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  2. *stretches and cracks back* I'm still here and painting! Y'all can't get rid of me that easily! Anyway...Todd's mom and dad decided they wanted to update their kitchen. They got a consultation with an interior decorator and everything, and then Mum said, "Wait...why don't we have Alyce do it?" Didn't have to ask me twice! Since they both grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, I fired up PDN and came up with several designs inspired by the lake and the culture around it. They ended up choosing one inspired by lighthouse windows. Since I have a Spoonflower shop, I uploaded the design there and had them print the wallpaper. Et voila! Entirely PDN!
  3. EEp, can't believe I missed this! Actually, the restaurant is closed; hence the lack of menu.
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  5. From March of this year: In the parts of the world that you are probably thinking of; computers and Internet connections are 'grotesquely expensive' also. 🙂
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  7. A download issue is indeed a completely different from an install issue. Any problem with a download is due to something else. I'd guess it was/is most likely a Windows Store problem ie. you've downloaded it once and the second download is being blocked because of that. As others have said there should be nothing preventing you downloading from the dotPDN Host as many times as you want even to the same location as most browsers download tools or download mangers will simply rename the download (1), (2) etc etc if there is already one of the same name present in that download location. BTW Good coffee is actually grotesquely expensive in most parts of the world.
  8. I've been a genuine Big Bang Theory fan since it was first shown here in the UK on E4. It went off quite a bit at the end of Season 7 and much of Season 8 but it was still worth watching and in the last four seasons it got back to something like its old self although they were clearly running out of ideas about where certain characters' storylines were going, Raj in particular. That's when more of the peripheral funny characters like Stuart, Bert the geologist and Zac Penny's ex-boyfriend took up some of the slack. The inherent drama and comedy potential in Penny and Leonard's relationship was also pretty much torpedoed when the finally got married. However that was successfully replaced by the 'ShAmy' as the primary comedy/drama motor and which I thought still worked well for laughs even after they were married. TBBT was at its best in the first 6 seasons, the invention, performances, wonderful cameos from some amazing celebrities and, for me, most importantly, the quality of the writing was in another league to most current US sitcoms we see here in the UK. One of my favourite examples of the great writing it contained was when Leonard and Sheldon wanted to buy some helium for an experiment and found a dodgy dealer online who they arranged to meet at in a car park. In most sitcoms the dodgy dealer would have been a cliched small time crook but the great writing elevated the scene to a first division comedy classic. There are other scenes peppered throughout TBBT's run like that, often involving the cameo celebrities (Bob Newhart, James Earl Jones......) and it is why the show was and still is worth watching even in the later seasons when it was not as good as it had been. Very sad to see it go.
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    I thought I'd try it.
  10. That should have been an easy question to answer. We know that spammer's are a complete waste of time!
  11. I am the one that is a bit lost here! Either you downloaded Paint.NET from the dotNET host or from the Windows Store. Correct? If you downoaded it from somewhere else you were at risk. If there was a message stating that was a error during download, check your Internet connection and try again. If that fails you can also go to another computer and download Paint.NET to a thumb drive and install it from there. BTW: Your original post was more coherent
  12. It's about the questions like"wich is better than a spammer or dog" I answered many times and it's doesn't work. It was just awful. I realize I wait 25 minutes before log in me. I know I'm boring but it was so hard to answer at this question. If I were you I delete the questions for log in
  13. thanks hyrez but it scribe you have already an acount I'm little bit lost...
  14. Gutted to watch the last ever Big Bang Theory tonight Some classic scenes and script writing for the final one. One of those things that never got stale Most memorable for me was Howard's peanut allergy - brilliant ... still remember my daughter wetting herself watching it 🤣
  15. Please use this Tool and follow the instructions. Then try to download the Free version again from here. And welcome to the forum
  16. Maybe you just had a difficult time with it, because it's in English and you're a French guy. Just seems like a language issue. You already answered it successful, so what would be the point of changing it after the fact? It's a one time thing after all.
  17. Greetings, If you delete a file it goes to the Trash bin where it can be restored (If you did not also go an delete the contents of that also) If you are having trouble with downloads goto Settings>Updates & Security>Troubleshooter and run the troubleshooter approprited to your problem. You can also go to another computer and download Paint.NET to a thumb drive and install it from there. Paint.NET is free when download from dotPDN Host here: And if you purchased from the Windows Store, there is a record there so you can reload. (And the cost there is that of a cup of coffee)
  18. Your security is awful. The picture is a good idea but the question is really awful. Could change that please?
  19. I just occured to me to ask if Seerose has the ImAGIF filetype dll's in another folder by mistake?
  20. Hi, I've just a problem... I download and I delete it... Now, I can't download again because it said "there are an error during the download". Actually, i don't have money and i can't pay for the software. Could you help me please? P.S. I'm a french guy, I'm not very strong in English. Sorry if you didn't understand
  21. Yes, I know the other dll is still in there, but it doesn't affect anything. As you say - we have a conundrum going on
  22. I see that you have the AminGIF.dll in you Filetype folder, yet you had no problem with your project. In the readme document of the ImAGIF plugin, Midora states: "Follow the instructions carefully - Unzip the archive - Copy the two files ImAGIF.FileType.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\FileTypes\ folder (a typical location is C:\Program Files\\FileTypes). - To avoid conflicts with other filetype plugins which support the same extension you should remove or disable them (i.e. AnimGIF.dll). To verify the installation you should restart Paint.NET and check that in the filetype popup of the open file selector dialog is an entry starting with AGIF." The mystery persist! @welshblue Nice job! BTW: ImGIF processes the project from the bottom layer up
  23. Actually, it was a slight variation on yellowman's Styrofoam mini-tut. @yellowman's tut finally achieved a texture that I'd unsatisfactorily attempted to produce for quite a while.
  24. All my plugins are up to date and initially the first .agif saved fine. Made some changes and got the same error message as Seerose. Shutdown PDN and not had any problems The only thing I did differently before the error, was play with slider settings and have the top layer highlighted when saving ? But that can't be it Anyways - concise and to the point tutorial
  25. Also @Seerose double check you have the .dll's and the .dlc's in the File Types Folder:
  26. Place the text cursor behind the spoiler and press Delete or Backspace. Or select the spoiler and click Delete or Backspace.
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