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  2. This is way too much to read, I don't know why there's so much text here. tl;dr yes I know about this, I want to implement it, it's just a complex thing and it's not at the top of the priority list. Not much to talk about really. No need to write a novel to try and convince me.
  3. Yup. You can add apps to an exclusion list, or just turn off that terrible feature altogether.
  4. This isn't a bug, it's intentional. Even actions in the History that have been undone are considered to be "unsaved changes." The only state that is exempt from needing confirmation is when you've opened an image and literally done nothing to it.
  5. I just don't understand why it happens on all versions now. I thought it's a bug in the newest version.
  6. Excellent job my friend That floor works much better IMO ... and not having the gif dithering shows much better how much of a great job you've. Those screw thread contacts look freakin' real 😯 Nice sentiment in the text. My wife must be a halogen bulb ... costs more to run 😣 Will be back with a rep ...
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  8. Here's my final render as a wallpaper, if anyone wants it. I changed the wood texture and added a lens flare.
  9. I was getting the same. As a work around for now you can draw small circles on a larger canvas and then copying and pasting onto a smaller canvas eg. 20 x 20 15 x 15 and they're fine. Alternatively draw on a larger canvas and then crop to size ... admittedly a bit more work (seconds) but it does the job either way
  10. I've actually had problems with the plugin myself so I'm probably not the best guy to answer. However I will: the install is slightly more complex than usual: you have four files to install: two to the root of the PDN folder ie. straight into the main PDN folder. The others two go into the "FileTypes" folder which should be adjacent to the Effects folder. It may be it is not created by default if you do not have it. So you might have to make it for yourself, as shown. NB. That plugin's readme says that any other existing SVG plugin's content must be removed. There is something odd though in that if you actually click on the link for the latest version, under the Moderator's Note, you're sent to the Git Hub page for the 0.3 Alpha version. That is just a single DLL you put in FileTypes. If you do then you can open SVGs no problem but there is no Save/Save As: SVG option. The link to the plugin lower down with the four files to install is the one I first tried too but, even though I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly I had display issues with the test SVG I used. It needs someone who knows more than I do to explain. But none of this actually helps Yoo who can't actually find the original image file now. Presumably it was been cached by PDN which is why it can attempted to be opened but the actual picture, however it was saved, is missing from the "images" folder where it was thought it was saved. This seems like a weird case because even if the original image being worked on was a SVG and somehow it was opened by PDN if either Save or Save As was used then it should have saved as one of the supported image types eg. default.pdn, in the folder intended. I hope installing the SVG plugin allows the image to opened and saved correctly but I'm not confident it will.
  11. The newest one. Installing an older version doesn't fix the problem.
  12. Arguably the best hardcore punk group to come out of the US to the UK ... makes me want to get the bondage trousers out
  13. You know the way to a Welshman's heart 😍 I'd meant to say how effective the hexa' grid manipulated works as scutes
  14. Hello @Zkgab and Welcome to the forum You could also try using the Liquify Plugin on the flame, on its own layer like thus: viola
  15. Really nice results @Seerose @lynxster4 and @Pixey. All are unique in their own ways. I'm working on getting a fully 3D version - it just needs some tweaking ... and a few more brain cells to get there @Pixey ... the ability to change corner size is invaluable when I'm making images. I use it in almost everything. Thanks to all those who repped it. @TrevorOutlaw ... I know it's my best out of all the ones I've wrote, and can be very realistic, as I'll show at a later date. Thanks
  16. You could try It may manipulate it as you want. Best way to see is copy your skull to the clipboard and then use the clipboard backround setting in Grid Warp with your flame on it's own layer
  17. @MickoZ it has been known that we have these visit us from time-to-time So glad you managed to sort it out in the end and that you got your User Name
  18. Hello! I would like to know from the author. Does the author plan to implement a custom grid? + It would be nice to add the ability to scale the image through the mouse wheel in the settings.
  19. Update: I just re-tested in a fresh session and this time, the puzzle is showing up and I can answer the security question too without having an error even when providing the expected answer. So I would say the issue is probably fixed now. I was not seeing the puzzle in that context the two other days I tested it (but I was seeing the puzzle when using /register).
  20. I can look and debug if you ask me to or want me to look at it (i.e., I'm a software developer and mainly have done Web development, I'm at ease). I use Chrome BTW... you can probably test it yourself quickly to see if you notice the same behavior as me... just try to answer the security question in a fresh session (I use private session to do this quickly), I would guess you will hit the same issues as me when using the "Sign Up" button on top of the forum, but no issue when using the /register URL directly (unless Invision fixed something between my message and when you test it!). P.S., I kept a tab of this forum open and saw the notification. While I receive notifications for private message, I do not receive notifications for the forum post replies even if I enabled "Notify me of replies" from the start... weird.
  21. Someone stole my antidepressants. Whoever they are, I hope they're happy
  22. Tuvm Pixey and Woodsy, I trust your battlin o.k. Woodsman. No real ducks are harmed in the production of my socio political allegories Lynxster, I promise 🙂 Veilen dank fur deine unterstützung Seerose, I'm part Deutsche so you have my full sympathy. Thank's for your comments Barbieq25 and Welshblue , flattery will get ewes everywhere 🙂 May pythons not pinch your petunias and emus not knock down your dunny door in the drought.
  23. Hopefully you downloaded a plugin from this forum 👍 In the thread where the plugin was released the author will have stated what type of plugin it is/was. If you can't find the thread, search for the plugin in the Plugin Index. The first colored tag tells you what type of plugin you have.
  24. Thank you so much Ego Eram Reputo. In the link you sent me I have come so far where It now says: ''If you downloaded a FileType plugin, move the uncompressed *.DLL to the \FileTypes\ subdirectory. If you downloaded an Effect plugin, move the uncompressed *.DLL file to the \Effects\ subdirectory.'' When did I download that? How do you download such a plugin?
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