder. I have read this article on the subject, but I need more time to work it out. Hopefully someone else will know before I solve it 😁
  19. Tolerance settings are the key. With the Recolour Choice plugin you just need to use the colour picker tool to select the exact colour (Primary) you want to replace and have the Secondary colour set to whatever you want to replace it with. Adjust the tolerance to get the best results. Recolour Choice is include in Red ochre's plugin pack:-
  20. Greetings, I have not used the plugin nor have I examined the comments to the link that will attach below, but there maybe so help for you here:
  21. Hi I have downloaded Canvas script to which is a PUA encoded font. The help for the font says you have to use the character map to add the splashes and splats that go in the private area. I read a forum post on here about installing a character map and picked up from that there is a WhichSymbolPlus plug-in available. I have installed this to paint. What I don't know is what to do now. When I click on Canvas script in the font drop down menu on paint the characters appear without the splashes and splats and I can't see how to access the plug in. I am not very tech savvy I am afraid so if you do take the time to reply (thanks) please bear this in mind! Best wishes and thanks Sonya
  22. You can't learn to swim if you don't get in the water! To create blinking/flashing text can be created using as few as two frames (layers) of art and the correct timing. Check out this tutorial by forum moderator Pixey: You can also learn by deconstruction of an animated GIF. Install the plugins. Rename the GIF's file extension to AGIF and inported it into Paint.NET. It will be deconstructed into its layers (frames) and you can view what takes place in each frame. You can use my animated GIF's posted in this thread or any other, to do your deconstuction. Use what you learned from Pixey to arrange your frame sequences, set your timing, and to save your project.
  23. Thank you, HyRez. The data is massive and I'm not a power user ! DATA OVERLOAD !!!!
  24. Since I am unable to use codelab to test changes to the code, I would Iike to understand how the code works and de-kaleidoscope it. Any idea?
  25. There is a Color Replacer plugin that works pretty well when you fine tune the tolerance.
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