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  2. To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Note: I'm still uploading the manifests for the updater. Should be just a few minutes.) You can also download it directly: Changes since 4.2 beta build 7111: New: Saving in HEIC format is now supported. Windows 10 v1809+ is required, along with installation of HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer (free) from the Microsoft Store. Improved: If you try to open or save an HEIC and you do not have the Microsoft codec installed, the error message will provide you a link to go get it. (The link is in the "Show Details" section) Fixed: Pasting from some sources (e.g. Google Chrome) should no longer be shifted to the right by 3 pixels, nor have 3 colored pixels at the bottom left, and should also have working alpha/transparency again. This appears to be a bug in Windows 10 v1903 when both CF_DIB and CF_DIBV5 are on the clipboard and in that order (in other words, CF_DIB is higher priority than CF_DIBV5). Fixed: The LowColor File Type plugin should work again. It still has a bug where it may show its own error dialog while you are modifying the properties for saving. This dialog can be ignored and dismissed.
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  4. Oh, okay. Do what you feel is best.
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  6. If you want the effect of a time-lapse photo of stars, use Radical Blur. If you want streaks from a central point, like going into hyperspace, use Zoom Blur. In either case, you'll probably need to use Brightness/Contrast to make the streaks visible, since the color of the star-dots is spread over a large area.
  7. Add a new layer. It will be transparent. Then use the Text Tool. If you want to use the original layer, Select All (Ctrl+A), Delete Selection (Del), then use the Text Tool.
  8. No idea, I'm not familiar with Recuva. I'm just relaying my experiences with trying to recover deleted files in the past. They just don't really recover correctly unless you being the process immediately, and even then you're not guaranteed 100%.
  9. Okay I think we've figured out these bugs ... I'll have a new beta build out hopefully tonight. For now, if you want to Paste correctly ... either 1) have ClipSpy open, or 2) first paste into MSPaint and then paste into Paint.NET. Note that I'm not saying paste into Paint, copy it, and then paste into Paint.NET. Nope, literally Ctrl+V, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+V. We have a true heisenbug (thanks @null54 for the term ), possibly in Windows itself. The details are weirder than you can probably imagine 😂🙄😭ðŸĪŠ
  10. How do I create text with a transparent background? Is that even possible in
  11. You can say what you will about how it looks but to me it looks a bit musical. Maybe some smooth psychedelic jazz. Good job @Pixey!
  12. I tried hard to fix it, tried to repair it, any way I could. But I failed. I will probably do something similar except it would be backups every week, on my 1TB SSD.
  13. I create a folder on the desktop each month to save the projects that I created for that month. Every few days I do an incremental backup of that month's folder onto my storage hard drive. I have learned the hard way to make backups as often as you can, especially when hard drives are so inexpensive.
  14. Then why did Recuva say that it wasn't damaged? I just opened it in Notepad++ and the PDN xml header was there but the end of it was missing. So yes, it does actually appear to be damaged. And most of the file was just one line and it was all black solid character that said "NUL" on them. I'm assuming they're null characters or some sort of terminator? I opened a working PDN file with Notepad++ too and the NUL characters are in it as well, but there's far fewer of them and the valid file actually has more than 4 lines. I DO still have the pencil sketch of the drawing (Both of them actually) so I guess I could just remake the line art? I put so much effort into the line art that I made of it though that I'd much rather redo the sketch too. Basically here's how I deleted my Pictures folder: I was downgrading my computer from Windows 10 to 8.1 (Windows 10 is a trainwreck and I hate it) and I moved all the files from the Win10 partition to the Win8.1 partition and I thought I had one copy of the Pictures folder on each drive, so when I deleted what I thought was just one copy, I clicked yes when it asked me to permanently delete it because I thought I had another copy. Press F to pay respects. Here's a screenshot showing the NUL characters I was talking about:
  15. Hello! I've been using PDN for a couple of months - here's a selection of fractals, kaleidoscopes and other goodies for you to enjoy - 100%! Kaleidoscopes ANAMOS232 HOLYSMOKES232 NOID232 FREAZY232 EXOTICEYE232 MACHINEELVES232 Julia Sets ZETARETICULI232 REPLICAN232 REPLICANT232 REPTOID232 Misc. TABLET232 RA232 OPTICAL232 CLUBCHILLA232 MIDNIGHT232 All images can be found in 8000x8000 on my Flickr (and trust me, they look goooood). Peace! ✌ïļ
  16. @welshblue I don't get any diamonds anymore too - sniff 😁 Both of the text images are great 😍 The first one is very energetic and really Pops. The second one is really 'moody' - I can almost hear some Diana Krall music emanating from that speaker
  17. @LionsDragon It is what it is and you do not need to feel any guilt if you don't feel emotion over his passing. This happened with my mother, with whom I had no closeness to during her life. The only time I feel bad about it, it when it's Mother's Day and I just can't feel anything at all. Just numb. As I said, it is what it is. Love your new signature BTW
  18. Updated to G'MIC version 2.6.6. I had originally planned to wait until after Pant.NET 4.2 was released so I could use the new clipboard code, but I can always make that change when releasing a later version.
  19. Both 'pop' very nicely welshy! I get a nice vibe from the first one and an adrenaline rush from the second. Well done! I love playing with text, too. (such weirdos...)
  20. @welshblue please just make a new thread in the Troubleshooting section
  21. Yes there is. Otherwise it would open just fine. When a deleted file is "recovered", it may have holes in it, so to speak. Especially if you deleted it half a year ago as you said. Data from other files was probably written into the various sectors/clusters that the "recovered" file originally laid claim to. Now you have a file that's a random mix of the original data and also data from other parts of the file system.
  22. ShapeMaker Thread is a dozen years old, that's why it's been locked.
  23. Has anyone got any thoughts as to why the Layers Thumbnails would suddenly decide not to load and just have the blue circle for 10 minutes ? Switching between 4 files and it suddenly went like that, until I shut down PDN. No problem on reopening
  24. It was too big to fit in the recycle bin so it was permanently deleted. And I did restore them to an external device. And I deleted the folder months ago, perhaps half a year ago by now. The files are undamaged, but I opened up a file in notepad++ once and saw that there was an XML document built into the pdn file, and there was a thumbnail ID which was in base 64, except in the un-openable files, the ending quotation mark and > were missing and I don't know where to put them. I'm convinced that all I need to do is find the right place to put those two characters and then the file will open. The partition I recovered the files from hasn't been touched since I deleted the files.
  25. How were the files deleted. If they were sent to the trash bin they can just be restored. If you used Recuva correctly you recovered your files to and external device and now, you may be able to look in the recycle bin and select restore if the deleted folder resides there.
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