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  3. Seerose's Gallery -Nebulous texture- 2017

    Is it just me or has Seerose found her soulmate in Madjik?? (and vice versa)
  4. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    Oh great, I don't drink so does this mean I get cleanup duty?
  5. ~ WelshBlue ~ Flying the Nest - 20/9/2017

    My niece got married last year. I feel you. "Flying the Nest" is mind-blowing! As the Lion said, "The nest is not of this world."
  6. Seerose's Gallery -Nebulous texture- 2017

    Beautiful as always!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Pixey's Gallery - Cheers to MadJik.

    Pixey, Great Image. You did a very " Glassic" rendition of some cool drinks for a happy, good time.
  9. Locked at @MadJik's request.
  10. Optical Illusion Thread

    Money makes the world go around.........
  11. MadJik'All Art... Fantasea 09/2017

    Was joking too... Feel no trouble with this. (still joking, Picasso mode activated) Start a new image. Put your son on the right side as blue pixel. Put all of us on the left side as red filled square or circle. Put me as a green spot somewhere behing you. To me, nothing is comparable in this canvas.
  12. ~ WelshBlue ~ Flying the Nest - 20/9/2017

    Wait, what!? Your daughter's off to college? My daughter is a senior this year in high school. We are getting old, man.
  13. The Comedy Thread

    AWWWWWWWWW! say it isn't so.....
  14. MadJik'All Art... Fantasea 09/2017

    All because him and his friends who have followed Wales in many countries say that France and the locals wherever they went in Lille, Lens, Nice and Bordeaux welcomed them the best. Giving them free drinks and food. Wasn in no way meant to be disrespectful but a joke .. Maybe I should stick to just commenting on works
  15. Pixey's Gallery - Cheers to MadJik.

    From anyone but you welshblue, You we understand tootles, mon frer
  16. MadJik'All Art... Fantasea 09/2017

    All? I can't let you say that. I don't know your son! No wonder because you first said: Back to happiness! _____________________________________________________ Detail from full size fantasea:
  17. Somehow I think you were listening to this song.
  18. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    I had to be too serious making this animated gif. I try to push it everywhere... It seems to work well...
  19. MadJik'All Art... Fantasea 09/2017

    The space mosquito cracks me up every time. No wonder my son had such a good time in France last year ... you must all be as mad as him ( Drunk barmaids in Valenciennes taking them back to their hotel) The one above ... no name ... looks like crepe paper, and looks like you want to touch it to see if it rustles fantasea ... even better full size
  20. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    @MadJik....yes, I see the progression...mad, mad, cocktail glasses filled with liquor; then mad, mad, drunken dancing! Sounds pretty close!!
  21. @Pixey another tool to make a perfum bottle?
  22. Such fun, fun, fun - thank you @MadJik
  23. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    @welshblue you make me LOL. thank you!
  24. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    PDN used to mean Paint. NET ... now it's Psychedelic Drunk Neurosis ... I bet @MadJik's surname is Mushroom ...
  25. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**HOPE & PRAYERS**

    And then everybody start to dance with madness movements. Proud of this!
  26. ~ WelshBlue ~ Flying the Nest - 20/9/2017

    @Woodsy ... many thanks. Yeah you're right. The glint on the cassette is a bit of artistic licence taken too far. Thanks for pointing it out. Looking at it all again with fresh eyes a pretty poor job on the 'tape' too @TrevorOutlaw ... many thanks. Yep the pinkie was used too ... good times. @lynxster4 ... many thanks ... too many mistakes to be a photo ... but then again having seen the photos i take ... @Seerose ... many thanks. Maybe it's an age thing but was so much more character to music back then, with the hiss and crackle of vinyl and cassette. Mp3's aren't the same for me -------------------------------------------------- Flying the Nest on Pg.1. All PDN except for the eye. I haven't done an abstract in years, and this was done thinking of my lil' gal who went off into the big wide world on Saturday, starting University. I'm not ashamed to admit there's a hole in my life right now
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