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  2. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Time to get funky!
  3. MadJik

    SOTW#187 - Greyscale Art

  4. Welcome @Bitbatgaming Do you mean that you hit 'Yes' and that will not open after that? Perhaps try downloading it manually from here:
  5. Dragoneer

    Lasso Function

    I hope PDN is working on it right now. It will make it a much more powerful user-friendly software.
  6. It completes installing the .net framework but then it says this: I installed the net framework and it is not working for me. I have tried both accounts on the pc and installed it multiple times, don't see it on my pc anywhere. Help! I need a instant answer to this.
  7. Nah, that's not it. Nothing can be done with that window to make it work right again. Luckily it is not frequent.
  8. Yesterday
  9. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    Well as much as I dislike Windows 10, I'll put up with it in order to be able to use And if that doesn't work, I guess it's time for a new computer. Thank you very much for your help today. I appreciate your time and expertise, even though it turned out there's no way to fix it.
  10. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Yes, you are correct. It uses an APPX package, but those only work on Windows 10.
  11. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    That's very disappointing. And frustrating, given that it used to work fine on this computer. Would I be right in thinking that the Windows Store version of doesn't use .MSI files to install and that I therefore might not have these issues with the paid version?
  12. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Hmm, 'SetupNgen.exe' is failing. We've seen this issue before, but I don't think we ever found a reason for the failure, or a solution.
  13. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation Does that work?
  14. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    I've never used that, but sure, I'll have a go.
  15. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    I won't know until I look at it. Can you post it to PasteBin?
  16. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    Okay, all done. The log is 940kb though, so I can't upload it. What part of it is pertinent?
  17. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    No. The MSI file should be fine. One of the procedures that the MSI needs to do failed. You'll need to run the MSI with logging enabled. Running this will generate a log file on your desktop: msiexec /i PaintDotNet_x64.msi /L*V %UserProfile%\Desktop\pdn.log
  18. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    Okay, I created the .MSI files, transferred them to my desktop with a USB, ran PaintDotNet_x64, and it began installing but then I got a message saying "There is an error with this windows installer package. A program ran as part of this setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." Should I try making the .MSI files again?
  19. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Oops, I got too hasty, and forgot to paste the link. ie: Open a command prompt, and execute the the installation with the /CreateMSI argument. /CreateMSI
  20. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    I'm sorry, I didn't realise safe mode would stop the antiviruses having an effect. McAfee and AVG came with the computer, I'll uninstall them and install security essentials instead. Is there a thread somewhere explaining how to make an .MSI installer for I have a second computer here but I can't find a guide in layman's terms on google.
  21. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    You've already tried Windows Safe Mode, so you already know an anti-malware program is not interfering. Speaking of which, why do you have three?! You should have only one. Since you're on Windows 7, you should be using Security Essentials (on Windows 10 you'd use Defender). Remove those other ones. As for the installation, the only workaround I can think of is to create an .MSI installer on a second computer, and then use that MSI installer on your Windows 7 system that's having the issue.
  22. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    @Pixey (just realised I can tag!) I have AVG free, McAfee Security Scan Plus, and Malwarebytes. AVG is off, Malwarebytes has expired anyway so doesn't do anything but scan manually (I think), and McAfee just lists "status: unknown" for all its functions, which I assumed meant it wasn't running? AVG is behaving a bit oddly though - it tells me its in passive mode because another anti-virus is running, but it tells me that the conflicting antivirus is AVG. So I've run a repair and now I'm going to restart in case that helps. EDIT: AVG seems to be running properly now, but I've switched it off and the installer is still doing its thing - which is to say, not much!
  23. Pixey crashed during installation

    Hmm - this is weird for sure. Seems like something is blocking it. What kind of anti virus do you have? Although I think you said you'd disabled everything and it still would not work.
  24. AlfonzoSieveking crashed during installation

    Hi Pixey, That seems to be the same tool I used this morning to make sure the old version was gone, but I've since reinstalled version 3.5.11 in the hope that I could use the old version to search for updates and install 4.2.1 that way. I've just used it again to remove 3.5.11, but it hasn't changed the situation when trying to install the latest version: it extracts, then there's the flash of a new window appearing and disappearing, and nothing happens. If I tell the program I'm having trouble installing, it shows me a list of programs I could be trying to install, but isn't amongst them, and selecting "not listed" just closes the troubleshooter.
  25. Pixey

    Pixey's Gallery ~Cameo Brooch~

    Thank you so much @lynxster4
  26. Pixey crashed during installation

    Please try this link and then try to reinstall
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