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  3. Nothing has changed in the code for this ... it works fine for me and others. So, a reasonable, logical conclusion is it must be that something has changed on your system :-\ (whether intentionally or not is, of course, unknown)
  4. Seerose with your talent you're going to create a spectacular creation. As we all have learned not every Santa Claus has to be the old American Coca Cola version, seen around the world. There is a multitude of possibilities you can "draw" from. Now go get 'em, You can do it.
  5. In some game engines (in this case Skyrim and older BGS games using DX9 texture pipeline), a DDS texture file's alpha channel is not used for transparency but for alternate material maps, such as a specular map stored in the normal map's alpha. However, when importing such a texture, applies it as a transparency. Is there any way to view and alter the alpha channel completely separately from the RGB image when importing a DDS? Can it then be exported back in a proper alpha-enabled DDS format? That's pretty much the only functionality I hold on to an ancient version of Photoshop for: viewing and manipulating the alpha channels separately.
  6. Adapted This ... if it doesn't count, give me a shout
  7. I have already tried keyboard swapping, no difference / no change... I am familiar with how the action should be performed eg: simultaneous holding of keys, or press and hold Ctrl key, Shift key and then the X key until all keys have been pressed.. I am new to the forum, but I have enjoyed using for 15 YEARS. BTW the command works when selected under the image tab, and Ctrl, Shift, C, still copies a selection and I can paste that. Just miss having the hot-key(s) shortcut ability for cropping to selection.
  8. It is all ways the " All Wise Prophet that is unable to make family shoes that fit"....'er som'thing like that. But Take HEART- we of the inter net-ian webber pages, WE understand and find that your sense of humors are like a very Fine Wine----well, at least a basic grape juice- But I regress- Never worry about the acceptance by family and friends---We your loyal and stalwart Strange-ers will always accept you as your are----though wearing just a night cap and night shirt may be just a bit much for that daily stroll 'bout the village. For now I must, AWAY! to fined the most elusive Wood Chuck-------Tootles ! [note: Oh Look! My new best friends have come in to retighten the straps on me "special" shirt--so nice they care]
  9. I have checked, and yes you're correct. It seems that I have forgotten some fair bit of c++ after not using it in a while.
  10. @welshblue, @Maggie, @lynxster4! I won't give up, I mean if you don't like it, choose another theme. I am patient and impatient at the same time.
  11. @welshblue! I have also tried, (De-Select) yet not achieved the desired effect. New Notepad Page PDF Version >>> Second is not notepad, but "Animal Texture". Thank you so much for your effort.
  12. C++ does the same thing as C#. Both treat a division of two ints as an integer division, as does C.
  13.'re giving up too easily, dear. Calm down and take a breath. Everything will fall into place. πŸ€—
  14. Just to clarify: you're pressing the Ctrl key, Shift key and the X key simultaneously? They need to be pressed at the same time, not sequentially. Can you swap out your keyboard to confirm it is not a hardware issue?
  15. I'm going to give it try @Seerose...just thinking about what I want to do now. πŸ€”β˜ΊοΈ
  16. There's plenty of time. It's good theme.
  17. My apologies @Seerose ... I forgot to say to De-Select (Ctrl +D) the newly pasted layer, before Flipping Horizontal Amended in the original, will update the PDF
  18. nothing happens when tried, yes a selection is made... still having this problem crop to selection not working with "Ctrl + Shift + X" this has not been corrected with updates either
  19. @welshblue! I have a problem. Second part of the tutorial "Effects >>> Flip Horizontal" after the click doesn't show up in my case as with your picture. Flip Horizontally not at the left side to the outside (yours is like this) but to the Flip-Horizontal right side. How should I correct?
  20. Happy Birthday @xod I hope you have a Wonderful Day
  21. Happy Birthday @xod Have a great day and write yourself a new plugin
  22. I should have mentioned I solved It. Anyways, when I was coding that, I realized that when coding for c#, it is not like c++ or the gmic scripting language and did not taken the account for the need of converting Amount2 into a float. I knew that I have to work with converting types. It was fun doing something different once in a while.
  23. Better late than never? Thank you @xod.
  24. On the question, it's done. What other uses you found other than gradient map preparation or glitch art?
  25. @welshblue! That's very decent of you. πŸ‘
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