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  2. Well Done @toe_head2001 I remember that this plugin was easy to crash. Rock solid now.
  3. Looks good 👍. I crashed the original one using Premade Gradient and being rough with both Scale & Roughness. I couldn't get your new version to crash using that method. Actually - I can't crash it no matter what I do There's got to be a Galaxy tutorial in here somewhere....
  4. Great news, thank you for the updates!
  5. Over the years, there have been many reports of crashes with this plugin. I believe I have fixed the issue, but I need some people to test the plugin and make sure it still functions 100% properly. Lightning.zip
  6. This would be a cool feature I would want to see in the future
  7. I did check before I trampled all over your post. It said it locked 5th Nov - so I assumed it was still active.
  8. I had disabled the auto lock on this topic earlier today. You didn't need to edit the competition topic. Oh well, I got it fixed, so no big deal.
  9. ^ excellent! We are encouraging tut (and plugin) authors to think about adding license agreements. Doing so greatly simplifies questions about what can and can't be done with it.
  10. I've turned it off. I edited the comp post (sorry Toe_head) > Mod options panel on the right hand side > set the lock time to null. You should be able to go back in and activate any time and date you wish.
  11. That is such good news! Thank you for the update Svea! 💝
  12. I was working on paint.net and I was about to finish my project. Then, I got a message that then made me exit out of paint.net. I got back on paint.net and my project was gone. Is there anyway to find drafts or to recover it in anyway. I worked too hard on it for it to be gone.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Great to hear she is doing better. Hang in there and stay strong, Svea.
  15. Added CC-BY-SA License text at the end of the first post, as per the Tutorial Forum Posting Guidelines, #15.
  16. Hi @Pixey Very nice tutorial. And, I might add, very easy to follow.😁 Gives me something to think about.😉 Can you tell what it says? Cheers.
  17. This is very uplifting news Svea Perhaps you can sneak in those beautiful kitties she has, to perk her up 😸
  18. Good news. You are a great daughter, Swea! Thank you for the update.
  19. Yes, that's certainly possible, I'd just need to add a button in the toolbar to switch between premultiplied alpha (new) and straight alpha (old).
  20. So in theory, adding Paint.net to the exception list will remedy the issue?
  21. I'm sure she will forgive you. And, we all appreciate the update.
  22. Hello all again. First, I am sorry for posting again here. To update - My mother this morning was taken from an induced coma and is now conscious again. Visits are for reasons are not permitted, but she has had a drink and a small snack this evening, her temperature is reducing slowly to normality. Doctors are confident of her getting past the worst. It will perhaps be 6 - 8 days before she will be on a regular hospital ward for Covid-19 patients depending on progress. Time will tell. Thank you all for her well wishes and concern. Again, I am sorry for post
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