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StarYoshi It's a well-crafted image. I can't think of much to improve on, assuming the butter is intended to look like that and the steak lines are thick and uniform on purpose. After all, it's a cartoon on purpose. It's good.


Nai, how in the world! I always reward the most astonishing and difficult images. You have to feel at least a little evil for submitting that in response to StarYoshi's though, right?

I have pointers for you. The reflection of the strawberry as viewed through the ice should be lighter (close to the color of the ice), harder to see in general, and less visible near the center where the viewer has to look through more ice to see it. I can see the bumps of the seeds on the shadow; maybe it should have a light blur? If the ice cube isn't a sublimating block of dry ice, it should have water droplets coming down from it.



Nai: 3 stars

StarYoshi: 1 stars


New Tally

Nai = :star: x12

StarYoshi = :star: x10


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Posted (edited)

OMGosh ! 27b255bf.gif   Still!?   Has my absence from this Image Battle Post been so very missed that No One could get their finger/mouse in gear and VOTE?!?!?

These two fine entry's deserve  to be recognized for their merit, as well as their artists talent and effort.     OK RANT%20%20smiley-emoticon_zpsnfxem5jl.gi



Nai  very clever arrangement ice and strawberry , use of color  and life like representations  :star: :star: :star:  

StarYoshi  Yours has the "cartoon-esk" look down pat. The colors are bright and fit the subject matter.  :star:   :star: :star: :star:


 New Tally

Nai = :star: x15

StarYoshi = :star: x14


Winner:  NAI  

Well done to you both; Thank you for letting me see the entrys  and to glean ideas for future projects  2thumbs.gif.454c5d12189f17d52dfc417a66e1168a.gif

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I don't know if this is still active, but I have an image to upload, due to the inactivity I figured there were no ongoing decisions being made! Hope you enjoy!



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