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PaintDotNet.MSI 4.0 installer and CHECKFORUPDATES=0 not working

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mottoman    169

If I understand correctly, you do not wish to be prompted for updates ? 

Go to settings (the little gog in the top right) then follow this screenshot. Hope this is of use. 



I am not sure why you would not want an updated version, I am sure you have Windows check for updates :/

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Ego Eram Reputo    1,683

The MSI is an installer package for deploying across multiple computers on a network.

The CHECKFORUPDATES flag looks like it is being honored because the installer is not checking for updates when the installation occurs. I'm not sure if this is supposed to persist through to the actual application itself. Mottoman's suggestion should work at an individual level, but I suspect that Dummpfy want the same action across the entire network of installations.

I guess this is one for Rick, the developer.

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