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  2. So increase Ambient lightning, Strength of Light and decrease Phong size. 3 minutes of work: 5 minutes more with additional layers and some blur effects: And one personal advice for you from an older one: The best way to learn something about image editing is to edit images, not to ask how to make it. Because there are more possibilities than you can imagine.
  3. Ok. But I can't have a glare on this sphere. Because why would their be a glare? And besides. It's not like it will be noticed... I mean, the *sphere* is making light.
  4. It's okay. Red is still close. You just add blue and it makes purple. And I have to do it around the edges, cause having played Slender: The Arrival myself. Anyway, now I know. This thread can be locked.
  5. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    Thank you very much @lynxster4 @LionsDragon and @Seerose
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  7. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you everyone! --- Here's a new scene. I wanted to do some experimenting with foliage and weathering, and for awhile now do something related to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, so I present a scene fittingly entitled "Favelas"!
  8. SOTW#177 ~ Woven Photo ~ Entries

    GTS Finnjet, my charge from February 1990 - April 2001. Photo self taken @ Helsinki, July 1991, rediscovered in the Mottoman Archive
  9. Render effect when its dialog changes

    You need to set the Effect property; the dialog gets Services from it. using (var dlg = customEffect.CreateConfigDialog()) { dlg.Selection = new PdnRegion(Selection.GetRegionData()); dlg.EffectSourceSurface = Surface.CopyFromBitmap(bmpCurrentDrawing); dlg.Effect = customEffect; dlg.ShowDialog(); } What sort of concurrency errors? I think if it does not have the EffectFlags.Configurable flag, then you have to do the rending in a separate thread. I never investigated as to why. It seems to work though.
  10. This is The Bug Reportâ„¢ with your host, Josh. Tonight we've got a special report. And oh, it's special. I've known about this error for almost three years. So without further ado, I give you: Description The color picker does not switch to the previous tool when it is set to do so after switching layers. Steps to Reproduce 1. Start 2. Create a new layer 3. Switch to the color picker 4. Use the "Switch to previous tool" option 5. Switch layers 6. Pick a color with the color picker
  11. Seerose's Gallery -Christmas Balls- 2017

    Seerose Very Nice, interesting designs, a nice combination of traditional and modern styles You get the prize in the contest I just had. Congratulations
  12. Render effect when its dialog changes

    I can't plunge through the Form and register a handler on every control. I've loaded this effect from a completely different assembly; I have no access to its source code. I depend on the effect API to work with it. The "confusion" is the only reason I found a working solution. So by a happy accident, the original problem was solved. Do you have thoughts on the three questions I posed?
  13. Seerose's Gallery -Christmas Balls- 2017

    Christmas Balls ... funnily enough that's what I say every year. Along with How Much Getting rid of the Scrooge part of me, nice collection of baubles you've got there, it's hard to pick a favourite
  14. Render effect when its dialog changes

    oh... I was not clear. Sorry for the confusion. I was not referring to the EffectTokenChanged event. You shouldn't need to handle that at all. I meant the event(s) for when your control(s) change. For example, when a checkbox is clicked: private void myCheckBox_CheckedStateChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { FinishTokenUpdate(); }
  15. Well, keep an eye on it. If you can find a specific set of steps that always fails, I'm sure Rick would be interested.
  16. I shouldn't, but sometimes I have to. I'm not sure what causes it; I just launched pdn again to test it and just hovering over the main window works, but last night when I was working on some things then I definitely needed to click on the window every time. I had it open for a while and had several images open at the same time when I noticed that bug.
  17. Quick Sand

    Not really sand ... but wet sea sand would cause Tin Worm. Thanks @MJW ... finally I think I'm understanding Texture Shader more. I used Planetoid and @Ego Eram Reputo's Perlin Noise plugin from here *** I'll be back on topic tomorrow and update this thread to include what i promised
  18. Bugs - Zooming and Layer Jumping

    Just glad I'm not going mad and that it's happened to someone else. Recommendation of one of my Consultants to minimise the risk of Carpal Tunnel ... as if he isn't rich enough, he must have shares in over-priced dodgy gear
  19. Render effect when its dialog changes

    @toe_head2001 Ah, I didn't know about that event. It all works perfectly fine, except that I have to replicate the things that usually passes to effects in order for them to work, including Selection, EffectSourceSurface, and so on. //Creates and displays the dialog. using (var dlg = customEffect.CreateConfigDialog()) { dlg.Selection = new PdnRegion(Selection.GetRegionData()); dlg.EffectSourceSurface = Surface.CopyFromBitmap(bmpCurrentDrawing); dlg.ShowDialog(); } So now the issue becomes: how do I pass in Services? The dialog's services are null, as seen by the fact that any time I try to instantiate one of Pyrochild's dialogs, he tries to use services to search for updates, which crashes. If I call brush factory from brush filter, I also get that the static bitmap for brush factory's rendering is "in use" somehow; of course that never occurs in normal usage of the plugin. So now I have three other questions: 1. How do I instantiate Services or in some way get the dialog to use it? 2. Is there an explanation for why I'm hitting concurrency errors when calling other effects? I pay attention to the EffectFlags. 3. How can I shield my program from these exceptions? I tried registering at the AppDomain level; no luck since it's in another assembly.
  20. Layer buttons confusion

    Try using the keyboard shortcuts. They become second nature after a while.
  21. Bugs - Zooming and Layer Jumping

    Definitely a dodgy mouse WB. It has happened to me a few times. Although in my case I can't complain because I always buy cheap and generic.
  22. Render effect when its dialog changes

    Sure, just call FinishTokenUpdate() in the control's ValueChanged Event.
  23. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    @Pixey! Very nice stained glass work. I wish you Happy Thanksgiving for all users.
  24. Layer buttons confusion

    I think that sometimes everyone will click the wrong button. It was happen to me too. If you constantly choose the wrong, you have maybe a personal problem with left and right ...
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